The New Moon takes place at 05.07 am GMT November 15th at 23 17′ Scorpio.

In dark, mysterious Scorpio, the New Moon suggests we may find ourselves engaged with intense, complex matters and issues – relationships, shared resources, secrets, survival. Coming to terms with something, deciphering our true thoughts and feelings. Endings and beginnings.

A New Moon indicates a fresh start, commencing something new or spicing up an existing approach. However, this New Moon is especially potent – not only because it is in Scorpio! – as it heralds the build-up to a new eclipse season, plus Mars, ruler of the New Moon is now direct. The lunations that follow the New Moon are eclipses. Destined changes are on the horizon ahead. Eclipses are fated turning points, reveal what is over, what we need to move on from, along with uncover new possibilities and opportunities. The catch is that whilst eclipses put scenarios in motion, the full picture takes time to unfold. Eclipses shake things up, consequently the path ahead can be shrouded in mystery, the destination unclear until we arrive.

Lunar Eclipse ~ November 30th ~ 8 38′ Gemini ~ Fixed Stars Aldebaran & Ain
Solar Eclipse ~ December 14th ~ 23 08′ Sagittarius ~ Fixed Star Ras Alhague

Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and he has just stationed direct in his other domicile of Aries (November 14th). Mars is fired up and raring to go. Our personal energy and the momentum of events is likely to experience a sudden surge. Anything that has been stalled, felt stuck or overwhelming to accomplish is going to have a helping hand, a restorative pick-me-up. Just take care not to get too gung-ho, look before you leap! Or better yet, with eclipse season approaching, try and bide your time until after the eclipses have taken place wherever possible.

With Mercury having re-entered Scorpio on November 10th, Mars as ruler has a responsibility to direct and guide matters, as well as treat guest, Mercury well. Information (Mercury) is a focal point – untangling the truth, the facts, from what may have been manipulated or suppressed. Knowledge is power. What’s more, this rapport is likewise amalgamated with the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, which will be ruled by Mercury, who will still be in Scorpio. It is probable – certainly on the world stage – that secrets, scandals, some dramatic or emotional news will come to light, perhaps prompting some unexpected decisions to be taken.


The New Moon is exactly sextile Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn & Pluto are alongside Jupiter and also influential. The Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction – the Capricorn trio – has been been highly significant in 2020, a year that we will certainly never forget. Sol and Luna are additionally (widely) trine Neptune. This suggests light at the end of the tunnel, potential for an infusion of positivity and optimism.

What is noteworthy, is that news of progress towards an effective vaccine against Covid-19 was announced on November 9th, when the Sun was trine Neptune (drugs/vaccine) and Mercury was moving back into Scorpio (transformation) – both exact on November 10th. On top of this the fixed stars involved with the New Moon – Unukalhai & Agena – have links with poison & healing.

Mercury quincunx Chiron (wounds/healing) at the New Moon is a subtle, but connected influence. It suggests puzzling out our thoughts and emotional experiences. Working out how to adjust to shifts in how we feel and react as situations change. How to resolve the difficulty of needing to release tension before space can be made for healing to occur.

The third and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020 occurred on November 12th as the second wave of Covid-19 is unfolding. Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions are significant, energetic, – historically and currently – in the midst of pandemics. As Jupiter – along with Saturn – will now be separating from Pluto, hopefully outbreaks of Covid-19 will start to decline.

Neptune is dreams, ideals but also symbolic of fraud, deceit, confusion. The allegations of voter fraud during the American election obviously comes to mind – likewise we are encountering disinformation, mixed messages & confused communications all over the place. It’s certainly tricky to discern what is truth, fact or just an opinion.

Nonetheless the recent moves to curb and control alternative perspectives and information – from various sources including doctors, scientists, anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists – is unsettling. If we value honesty, integrity and justice, all ideas and information should be accessible. With the Nodes of the Moon lying across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis square Neptune (exact at the end of January 2021), questioning the accuracy of information and being alert to the potential for access to some sources to be dissolved is important. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21st is also on the way, suggesting that rules/laws being put in place around information shared on the internet is certainly imaginable.

Mercury is trine Neptune on November 24th – it’s highly likely that pivotal information about the vaccine will be in the news.

In addition, Venus is square the Capricorn trio. Venus is square Pluto at the New Moon. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and Venus is powerfully placed in her domicile of Libra. Then this is followed by –

Venus Square Jupiter ~ November 16th
Venus Square Saturn ~ November 19th

Venus desires harmonious relationships, fairness in financial matters, balanced agreements that take into account both sides, all perspectives and beliefs. Our connections and unions with others – what we give and what we receive. Venus will wish face up to any difficulties or dark shadows. Open up discussions, try to resolve problems and negotiate compromises.

The New Moon is setting the scene for change. Our emotions are amplified, bringing insight into what we are passionate about and where we feel vulnerable. Asks us to decipher what we trust and believe in, our values and philosophies in life. Then utilise what we learn to align ourselves with strengthening, healing choices, and acceptance of what is falling away.

Fixed Stars ~ Unukalhai & Agena

Unukalhai is currently at 22 20′ Scorpio and  Agena at 24 03′ Scorpio. Both are influential at the New Moon, seemingly flavouring it with the possibility of both – or a choice between – conflict and compassion, corruption and healing.

Unukalhai is located in the Constellation  Serpens, a pale yellow star in the neck of the serpent. Sometimes called Cor Serpentis, the Serpent’s heart. Constellation Serpens ~ “It is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivien E Robson

Unukalhai is of the nature of Saturn and Mars ~ “It gives immorality, accidents, violence and danger of poison.” ~ Robson

With Sun ~ “Many quarrels and disappointments, unfortunate life, seriously affected by death of family or friends.” ~ Robson

With Moon ~ “Clever, evil environment, hatred of authority, involved in intrigues and plots, banished, imprisoned or hanged for crime probably by poisoning.” ~ Robson

Agena is a 1st magnitude star, the 10th brightest in the sky, located in the Constellation Centaurus, on the left front knee of the Centaur. The Centaur is considered to be either Chiron or Pholus, thus the constellation is associated with an affinity with horses, powerful instincts, poison, strength of will, healing, along with the sacrifices required for healing to occur. In mythology, Chiron masterfully united his animal instincts and intuition with his human intellect, was renowned for his compassion and civility.

Constellation Centaurus ~ “knows how to apply the arts of healing to the limbs of animals and to relieve the dumb creatures of the disorders they cannot describe for his hearing. His is indeed a calling of skill, not to wait for the cries of pain, but recognise betimes a sick body not yet conscious of its sickness.” ~ Astronomica, Manilius, 1st Century A.D 

Agena is of the nature of Venus and Jupiter ~ “It gives position, friendship, refinement, morality, health and honour.” ~ Robson

With Sun ~ “Mental activity, rashness, success, many friendships.” ~ Robson

With Moon ~ “Sarcasm and bitter speech, strong passions.” ~ Robson


The New Moon takes place in Scorpio Decan 3, ruled by Venus (The Moon by triplicity.) The corresponding tarot card is the 7 of Cups. The 7 of Cups is about the temptation of an array of enticing possibilities, and an inability to choose between them.

SCORPIO DECAN III ~ “There rises in the third face of Scorpio a horse and a rabbit. This is a face of evil works and flavors, and forcing sex on unwilling women.” ~ PICATRIX

The Rider-Waite-Smith card shows a man, facing 7 cups that are floating in the clouds, depicting wishful thinking rather than real, solid foundations. Certainly the future is uncertain, none of the options are guaranteed – it is the card of fantasy V’s reality, the spiritual V’s the material. This card is about objects of desire, our dreams. Recognising what we truly wish to attain, what is currently possible, as well as beneficial.

The 7 cups represent sexuality (the woman’s head), spirituality (figure in the veil), wisdom (snake), power (castle), wealth (jewels), success (wreath) and untamed emotions/evil (dragon).

Options need to be carefully assessed before taking a decision. Our thoughts could be confused and the appeal of superficial sparkle may lead to following the wrong path. In a worst case scenario it can be addictions and indulging ourselves – escapism. The 7 of Cups can also suggest creative ideas are favoured, powerful imagination and enchanted ideas. Alternatively it can mean searching for spiritual knowledge, a quest for greater meaning in life, a turning away from material temptations.

The seven cups have been associated with the ways we indulge ourselves, the things we are addicted to, or reach for when we are frustrated or depressed. They have been compared to “popular fads and fashions,” or the glamourous ways the world views success. The card challenges us to resist those influences and make choices based on our deepest feelings instead.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller & Thomson, page 187/8


Top Image ~ Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

7 of Cups from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter


The Complete Picatrix, Translated by John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock

Fixed Stars ~


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