Jupiter and Saturn meet up on December 21st –  The Winter Solstice – at 0 29′ Aquarius.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is approximately 20 years, at the conjunction – known as “The Great Conjunction” – a new cycle begins. From ancient times astrologers have used the Jupiter-Saturn cycle to predict significant collective events and experiences. The rise and fall of kings, leaders, nations, shifts in outlook and direction – Turning Points!

This cycle, of almost exactly twenty years from conjunction to conjunction, has always been considered of the greatest importance in shaping the course of history. These two planets used to be known as the “Great Chronocraters,” or rulers of the ages. Their cycle can be considered the ground base of human development which marks the interaction between the perception of ideas, potentialities, possibilities (Jupiter) and their manifestation in the concrete material world (Saturn). ~ Mundane Astrology, Michael Baigent, Nicholas Campion & Charles Harvey, page 184

Chronocrator is a Greek word that literally means “ruler of time.” In ancient times Jupiter and Saturn were the outermost known planets, Jupiter (12 years) and Saturn (30 years) were the planets whose journey around the zodiac was the slowest. Thus, the times when Jupiter aligned with Saturn – clearly visible as Jupiter is the 4th brightest object in the sky, after the Sun, Moon and Venus – was striking, and considered highly significant.

The conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn have been linked with the Star of Bethlehem -or Christmas Star – that showed the Magi the way to Jesus, when in 1604 Johannes Kepler discovered that in the year 7 BC three conjunctions occurred between Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces.

Currently, Jupiter and Saturn are visible every night, and will be close to each other throughout December. Here in the UK, Jupiter and Saturn are visible just after sunset for around two hours, an awesome sight as they move ever closer to conjunction. The exact conjunction on December 21st will be a spectacular, soul-stirring sight – Jupiter and Saturn will be so incredibly close they will appear to be a single, bright star, as they are together by both longitude (the measurement along the ecliptic) and by declination (the measurement above and below the ecliptic), a rare phenomenon.

Thrillingly, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be:

the closest Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 1623, only 14 years after Galileo made his first telescope. However, that conjunction was only 13 degrees east of the Sun (closely following the Sun at sunset), and it is considered unlikely that it was noticed by many. The closest observable Jupiter-Saturn conjunction before that was as long ago as during the medieval times, in 1226! At their closest in December, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 0.1 degree apart.” ~ www.earthsky.org

After this, it will not be until 2080 that a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will align in such close proximity. For some of us this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe such a striking and beautiful spectacle. I love seeing the chart on my screen come alive in the sky, and can’t wait to see this stunning sight!

Furthermore and astrologically very significantly, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place in Aquarius – an Air sign. For nearly 200 years their conjunctions have all taken place in Earth signs – apart from the first shift into Air with the triple conjunctions of 1980-81 in Libra. The last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction prior to this one returned to Earth, taking place on May 31st 2000 in Taurus.

When the Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts to make consecutive conjunctions in the new element this is known as “The Great Mutation.” The 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a “Great Mutation” as ahead each 20 year conjunction will take place in an Air sign until 2159. A huge energetic shift that heralds the start of a new direction in the world. A change in outlook as the emphasis on the energy moves away from the Earth element – the realm of materiality, solidity and physicality, to the Air element – the realm of ideas, concepts, knowledge and communication.

In addition, that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is on Winter Solstice, a pivotal seasonal and astrological turning point further enhances the momentousness of this major happening in the sky.

At the start of 2020 the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn took place on January 12th, and without doubt 2020 has been a year of massive upheaval. Bought disruption and seen the breakdown of material structures. The grand finale of 2020 is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Whilst all the difficulties and challenges we face in the world certainly won’t vanish, Jupiter-Saturn brings hope and cautious optimism that 2021 is the dawn of us collectively trying to resolve problems in new ways, some fresh air that may well bestow some creative solutions.

Historical Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Air

The last era of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Air began in 1226 at 2 58′ Aquarius and the final conjunction in Air was in 1405 at 23 46′ Aquarius. Looking back in history reveals the granting and evolution of the Magna Carta. The significance of the Magna Carta and the relevance of it’s themes in our current era – as awareness of the manipulation and suppression of the people by those in power, along with demands for change, continue to increase – is striking.

The Magna Carta is a royal charter of rights first agreed to in 1215 by King John. The Magna Carta was reissued in 1225 and again in 1297, this time confirming it as part of England’s statue law. The legacy of the Magna Carta is in it’s utilisation for the protection of ancient individual rights and as a symbol of freedom from oppression. The Magna Carta is a potent document, influential in the formation of the United States Constitution, as well as still cited to this day in support of individual rights and liberties – although most of it’s clauses have now been repealed and ensured by other statutes.

With the symbolism of the Magna Carta reflecting a strong Aquarian influence – equality, freedom, greater individual rights – ahead there is reason to be hopeful and optimistic for laws or structures that promote greater liberty and fairness for all in the future.

Another pivotal occurrence during the Jupiter-Saturn in Air era is the beginnings of the Renaissance in Italy around 1350. The Renaissance marked a great cultural change throughout Europe, particularly in the way people thought about life and their place in the world. Renaissance comes from the French word for “rebirth” and during this time, learning from classical texts and philosophies was revitalised, along with the sharing and communication of this knowledge through art and literature.

Jupiter and Saturn are both teachers. Jupiter likes to inspire us, encourages us to expand our view of the world. Saturn is a disciplinarian, likes us to apply ourselves and learn our lessons to figure out an understanding of the structure and principles of the world. In Aquarius, Jupiter and Saturn suggest lessons around equality, fairness, and working towards endeavours that are in the best interests of all.


Jupiter-Saturn 2020

Jupiter is in his fall in Capricorn, so once Jupiter is in Aquarius he is in a better position to influence favourable outcomes. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, so Saturn remains in a position of strength. In Capricorn Saturn likes to construct material structures, in Aquarius Saturn adjusts his focus. Saturn still likes to build and form, but in Aquarius his influence is directed at shaping and evolving well thought out new ideas, forming relationships in society and our local communities by setting out boundaries that assure democratic discussions, as well as ways to debate disputes fairly.

Jupiter brings vision, meaning, hope and prosperity, Saturn brings common sense, realism, responsibility and ambition. A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn unites to bestow faith and optimism that careful planning, combined with dedication and effort, will enable our ideals, our dreams, for the future to materialise.

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and currently Uranus is in earth sign Taurus. That a re-structuring of the material world, changes and innovations around how we handle matters like our finances and food production is undoubtable. That there could be conflicts or clashes of opinion around this, between keeping to old, traditional ways or introducing something modern and flowing with change, is seemingly inevitable. Saturn and Uranus make three exact squares in 2021 –

  • February 17th
  • June 14th
  • December 24th

Underlining this at the time of the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Mars is square Pluto, with the exact square taking place on December 23rd. This suggests certain issues coming to a crescendo, reaching a crisis point – Brexit and the American election on the world stage obviously come to mind –  along with the potential for rage and power struggles. Whatever happens collectively – or we are facing personally – be mindful that while we certainly can’t control everything, we can choose our reaction. This influence is best handled by aiming to keep anger in check and trying to avoid inflaming any issues. Standing our ground, but maintaining a cool, calm approach, that focuses on resolving conflicts or difficulties.

Essentially, we have reached a turning point in the world. Change is underway but will inevitably be a long process that will undoubtedly encounter resistance along the way.

2020 has presented us personally and collectively with extreme, exceptional scenarios, brought us all kinds of challenges to endure and handle. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction suggests that while we have a long road ahead, we are perhaps moving towards being over the worst.

Jupiter enters Pisces – a sign he traditionally rules – on May 14th 2021, and will stay in Pisces until July 28th when Jupiter re-enters Aquarius. Jupiter is in a place of strength in Pisces, for the first time since December 2019 when he entered Capricorn, Jupiter will be free of the restraints imposed by Saturn. This suggests that around May 2021 is possibly when some confidence and positivity around the future starts to really pick up. Jupiter returns to Pisces on December 30th 2021.

Looking further ahead, 2023 is perhaps when we can expect major changes in the world. In March 2023 Saturn moves into Pisces, a sign where he is no longer in domicile, bringing a big shift in authority from Saturn to Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces. Alongside, March 2023 is when Pluto first enters Aquarius. Possibly this is when a veering away from money, profit and power as a priority towards concern and compassion for humanity and the world becomes unmistakable.

For each of us personally, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will take place somewhere in our chart and draws attention to an opportunity to bring aspirations to actuality. The house in your chart the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction accentuates, indicates the area of life Jupiter-Saturn will make an impression on, for instance in the 4th – your home, the 10th – your career. Any natal planets touched, especially by conjunction, make it even more personal and emphasises the influence.

Jupiter and Saturn changing sign in unison, to meet up at 0 Aquarius for a Great Conjunction is a significant, substantial message of far-reaching change. The commencement of the dawn of a new chapter in the world.



Top Image ~ Jupiter & Saturn at daybreak ~ Mishal Ibrahim on Unsplash

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