The Lunar Eclipse is at 9.30am GMT on November 30th – a Monday, the day of the Moon – at 8 38′ Gemini.

The Moon is on fixed star Aldebaran – The Eye of the Bull, directly opposite the Sun in Sagittarius is on Antares – The Heart of the Scorpion. Without doubt, the fixed stars aligned with the Lunar Eclipse are significant and decisively eloquent.

The Lunar Eclipse connects with the uncertainty, strain and unrest we are encountering in the material realm. Around the handling and consequences of the pandemic, financial issues and wellbeing concerns. As well as political outcomes – the repercussions of the American election and Brexit in the UK. Bestows a clear message of change on the horizon, accompanied with the potential for disruption and conflict as opinions clash.

On a personal level it touches on stresses around money and in our relationships. Feeling on edge, jittery, mindful of any insecurities or lack of support. Favourable solutions to difficulties are possible. By facing our struggles with courage, striving to prevail over them, whilst – importantly – taking care to restrain anger and hold back from arguments.

The Meaning of a Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses bring turning points. Open a passageway between the past and the future. The intense emphasis and focus of eclipse energy stimulates endings and beginnings that shake us up and propel us along our fated path. Eclipses are of the most significance to us personally when they touch, and thus activate a natal planet, especially by conjunction. The news that emerges can be either positive or negative, it could be the elation of a career breakthrough or the heartbreak of a divorce.

A Lunar Eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon, a time of fruition. When issues, problems or endeavours – reach a climax – are brought to a conclusion or resolved. The degree where an eclipse is to fall is stimulated as the eclipse approaches, and remains sensitive following the eclipse. Which means that events indicated by eclipses can be triggered on the day of the eclipse, the days before or after the eclipse – or even several weeks earlier or later.

At a Lunar Eclipse the Earth blocks the illumination of the Sun from the Moon, this can be disorientating, things are obscured and we can’t fully discern what is ahead. Our inner world, emotions and fears that we usually conceal can rise to the surface. It’s a good time to reflect on and assess our life over the last 6 months since the previous eclipse season.

We can prepare for the fresh start eclipses herald by clearing the way, make an effort to step aside from anything clearly over and done. It’s a beneficial time to declutter our living space from any old paperwork or superfluous items from the past. If emotions do overflow, sometimes this release is necessary to ease letting go of something painful, especially if we have buried it away. Helps us heal, by prompting inner emotional change.

eclipse season

This Lunar Eclipse will be followed by a Solar Eclipse on December 14th. During eclipse season (Nov 30th-Dec 14th – I also allow a few days either side of these dates) it is sensible to approach life with a hint of caution, avoid any rash action or big decisions if possible. Eclipses unleash powerful energy that is characteristically unpredictable. Events can feel out of our control – fated. But keep in mind, if happenings do transpire that are unfortunate or detrimental in nature – in time as the turn of events unfold – we will see how we have evolved and learnt from them in necessary, and very possibly, even beneficial ways.

Aldebaran & Antares

The fixed stars aligned with Luna and Sol are Royal Stars, regarded as pivotal stars in the heavens. According to Ptolemy Aldebaran is of the nature of Mars, Antares of Mars and Jupiter. The energy of the eclipse can unleash unsettled emotions. The stars amalgamate this with a fiery, Mars influence. Enhancing the potential for stormy scenarios, as ideas, beliefs, our visions of the future -around material affairs together with how we value and treat each other – are fiercely, passionately, defended or challenged.

Mercury Conjunct Toliman

Mercury, ruler of the Lunar Eclipse is in Scorpio on fixed star Toliman – located on the right front hoof of the Centaur. The Centaur is associated with Chiron, the wise healer and teacher who also carries an eternal wound. Bringing themes of needing to speak out, express our truth about what pains us, seeking healing through sharing our message, even if by doing so it involves a struggle or a sacrifice.

Our thoughts and beliefs – individually and collectively – are being challenged, emotionally stirred by scenarios and circumstances. We may have intense feelings, strong beliefs about an issue or ideal. But to discover a healing path, we have to be open to listening and learning about other perspectives, seek to enhance our own, and others understanding of matters, to reveal a way forwards that is in the best interests of all.


Accentuating the influence of the fixed stars Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus. This opposition is linked into the Eclipse, as Venus is quincunx the Moon and Uranus is quincunx the Sun.

Illuminating shadows. A need to address any inequalities or betrayals in our relationships (our emotional support) or material resources (our finances, our material support). A desire for liberation from constraints.

A wish for creative change, something different and more inspiring.

Moon ~ Aldebaran & Ain Sun ~ Antares

Fixed Stars Aldebaran & Ain are located in the Constellation Taurus. Aldebaran is a red giant marking the right eye of the Bull, and is also known as Oculus Tauri, the Bull’s Eye. Ain marks the left eye.

Ain ~ 8 45’Gemini

Aldebaran ~ 10 04 Gemini

While Ain is closest to the Moon, Aldebaran is the prominent influence, the brightest star in Constellation Taurus.


Aldebaran is one of the Royal, Archangel Stars, as well as one of the 15 Behenian Stars used in magic. Aldebaran is described as bringing an ability to hit the centre of a target the “Bull’s-eye” along with “war-like” by Dr Eric Morse. Elsbeth Ebertin says Aldebaran brings “Acknowledged and leading position … Extraordinary energy,” but also warns of making enemies “through whom danger will threaten.” George Noonan says it’s natives are “under stress and in a constant state of anxiety but they are successful at making money,” and that this star is also said to inflame the minds of people with “furious quarrels and to be an enemy of peace and quiet.”  In astrological magic, Henry Cornelius Agrippa says that a talisman for Aldebaran giveth riches and honor.”


While the Lunar Eclipse is in Gemini, the stars are in Constellation Taurus, this is due to precession. The Zodiac signs and the constellations are different, separate things. The zodiac is the mathematical division – into the twelve signs – of the ecliptic. The constellations are the star groupings around the ecliptic – the visible, constant backdrop to the motion of the Sun, Moon and planets.

Around 2,000 years ago they lined up and were named the same names, but due to the precession of the equinoxes, they are now approximately 30 degrees out of alignment. Over a 26,000 year period, all the zodiac signs move through all the constellations known astrologically as the cosmic “Great Year.”

Constellation Taurus 

The Bull will dower the countryside with honest farmers and will come as a source of toil into their peaceful lives; it will bestow, not gifts of glory, but the fruits of the earth. It bows its neck amid the stars and of itself demands a yoke for its shoulders.” ~ Astronomica, Manilus, 1st century AD

The Bull is now called Taurus and traditionally presaged the results of large political undertakings.” ~ Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan


Aldebaran is a 1st magnitude star, one of the four Royal stars of Persia as “Watcher of the East”.

Aldebaran ~”Honour, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honours and gain of power  and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting and there is also the danger of violence and sickness.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E Robson

Aldebaran with Moon ~ ” Favourable for business, honour and credit, but danger of calamity. Favourable for domestic, public and religious matters, danger of a violent death.” ~ Robson 


Ain is one of the Hyades, the six stars situated on the face of the bull.

The Hyades are a stormy star group and was regarded as a separate constellation. Those born at this time take no pleasure in tranquillity and set no store by a life of inaction, rather they yearn for crowds and mobs and civil disorders.” ~ Manilius


Aldebaran lies directly across the zodiac from Antares in Constellation Scorpius – the Lunar Eclipse highlights this axis.

Constellation Scorpius 

The Scorpion presides over arms.” ~ Manilius

Antares ” causes malevolence, destructiveness … makes it’s natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.” ~ Robson

Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel and is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage to make dare-devils, especially if tied up with the MC, Ascendant, Sun or Jupiter.” ~ Fixed Stars and their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin

In astrological magic, Henry Cornelius Agrippa says that a talisman for Antares giveth understanding and memory, it maketh a good colour, and aideth against evil spirits, and driveth them away, and bindeth them.”

Antares can be ruthless, go to extremes, but can also indicate protection and defence. Ability to navigate both the light and dark in life.

lunar eclipse ~ overall meaning 

Bulls are strong, powerful, and potentially dangerous if riled. With both stars the Moon is on marking the eyes of the Bull, our vision of material affairs, our beliefs, our ideas and plans for the future, what we would find inspiring to manifest is influential.

But equally, physical effort will have to be applied to bring our visions to life, along with the need to confront conflicts and obstacles. The harshness associated with material reality.

On a deeper level, is a call to develop awareness. Recognise the spiritual in the material, that material success is only part of the story – we are on a journey through the material realms, but we originate from and return to the spiritual realms – and to utilise this wisdom to ensure our actions are honourable.


The Lunar Eclipse takes place in the 1st Decan of Gemini, ruled by Jupiter (Mercury by triplicity).

GEMINI I ~ “a beautiful woman, a mistress of stitching, and with her ascend two calves and two horses. This is a face of writing, computation, and number, of giving and taking, and of the sciences.” ~ PICATRIX

In the 1st Decan of Gemini, Jupiter expands and exaggerates Gemini’s ideas and thirst for knowledge, admiration for cleverness and desire for wisdom. But, Jupiter can also enhance and magnify details, the little things, as well as Gemini’s changeability and duality, to such an extent that making decisions or focusing on and completing goals can become complex.

Book T calls this card “Shortened Force.”

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a woman in a red dress, bound and blindfolded, surrounded by 8 swords. Behind her in the background is a castle.

The woman feels alone, restricted, trapped, and can’t see a way out of her oppressing situation. However, in reality, this is a mental prison, with some willpower and a little creativity she could easily free herself. A shift in perspective can lead to liberation.

The 8 of Swords suggests mental anxiety, confusion, or feeling victimised. The escape route is to get clear on our intentions and set them in motion with determination. Access our inner intuition and power, seek out creative solutions.

This is a card of restrictions and indecision that are largely self-imposed and often bought on by a lack of faith in our own ability to handle the problem at hand. As yet unaware of our personal power, we are limited by our rigid beliefs.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller & Thomson, page 160


Top Image ~ Constellation Taurus

8 of Swords from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter

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