Astrology is so amazing, all of what you’ve said resonates and provides amazing insight.”

I’m so pleased with my reading, it’s helped me so much. It’s amazing how the planets align with our lives.”

Thank you so much for helping solve my dilemma. I was halfway there, but I still wasn’t sure. Your reading has helped ease my doubts, I now feel ready for this new phase in my life.” 

Thank you so much for the guidance, it’s helped me a lot. I will keep coming back to re-read it”

This has been a source of huge anxiety for me, you have reassured me and helped me so much. I can see things more clearly now.”

Thank you so much for my reading, it was fascinating. The level of astrological information/explanation was perfect, I followed and understood all of it. I’ve read it so many times already and will keep returning to it.”