Venus and Mars will be conjunct on July 13th, at 19° 48′ Leo.

A conjunction between Venus and Mars is not unusual, but equally, they don’t come around everyday. A Venus-Mars conjunction takes place on average every 2 years – the last one was on August 24th 2019 at 4° 07′ Virgo. But having said this, on occasion we experience 3 Venus-Mars conjunctions taking place over an approximately 9 month period – a Triple Conjunction – which is what we have ahead.

Venus-Mars in Leo is the start of an unfolding story, which will gradually develop and fall into place with the following, and collaborating, influence of the Venus-Mars conjunctions in Capricorn and Aquarius ahead in February and March 2022.

Venus-Mars ignites an inner flame both romantically and creatively – the passion to pursue our callings – as well as ease, a fluency between using aggression and charm. A flair for discerning when to compete, and when to compromise, to arrive at desirable results.

But whilst Venus is the Goddess of Love and Mars the God of War, in ancient times Venus – as Inanna and Ishtar – was far more formidable. A Goddess of Love, Fertility – and War. Venus is not all sweetness and light, she can also be the warrior queen. Mars was Nergal, God of War, Plague and the Underworld. Thus a Venus-Mars conjunction is an influence that can be not only creative, but also destructive.

Venus and Mars are both passionate about their desires – they burn for what they want. United they can give rise to feelings of fun, excitement, exhilaration and impulsiveness. The longing for sexual pleasure and adventure can be intense and hypnotic, lead to lust, adoration, even infatuation with that special someone we just can’t get out of our head. On the flip side, they could reveal an urge to fight for, or the need to conquer something, that has fanned the flames of our ambition and assertiveness.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, a sign that illuminates leaders, creativity, fun, vitality, exuberance and courage. Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius, whereas Aquarius is all about the group, Leo relates to a desire for the spotlight – to stand out as an individual.

Venus conjunct Mars in Leo speaks of evaluating our desires, our goals and values to align with what is authentic – deeply significant – to us personally. Draws our attention to who we love, what we relish – and aspire for – in life, along with how we go about accomplishing what we have our heart set on.

Since March 2020 we have all been entangled with global events – lockdowns, masks, social distancing, rules and restrictions – having to curb our individual desires for the collective good. This Venus-Mars conjunction may just re-ignite a spark within us – calls to mind life before, by evoking memories of feeling free to let loose, socialise and seek thrills in life. May well put us in touch with an eagerness for some joy in life, along with a fire in the belly to achieve a desired result.

We may experience an urge to break free from something, or events – joyful or disheartening – that disrupt the status quo in our lives may materialise. In essence – to enable us to see life in a new light and express ourselves in a new way – something may end, begin or need to be overcome.

More specifically, this could involve our relationships with others – which due to lockdowns bringing enforced proximity to those we live with, and separation from everyone else  – could have become tense or challenging. To on the other hand our relationship with our self – our values, priorities, choices and actions – how our recent experiences may have altered our inner outlook. Along with how our relationships with others teach us about ourselves, and what’s more can potentially reveal wisdom.

Collectively, with the first Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo, the sign of the individual, and the final one in Aquarius, the sign of the group and society, this is an influence that raises the divided opinions surrounding the pandemic and the current state of affairs in the world. Suggesting a process of change in, and a reshaping of, how we relate to each other – that could (hopefully) enhance recognition of, and respect for, our individual differences and diversity of views.

Venus retrograde & Venus-Mars in 2022

Following on from this Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo, the next Venus-Mars conjunction dates are:

  • February 16th 2022 at 16° 53 Capricorn
  • March 6th 2022 at 0° 02 Aquarius

This is due to Venus Retrograde in Capricorn at the end of the year:

  • December 19th 2021 (26 Capricorn) – January 29th 2022 (11 Capricorn).

A conjunction between two plants brings the start of a new cycle. So this means that altogether there will be 3 new starts in the Venus-Mars cycle. This initial Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo engages us in a voyage of discovery about the future. Contributes to an unfolding chain of events, that will be clarified, supported and encouraged by Venus retrograde. The final Venus-Mars conjunction, in Aquarius, indicates matters coming to fruition – shows when – exactly what is taking shape will likely be unmistakable.

Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde puts Venusian ruled areas of life under the spotlight – our relationships, love life, social life, pleasures, creativity and money. This can bring a significant time of change, when our feelings and emotions around what we desire and value in life are put under scrutiny and re-evaluated – who we love – what we love – and how we love. An emotional and spiritual moment of truth, that may put us in touch with a deeper, more meaningful insight into our true desires. Inner guidance from our soul, that fades the material and prioritises the spiritual.

Venus retrograde is always meaningful, this one, perhaps especially so, as it is highly relevant to how we move forwards. Venus will station retrograde conjunct Pluto, emphasising and underlining the theme of transformation – endings that lead to beginnings, renewal and regeneration – around this Venus retrograde.

Giving further prominence to the theme of future orientated beginnings, Venus will then station direct trine Uranus – in Venus ruled Taurus. Not only this, the North Node (our route forwards/the future) is by this time in Taurus too (The mean North Node moves into Taurus on December 23rd 2021 and the true North Node on January 18th 2022).

Venus ~ Morning Star/Evening Star

Currently Venus is an evening star, Venus either rises as a morning star – Lucifer meaning “Light Bringer”, or an evening star – Hesperos. As an evening star Venus is associated with Venus as the Goddess of Love, a phase in her cycle comparable to a Full Moon. Venus is more reflective, internally contemplating what has already occurred and is currently present now. A time when we may find ourselves giving thought to what to keep, and what to let go of. Venus as a morning star, is associated with Venus as the Goddess of War, and is comparable to the New Moon phase of her cycle.

During Venus retrograde, Venus will conjunct the Sun on January 9th 2022 (Venus’ Inferior Conjunction with the Sun) at which point Venus transforms from an evening star to a morning star. This moment marks the start of a new Venus cycle, which can clear the way for any necessary changes to occur in our lives. There can also be the sense that the change is inevitable, perhaps feel fated or karmic in origin.

Venus as a morning star has a new perspective on life, a new sense of purpose. Venus is more feisty and ready to take action towards meaningful future goals. That the final Venus-Mars conjunction is on the degree of the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is of course also highly conspicuous! The future beckons us towards our destiny. At this final Venus-Mars conjunction, Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus are in mutual reception – they are working together to bring necessary, pivotal change.

Threads that when united together, could well adjust, or completely alter our relationships, values, or endeavours in ways that enable us to both heal and evolve.

venus-mars in leo & you

On a personal level this alignment is likely to be most notable if it touches any natal planets or angles. I would use a 1-2 degree orb, so any planets or angles around approximately 17 – 22 degrees.

Venus-Mars in Leo is likely to be especially notable or relevant for fixed signs – Leo (Conjunct), Taurus/Scorpio (Square) and Aquarius (Opposition). Particularly if Venus retrograde and Venus-Mars in Capricorn/Aquarius also links up with a natal planet or angle – the next 8 months could be a time span that bestows significant personal transformation.

If you have nothing being directly triggered, look at what house Leo rules in your chart. This will show in which area of life Venus-Mars is influential. In the absence of any natal planets being activated, Venus-Mars is more likely to indicate attending a wedding, than meeting your soulmate!

Venus-Mars ~ Life, Death & rebirth

Looking back on past Venus-Mars conjunctions in my life has been meaningful – and astrologically enlightening. Brought to the fore and emphasised to me, that whilst Venus-Mars can be creative and encourage life to flourish, equally it can be destructive, connect with life feeling like it has come apart at the seams.

Venus-Mars can bring changes to our relationships, emotions, values, ambitions, self-confidence and capacity to assert ourselves. Change dictates that something in life has come to an end, or is reaching a conclusion. For something to be created, and manifest in life, an old scenario or pattern of behaviour is going to be disrupted, and ultimately dismantled. This could feel harmonious or be a crisis point.

For instance in my life, one prior triple conjunction coincided with meeting the man I married – another with the death of my Dad. I must just add here, that on both occasions I was also simultaneously experiencing significant transits and progressions that correlated with what transpired. Illustrating that when big, life-changing events occur – they are indicated by more than one influence.

As I sat here dwelling on the past, the Taurus-Scorpio axis came to mind. Scorpio -traditionally ruled by Mars – denotes the mysteries of life and death, and can open the way for spiritual awakenings. Taurus – ruled by Venus – is associated with the material realms.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis relates to the ebb and flow of the life force, is linked with and reflected by the life cycle of nature – which has been celebrated since ancient times. Taurus is celebrated with the fertility festival of Beltane at the start of Summer, and Scorpio is celebrated with Samhain, the festival of the dead and the start of Winter.

Nature thrives in Taurus season and disappears in Scorpio season, teaching us that death isn’t an end – it’s a shift in energy – that will always be renewed and return to life. That without death and destruction – nothing would change or evolve, just remain the same. Additionally, it evokes what lies beyond the visible material world, the spiritual source of life – and significantly our spiritual ties and values. Exposes fate and necessity, that some things in life can be negotiated with, others we have to surrender to.

A triple Venus-Mars conjunction – with Venus retrograde at the second conjunction – is a span of time that can potentially release deep, meaningful, inner transformation. Through the experience acquired, and insight gained, from outer happenings.

Venus-Mars plays a part not only in inviting in self-reflection, and increased self-awareness, but is also a vantage point that could put us in touch with inner guidance that aligns our personal will, with the desires of our soul.


T- square ~ Venus-Mars, Saturn & Uranus

Cancer and Leo season are tricky, and awareness of the astrology places Venus-Mars in the context of the current ambience. Before Venus and Mars meet up for their exact conjunction they will both make an opposition aspect with Saturn and a square to Uranus, forming a T-Square configuration. The exact dates are:

  • Mars opposite Saturn July 1st
  • Mars square Uranus – July 4th
  • Venus opposite Saturn – July 7th
  • Venus square Uranus – July 8th

At the Venus-Mars conjunction the T-Square is separating, but it underlines the standout aspect of 2021 – Saturn Square Uranus ~ 2021 – and will potentially set the scene for our personal message from Venus & Mars.

The second exact Saturn-Uranus Square has just taken place on June 14th, with the third & final square occurring on December 24th (whilst Venus is retrograde). Which means that with personal planets Venus & Mars entangled with Saturn & Uranus our attention is currently being directed towards focusing on something important that is, or needs to change – whether we want it to, or not.

The Saturn-Uranus Square and the T-Square are taking place in fixed signs, so as said above, if you have any personal planets in fixed signs the influence will likely be especially relevant. It may well bring to the fore an issue that has been ignored, or avoided, but has to be faced.

Fixed signs can find change a struggle, prefer to carry on and stick to the same routine regardless of any problems brewing in the background. Having fixed sign placements myself, I understand this difficulty only too well! It can be incredibly hard to acknowledge there is a problem, until it reaches a crisis point.

Essentially, the T-Square will perhaps highlight what is, or what has to, change in some area of life. It could be a change we are exited about (Uranus), but equally it could be a change that feels restrictive, leads us to feel depressed or even fearful (Saturn). If it is the latter, remember that however precarious life currently feels, this is a moment in time that will pass – ultimately – you will feel settled, and (even if it is unimaginable now) happy once again.

T-Square ~ The Sun, Mercury, Saturn & Uranus

At the start of August with the Sun & Mercury having entered Leo, another T-Square with Saturn & Uranus will be formed. The superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury takes place on August 1st at 9° Leo opposite a retrograde Saturn at 10° Aquarius. The Sun-Mercury conjunction will help us to think through and understand something essential. Could reveal to us what the past teaches us (Saturn Rx) to help clarify the obstacles ahead (Saturn Rx), and how we are best to navigate them.

The T-Square featuring the Sun, Mercury Saturn & Uranus is in orb at this time, and the dates of the exact aspects are:

  • Mercury opposite Saturn – August 1st
  • Sun opposite Saturn – August 2nd
  • Mercury square Uranus – August 4th
  • Sun square Uranus – August 6th

The Sun rules Leo and Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius so with both of them in domicile, seeking a compromise between them may be tricky. With Uranus as the focal planet of the T-Square, it is to Uranus we look to for a resolution to the dilemma. But Uranus is not known for his diplomacy! What Uranus can provide though is fresh insight and innovative ideas.

This T-Square could certainly illuminate either our enthusiasm for (Sun) or fears about (Saturn) changes to the status-quo (Uranus). Equally, with Leo signifying the individual and Aquarius the group, it might show how personal perspectives – perhaps especially around current scenarios in the world – clash with those of of friends, family or society.

Venus-Mars conjunction ~ possible influences

Venus-Mars in Leo will for some of us direct attention to affairs of the heart – love and romance.

For those who single and unattached, the longing to find that special someone could be especially intense and compelling. What’s more unexpected encounters or the surprising discovery of a secret admirer could transpire.

Committed relationships that have been strained or difficult – perhaps exacerbated by lockdowns – may face further pressure. It’s possible that illicit romantic entanglements might be instigated. Equally, secret affairs could come to light provoking a make-or-break moment for all involved.

Venus, Mars and Leo is also a very creative combination. Artistic talents or any creative ambitions could really shine under this influence. The will-power, confidence and optimism to give life to imaginative vision or uplifting ideas – to manifest them into reality – may well be roused.

Of course, another creative influence arising here is new life itself – pregnancy and children!

one more thing!

Venus and Mars are both currently evening stars, so the conjunction will be visible in the sky just after sunset!

Venus and Mars will be very close together, as they are conjunct by longitude and declination, so as Venus is so bright, the red planet may be harder to spot at first. On July 12th & 13th the crescent Moon will also be nearby, making Venus and Mars easier to find – and of course a spectacular sight!


Dates of recent Triple Conjunctions

For more information on the Venus-Mars cycle I highly recommend reading the absolutely fascinating article by Robert P. Blaschke in The Mountain Astrologer referenced below; which explains the Venus-Mars cycle in detail and the aberrations within it since 1960, which will not return to “normal” until 2060.

  • February 22nd 2015 – 1 42′ Aries
  • September 1st 2015 – 14 55′ Leo (Venus Retrograde)
  • November 3rd 2015 – 24 02 Virgo
  • August 20th  2010 – 13 35 Libra
  • October 3rd 2010 – 12 52′ Scorpio (Venus Stationary Retrograde on October 8th 2010)
  • May 23rd 2011 – 9 01′ Taurus
  • October 26th 1997 – 19 46′ Sagittarius
  • December 22th 1997 – 03 37′ Aquarius (Venus Stationary Retrograde on December 26th 1997)
  • August 04th 1998 – 19 40′ Cancer
  • November 22nd 1995 – 24 12′ Sagittarius
  • June 29th 1996 – 11 56′ Gemini (Venus Retrograde)
  • September 3rd 1996 – 25 53′ Cancer
  • June 23rd 1991 – 16 46′ Leo
  • July 26th 1991 – 6 36′ Virgo (Venus Stationary Retrograde August 1st 1991)
  • February 1992 – 1 01′ Aquarius


Reference/ Further Information

Aberrations in the Venus-Mars Cycle by Robert P Blaschke ~ The Mountain Astrologer ~ August 9th 2010: http;//



Tales of the Round Table 1908 ~ Wikimedia Commons

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