Jupiter and Neptune in aspect emphasise big dreams, desire for spiritual wisdom, and a touch of mystical fog to blur the details and escape the dull!

Jupiter square Neptune

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is the traditional ruler of Pisces, while Neptune is considered the modern ruler of Pisces. Whilst there are many differentials, Jupiter and Neptune do explore some common ground.

Jupiter can appear in the guise of the judge, the priest, the philosopher, the wealthy or the elite. Jupiter will cheerfully help us seek meaning, wisdom, as well as accumulate money and influence – If it feels good, expansive or elevating, Jupiter is happy to be of assistance!

Neptune is otherworldly, the magical and mystical. Dreams, creative power, spiritual vision and enhancement. Along with a susceptibility to a distortion of reality, as Neptune encourages an effortless embracing of illusions and fantasies.

More often than not, Jupiter and Neptune are indifferent, or even oblivious, to details and practicalities – not an area of expertise for either of them!

A square is often regarded as a difficult aspect, the planets involved rather than interacting in a harmonious way, can block and frustrate each other. Each planet is a part of the personality trying to get it’s own way, unconcerned about the other. People with squares in their chart need to find ways to utilise both planets to be happy, but quite often they can be unaware of their inner conflict and external behaviour.

Squares can show up as people or happenings in life that depict the struggle and may leave the native feeling victimised until they recognise the problem. But, all this stress and tension can create a powerful drive and the energy to overcome the dilemma – producing results and success.

However, as Jupiter and Neptune have some mutual spheres of influence, a natal square between them is not necessarily a hurdle. It can give rise to a fabulous imagination, meaning inspiring and enticing possibilities easily come to mind. It can also spark and ignite – give free rein to – dreams and creativity. Natives likely love magic, romance, and mystery to be entwined in daily life. A vast inner source of ideas, ingenuity, and vision is feasible – fantastic for writers or those involved in fashion, entertainment, film or media.

Jupiter and Neptune can certainly give rise to big dreams and aspirations – but – also contribute to a difficulty discerning between what’s real and unreal, a lack of consistency and effort, along with very little common sense. To bring these dreams to life – instead of stranded in the land of make-believe – requires learning how to have, or possessing elsewhere in the natal chart, an inclination towards discipline and responsibility.

Jupiter and Neptune can also bestow compassion and humanitarian traits. Natives naturally have a potent imagination and stemming from this may also have an enhanced awareness of, or interest in, spiritual dimensions. A desire to help, or save others, from suffering. They maybe drawn to search out insight and guidance from the mystical realms, be incredibly enthusiastic about spiritual matters, and seek spiritual growth. Again, there is a need to be cautious, to take care to be discerning about the path they follow, and whose words they listen to, as they could be easily fooled or exploited.

There is also a potential for overindulgence, alongside a desire to escape the dull and dreary or the chaos and madness of the world, in whatever way works. This could be addictions to alcohol or drugs, food cravings, retail therapy, travel – or something else entirely.

From the list of famous natives with Jupiter square Neptune below, it is also clear that it can generate an attraction to politics (idealistic vision), as well as for power, authority and control (accentuation of ambitions).

All in all, Jupiter square Neptune offers potential for optimism, generosity, honourable inclinations and a love of humanity, along with the ability to conjure up dreams, that may successfully materialise with seemingly very little effort.


Ashley Judd 0 00′ Patricia Arquette 0 00′ Timothy McVeigh 0 04′ Joseph Stalin 0 16′  Edward Heath 0 16′ Aaron Spelling 0 17′ Erwin Rommel 0 19′ Celine Dion 0 20′  Yves Saint Laurent 0 25′ Leonardo DiCaprio 0 29′ Victoria Beckham 0 31′ Denzel Washington 0 37′ Silvio Berlusconi 0 47′ Jim Carey 0 54′ John McCain 1 01′ Anne Frank 1 03′ Tchaikovsky 1 14′ Theodore Roosevelt 1 24′ Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1 29′ Muammar al-Gaddafi 2 12′ Kylie Minogue 2 53′ Buzz Aldrin 3 30′ Diana, Princess of Wales 3 32′ Donatella Versace 3 24′ Paul McCartney 4 42′ Francois Mitterrand 4 47′ Nicolas Sarkozy 5 03′ Saint Francis of Assisi 5 33′ Mother Teresa 6 48′


The signs and planets all have rich and varied mythological stories spun around them. Exploring mythology, using the tales as tools, helps enhance understanding and insight into the astrology.

In Greek Mythology. Zeus (Jupiter) was the youngest of six children born to Kronos (Saturn) and his wife Rhea (Ops). Saturn had overthrown his own father Ouranos (Uranus) to come into power, but feared a prophecy from Uranus, who said he would also be overthrown by one of his children. So Saturn – to be on the safe side – swallowed his first 5 children at birth.

Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto dividing the Universe

When Jupiter came to be born, Rhea tricked Saturn into swallowing a stone instead. In time, Jupiter challenged his father, and by forcing powerful herbs down Saturn caused him to regurgitate his siblings – Hades (Pluto), Poseidon (Neptune), Hestia (Vesta), Demeter (Ceres) and Hera (Juno).

The three brothers divided the realms between them by drawing lots, Pluto won the Underworld, Neptune the Sea, and Jupiter the Sky and Mount Olympus. Jupiter also ruled the earth and was the king of the gods. Jupiter had a throne on Mount Olympus, from where he could view everything taking place on the earth below.

Jupiter and Thetis: Ingres

As king, Jupiter was the creator and upholder of laws, and his ability to see the whole situation, along with solutions, meant he delivered swift but fair, judgements and justice. But, from such a great height, small details are hard to spot – highlighting traits Jupiter brings astrologically.

Neptune was ruled by his emotions, which he would express freely and forcefully. Just like the sea he rules, Neptune could be temperamental and volatile or peaceful and calm. The sea corresponds to our emotions, and the surface conceals mysterious, secret, powerful, and inspiring depths.

Neptune’s Horses: Walter Crane

In mythology Neptune could be vengeful, creating tremendous storms that caused his victims to lose their way at sea. The most famous being Odysseus, whose journey to return home from the Trojan War took 10 years! The tale of Odysseus illuminates Neptune’s ability to cloud our vision and bring confusion. But, simultaneously entry into this realm – an altered perspective bought about by deep emotions or forces beyond our control – can lead the way to creativity or faith in a higher power.



JUPITER ~ The Wheel of Fortune
NEPTUNE ~ The Hanged Man


Top Image from Unsplash by Sophia

Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto dividing the universe, from Wikimedia Commons

Jupiter and Thetis: Ingres, from Wikimedia Commons

Neptune’s Horses: Walter Crane, from Wikimedia Commons

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