The New Moon takes place on November 4th, 21.15 GMT at 12° 40′ Scorpio.

The New Moon is opposite Uranus & conjunct the traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars. The New Moon is also widely square Saturn, who is also in a sign he traditionally rules – Aquarius.

Water sign Scorpio is deeply, intensely emotional. With the opposition to Uranus, this New Moon could bring a sense of surprise, urgency or crisis. See our emotions in a whirl & our actions being driven by heartfelt emotion, due to the conjunction with Mars.


Fixed Stars ~ Acrux & Alphecca

Fixed star Acrux is currently at 12° 09′ Scorpio, in the Constellation Crux, The Cross

Crux, The Cross

This constellation, known as The Southern Cross is the smallest constellation in the sky, with the brightest stars forming a brilliant cross. The Southern Cross was originally part of Constellation Centaurus. Which directs attention to the centaurs, in particular chiron who was a far cry from the other centaurs. “He, chiron, went his way, rejected by his own, a master not without honour save in his own country. He was mortally wounded but, having attained the Mastery of Life, he could not die. And so he taught the heroes among men, and some of the gods too, the knowledge that could raise them to the Divine quality that was/is their ultimate destiny.” ~ The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse

The Southern Cross is a familiar sight in the Southern Hemisphere with the constellation featured on the flags of Australia & New Zealand. While Ptolemy could see this constellation from northern Egypt, due to precession, Crux has been carried further to the south in our skies, so unfortunately it is not visible for observers in the Northern Hemisphere.

Crux is said to give perseverance, but many burdens, trials and responsibilities, together with much suffering and many hardships.” ~ The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson


Acrux is the brightest & the focal star of the constellation.

“Acrux is of the nature of Jupiter. It gives religious beneficence, ceremonial, justice. magic and mystery, and is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists.” ~ Robson

The Southern Cross is a magnificent arrangement of stars. The Jupiter nature of this fixed star is especially impressive if the latitude is the same as that of the Ascendant. Then, this star is supposed to be credited with intuition, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man, a preference for occult studies, the gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things, an inventive mind, a deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.” ~ Fixed Stars and their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin

Fixed star  Alphecca is currently at 12° 35′ Scorpio, in the Constellation Corona Borealis, The Northern Crown

Corona Borealis, The Crown

Corona Borealis represents the garland given by Venus to Ariadne on the occasion of her marriage to Bacchus after she had been forsaken by Theseus.

According to Ptolemy it is like Venus and Mercury. It is said to give artistic ability, love of flowers, lassittide and disillusionment, but to bring its natives to a position of command.” ~ Robson


A brilliant white star in the knot of the ribbon.

It gives honour, dignity and poetical and artistic ability.”

With Sun ~ “Active and brilliant mind, self-seeking, subject to scandal that does not affect position.”

With Moon ~ “Public honour and dignity, suffers through law, partners and neighbours, trouble through underhanded dealings of enemies but eventual triumph over them, bad for love affairs, some faithful friends, greatly esteemed by Venus and Mercury people.” ~ Robson

The Cross & the Crown

We may not see The Cross from here but we can see the Crown that comes as a reward for carrying it a little of the way. Alphecca’s name comes from ‘Bright One of the Bowl’ for in fact the Crown is that way up in the sky.

If that sounds a little bit too ‘Cristian Establishment’ for some tastes, remember that there is no prophet in history that has not suffered persecution for bringing new light to peoples when many of them have felt more comfortable in their familiar half-darkness.” ~ The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse

Tarot ~ 6 of Cups

The New Moon takes place in the second Decan/Face of Scorpio ruled by the Sun (Jupiter by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 6 of Cups.

The Sun is (of course!!) The Sun and Scorpio Death in the tarot. The Sun here shines light, illuminates the dark depths of Scorpio – death & loss – to reveal that Scorpio can also feel intense joy & happiness, be revitalised, rise from the ashes – be transformed.

The 6 of Cups is about finding our self-expression and creativity – illumination – through our past. Our memories and interpretations of the past from childhood onwards, our prior experiences and connections, as well as our karmic ties. How throughout life we continually create ourselves. We change and evolve through our experiences in life. How whatever we are weaving now, contains the past, encompasses the future, and will in time become a memory.

The 6 of Cups is about nostalgia, feeling emotional about the past. Sentimental about attachments to people or places. It’s a card about emotional connections & ties with family, friends & home. It suggests a trip down memory lane recalling the past. How sometimes we can idealise the past, as well as understanding how the past shapes your character & future.

Book T refers to this card as “Pleasure.”

Scorpio II

A man riding a camel, holding a scorpion in his hand. This is a face of knowledge, modesty, settlement and speaking evil of one another.” ~ PICATRIX

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts two children, with the boy passing the girl one of the six flower filled cups – which signify abundance & happiness. Raising themes, along with the past and how it is always entwined with the present, of children & childhood, innocence & kindness – freely sharing with others – & giving or receiving gifts.

This card also deals with the innocence and joy needed to integrate love of the world and love of the Divine. This usually involves major growth work and soul-searching, and results in a definite change in attitude.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller and Thomson


Apologies this post is late. The New Moon has illuminated some personal matters.

Wishing New Moon blessings to all.



Top Image from Unsplash by Marc Szeglat

6 of Cups from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schröter


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