Uranus stations retrograde at 6 degrees 36′ Taurus on 12th August at 2.27am BST.

But, jumping out, and grabbing attention, is looking ahead to when Uranus station direct – on January 11th 2020 – the day before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction!

Uranus Retrograde Meaning

Uranus retrograde occurs once a year, lasting for about 155 days. Uranus describes our need to be unique, to stand out and be different. How we show our personal blend of insight and ingenuity.

My eldest daughter, a teenager, introduced me to the currently popular expression of – “you do you” -through her frequent usage of it! To me, this phrase captures what Uranus, and his retrograde motion relates to – our need to express ourselves freely and authentically. Embracing and relishing our inner eccentric or rebellious characteristics!

If we have been reticent or reserved, maybe due to worrying about outside opinions, instead of wholeheartedly expressing ourselves, Uranus retrograde will put us in touch with this.

Of course there is also the possibility of being too extreme – wayward or defiant. In which case we could be reined in. Disruption may manifest in our life that leads, eventually, to a possible alteration in our attitudes and behaviour. Uranus directs his impulses inwards whilst retrograde, so change occurs in our inner world first, before becoming outwardly expressed.

Uranus retrograde & your chart

How we experience Uranus retrograde depends on our natal aspects to Uranus, and current transits from Uranus.

It could be subtle, pass by hardly noticeable. If Uranus isn’t prominent in our natal chart, we are by nature, unlikely to be compatible or in harmony with Uranian traits. If however, Uranus is prominent, and/or currently transiting a natal planet or point, we are likely to notice Uranus retrograde. In potentially, a troublesome or unsettling fashion – but, if we are ready for change, any possible disarray is minimised.

If you have any natal planets or points, between 4-8 degrees, in the fixed signs of Taurus (conjunct), Scorpio (opposite) Aquarius or Leo (square) you are likely to experience the most intense energy from Uranus retrograde.

Uranus was at 2 degrees Taurus in August 2018 and April 2019, so you could be looking back to happenings from then.

Uranus Retrograde Aspects

Uranus in Taurus accentuates themes revolving around our relationships, our finances and our creativity.

Liberty of choice within our relationships, pursuing financial freedom and independence as well as expressing our own personal tastes and vision. Accompanying this, we could also be searching for a sense of equality, for our opinions and needs to be valued to the same degree as another’s.

moon trine uranus

The chart for Uranus retrograde sees the Moon trine Uranus. The Moon is in Capricorn, so both Luna and Uranus are in earth signs, encouraging a stabilising energy. An ability to manifest something of substance. The trine aspect invites, eases the way, to breaking with the past and altering habits or instinctive responses. Our intuition could also be enhanced.

Mercury square Uranus

Mercury is in an applying square aspect to Uranus. Mercury re-enters Leo on August 11th, still in the post shadow phase of the retrograde zone. Mercury stationed retrograde on July 7th at 4 degrees 28′ Leo whilst in an applying square aspect to Uranus. That square finally becomes exact on August 16th when Mercury has left the retrograde zone, and reaches 6 degrees 36′ Leo.

Just prior to this, Mercury trines Chiron retrograde at 5 degrees 20 Aries on August 15th.

There could be something that has been brewing in the background for sometime. Mercury trine Chiron suggests becoming aware of how our communications or thoughts may have blocked us or proved an obstacle.

Mercury square Uranus could prompt us to take a different path, another approach. Essentially, we may recognise our own and/or others weaknesses. Have to put this into words, speak our truth. And by doing so experience a release, that favourably alters how we value ourselves as well as increases our self-confidence.

Between Mercury trine Chiron and then squaring Uranus, there is a full Moon on August 15th at 22 degrees 24 Aquarius – that could see us pulled one way, then another – I will go into detail in the full Moon post!



URANUS ~ The Fool

TAURUS ~ The Hierophant



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