Hi, my name is Kate Caruso. I live in Glastonbury, UK.

My fascination with astrology started at a very young age. This gradually evolved over time – aided along the way by facing various challenges and crises in life – into a continuous journey of study. The insight and awareness unveiled by the sky, never ceases to awe, dazzle and humble me. Everyday I am thankful for the guidance and perspective astrology bestows.

I am mostly self-taught, but in 2017 attained a certificate, with distinction, from the Mayo School of Astrology. I also read the tarot.

I am passionate about, and love both astrology and horses, so it was utterly irresistible… Arion of course refers to a horse!

Arion is the mythological, black, winged, talking horse, son of Demeter (Ceres) and Poseidon (Neptune). Arion is majestic and feisty, with his divine parentage bestowing the unearthly, magical gift of immortality, awesome speed, accompanied by the ability to talk – to eloquently convey his knowledge and wisdom!

For me, Arion reflects the link between the earthly and the celestial. Arion is a supernatural, liminal horse, a guide on the journey from this to other dimensions.

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