Venus and Mars are both notably passionate – any aspect between them accentuates themes around love, sex, romance, relationship, innate talents, money and competition.

A conjunction of Venus and Mars indicates a mixture that adds up to individuals who are exciting, inspiring, fired up and spirited about attaining what they desire!

Venus conjunct Mars

Venus and Mars are personal planets, Venus relates to feminine, Mars masculine, characteristics and traits. But, Venus and Mars are not per se, about commitment or marriage – although they may lead us there!

Venus & Mars are lust, adoration, infatuation – an irresistible sexual or romantic attraction. Alongside our amorous entanglements, they will also be descriptive of how we behave and respond in all our relationships and interactions with others.


Venus is about everything we love and desire, what we value and cherish, materially and artistically. Venus is at work in our tastes, style and creativity, she is also happiest surrounded by peace, harmony, beauty and luxury.


Mars is our motivation, what drives us to, and how we take action, he is determined, self-assertive and strong willed.

A conjunction merges and unites planetary energies, they will function as a single force accentuating the essence and meanings involved. They can bring powerful character traits, produce inner confidence and will-power, and initiate a pursuit of personal goals. Additionally, as the planetary energies are bound up with each other, amalgamated, a clear sense of self and how the self is seen by the world, can be elusive.

Venus-Mars ~ Passion

Both Venus and Mars struggle to restrain or control their impulses, Venus to love, Mars to action and aggression.

Love, Action and Aggression – combines, blends to bestow, passion – not only romantically, but in all manner of ways. Passion is intense emotions of love, enthusiasm, anger and hate – passion can lead us to follow and pursue our dreams. Venus and Mars can denote creativity and motivation, love and hate, peace and war, meaning we can be so intent, love doing something so much, that even if we have to fight for it, overcome difficulties, we are going to do it anyway!!

Venus conjunct Mars makes for a sweet and spicy, passionate concoction, that the sign and house placement will say a good deal about – for instance in Aries, Mars may take the lead, in Libra, Venus.

Venus likes to charm and enchant, be courteous and tries to avoid ruffling any feathers. Mars is heat and stimulation, hustle and bustle, he likes continual motion, if he is irritated or angry, he is direct and to the point – he won’t hold back!

The merging of Venus and Mars, brings a balance between charm and assertiveness, Venus calms Mars, and Venus is energised by Mars. These natives by nature likely know when to be soft and pliable, and when to hold their ground to achieve their aims. A competitive streak may be noticeably present, but sugar coated, a mixture of force alongside warmth and sensitivity.

Venus-Mars individuals are driven by their desires, they are magnetic, vibrant and impulsive. They don’t just aspire to attain something, they crave, burn and ache for it, are deeply emotional about it – as a consequence they may endure inner and outer difficulties and angst. Romance and relationships are of great importance, without someone to love, these natives can be deeply unhappy. But, there could be a struggle to differentiate between love and sexual attraction, a tendency to immediately immerse themselves in a relationship based only on lust.

Charismatic, enticing and fascinating to others, leadership comes naturally to them. Along with this, there could be an inclination towards being selfish, or even using others, as they have such an intense, overwhelming need to fulfil their personal goals.

Creative and dynamic, these natives likely have an in-built flair or talent for something, could be artistically or athletically, which they actively seek to polish and perfect.


Tom Jones 0 09′, Kanye West 0 14′, Carmen Electra 0 15′, Adolf Hitler 0 18′, Emily Bronte 0 19′, Athina Onassis Roussel 0 31′, Christopher Columbus 0 40′, Cristiano Ronaldo 0 43′, Jeffery Epstein 0 48′, Jennifer Garner 0 51′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 1 23′, Gordon Brown 1 42′, Vincent Van Gogh 1 55′, Mahatma Gandhi 1 57′, Keanu Reeves 2 05′, Bruno Mars 2 26′, Amy Winehouse 2 40′, Bruce Lee 3 11′, Bob Geldof 3 48′


The signs and planets all have rich and varied mythological stories spun around them. Exploring mythology, using the tales as tools, helps enhance understanding and insight into the astrology.

In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love (Venus) and Ares, the god of war were lovers, enjoying a long, open affair despite Venus being married to Hephaestus. Venus was continually unfaithful to Hephaestus (Mars was not her only lover!). Venus had a rather casual approach to marriage and relationships as she found it impossible to contain her passions.

Mars and Venus surprised by Vulcan: Guillemot

Hephaestus was far from happy about this, and was so infuriated by Venus’ flaunting of her love for Mars that he made a net to capture them together in flagrante! He called the other gods, to witness their shame, however they found the situation hilarious as Venus’ charm was irrepressible!

Despite Venus’ many liaisons, Hephaestus and Venus stayed together. While Venus’ marriage produced no children, Venus and Mars had 4 children together, who inherited traits of both parents. The fierce twins Demios and Phobos (Fear and Panic), Harmonia (Harmony) and in Roman Mythology, Eros (Cupid).

Mars had the reputation of being a fantastic lover, because of his heat and spontaneity – but he could also be jealous. When Venus became captivated with a mortal – Adonis – Mars turned himself into a wild boar and killed him. Even so, Venus still returned to Mars.

Venus and Mars had quite a turbulent relationship!

TAROT CORRESPONDENCES                                                                              

VENUS ~ The Empress                                                                                                       

MARS ~ The Tower                                                                                                 

Top Image from Unsplash by Andrey Zvyagintsev

Mars and Venus surprised by Vulcan: Guillemot from Wikimedia Commons





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