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The eternal dance of the planets and stars has been gazed at, wondered about, studied and documented since the dawn of time. That the planetary patterns describe the ambiance and goings-on in the world and our personal lives is both thrillingly and intriguingly demonstrated by reviewing the past and observing the present.

Stepping outside and looking up at the night sky literally brings astrology and the cosmos to life. The marvels of for instance the Moon at her spectacular eye-catching fullest or Venus as an evening star, so bright, mesmerizing and magnetic. The visual connection intensifies a sensation of magnificent awe and reverence, a compelling awareness that the universe is alive and consciously engaged with us.

My name is Kate, and my wish with Arion Astrology is to share how captivating and evolving exploring astrology can be. Deciphering the language of the stars illuminates a way to achieve enhanced wisdom, guidance and meaning in our lives.

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