The Sun and Mercury are conjunct – Mercury Cazimi – on October 9th, 5.18pm BST at 16° 35′ Libra

A planet between zero and 17 minutes from the Sun is termed “Cazimi” which means “In the Heart of the Sun”. This moment in time is advantageous and full of promise as the planet is rejuvenated and greatly strengthened by the Sun in all his glory.

This Mercury Cazimi is especially insightful as to our way forwards, as the Sun and Mercury have Mars accompanying them in Libra. Mars Cazimi occurred on October 8th, and just after Mercury Cazimi – Mercury and Mars are exactly conjunct! In the sky is a rare and highly notable triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Mars.

Venus rules Libra, and is currently journeying through Sagittarius. Venus likely breathed a sigh of relief as she entered Sagittarius, after having to contend with delving into the depths of Scorpio – all the dark, uncomfortable, intense emotions that Venus would perhaps prefer to smooth over, rather than have to scrutinise.

Venus arrived in the bountiful & optimistic realms of Sagittarius, just before the Sun, Mercury and Mars get together in Libra. Which means whatever is decided at the summit in Libra will likely be coloured with some fiery, spontaneous, playful & liberating energy.

Venus in Sagittarius just wants to saddle up her pony, and ride out to seek fun and adventure! To feel the wind in her hair, and experience a sense of exhilaration & freedom to be exploring some new vistas.



Mars Cazimi is highly significant, as when the Sun and Mars are conjunct is the moment a new Sun-Mars cycle is initiated. A new 2 year impetus for how & where we take action is put in motion. How we fight for & protect what we love, what dreams & desires we wish to pursue.

Another conspicuous – & hugely relevant – thing, is that Venus in the chart for Mercury Cazimi is conjunct the Moon & the South Node of the Moon. This indicates the potential for changes that are aligned with our destiny -that are perhaps fated to occur. Endings and new beginnings in all areas of life – relationships, love & romance, career & our place of residence.

So, it is important to take note of what ideas, insights, dreams for the future, intuitive insights, random meetings or conversations occur at this time. They could be exactly the catalyst we need to spark the fire that lights our way –  as Mercury is mind & Mars is action.

In essence the triple conjunction means mind (Mercury) and will-power (Mars) are illuminated by life (Sun), and self-expression (Sun) is inspired by wisdom (Mercury) and courage (Mars).

Our vision of the future is taking shape, as we contemplate and prepare for what lies ahead. With Venus in Sagittarius we are being encouraged to take some risks and seek out opportunities for greater freedom, fun, adventure – to expand our horizons!

Significant dates while Venus is in Sagittarius

October 13th – Venus sextile Saturn -when plans may get more defined and become clearer.

October 27th – Venus square Neptune – when there may appear to be a hitch in the plan, perhaps something is not quite perfect. Or we just overindulge in daydreaming about the future & too many glasses of vino!

October 28th – Venus sextile Jupiter – when something exciting around our plans may materialise.

Further Significant Dates!

The Sun, Mercury & Mars conjunction in Libra also unites with the two Venus-Mars conjunctions ahead in 2022 due to Venus retrograde in Capricorn (December 19th 2021 – January 29th 2022).

Venus stations retrograde and leaves the retrograde shadow conjunct Pluto – emphasising change and a theme of transformation – endings that lead to beginnings, renewal and regeneration. Scenarios that emerge or reach a crescendo during this time could certainly feel fated or karmic in origin. Additionally, further enhancing the destined, fated, karmic themes – ahead the North Node moves into Taurus ruled by Venus, & the South node moves into Scorpio ruled by Mars & Pluto. (The mean North Node moves into Taurus on December 23rd & the true North Node on January 18th).

Venus-Mars conjunctions ignite an inner flame, both romantically and creatively – the passion to pursue our callings. The dates are:

  • February 16th 2022 at 16° 53′ Capricorn (this will square the Libra Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction and will likely link up with what is being seeded now) 
  • March 6th 2022 at 0° 02′ Aquarius 

That the final Venus-Mars conjunction is on the degree of the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, is of course highly conspicuous!

Mercury Cazimi and Mars Cazimi are moments in time when the future is calling us, beckoning us towards our destiny.

Follow your dreams!

More on Mercury Cazimi here & the Venus-Mars conjunctions here Venus-Mars Conjunction in Leo on July 13th 2021 & the first of a Triple Conjunction



Unsplash ~ Tim Mossholder

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