Some wonderful news! Which is sure to boost optimism, and the pace of life, is that Jupiter turns direct on August 11th, 2.38 pm at 14 degrees 30 Sagittarius – yippee!!

Jupiter went retrograde at 24 degrees 21 Sagittarius on April 10th at 6.00pm BST. Between then and now, our outward expression of enthusiasm and delight may have become subdued. As Jupiter’s influence turned inwards, to offer us access to insight and guidance, relating to recent threads or progress in our life.

Whilst Mercury was retrograde, July 8th – August 1st, we had a total of  5 planets retrograde, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Along with Chiron who turned retrograde on July 9th. A huge amount of backward motion, of course, July was also eclipse season.

With Mercury already direct, and from August 11th, Jupiter, things should speed up, and feel like they have turned a corner. The shift in energy will be a relief, provide a conspicuous, sparkly uplift!

Jupiter left Scorpio on November 8th 2018 – no doubt elated, to be returning to home sweet home Sagittarius! Jupiter’s presence in his own abode, is one of the absolute highlights in the sky of 2019, bringing a clarity, purity and potency to his influence.

Jupiter is concerned with both the spiritual and the material. Jupiter can appear in the guise of the priest, the philosopher, the wealthy and elite. Jupiter will cheerfully help us seek meaning, wisdom, accumulate money or influence – essentially, if it feels good, expansive or elevating, Jupiter is happy to be of assistance!

The Sun, Venus and Mars are all in Leo. Mercury joins them the day Jupiter goes direct – August 11th. This stellium in Leo, means fun, creativity, anything flamboyant or daring, are all on the menu.

Aspects ahead

August 7th ~ Sun trine Jupiter

August 8th ~ Venus trine Jupiter

August 21st Mercury trine Jupiter

These vitalising, optimistic aspects are favourable for all of us, but will be especially fantastic for any Leo’s born early to mid August, your solar returns are going to be super – it may be a dazzling year!



JUPITER ~ The Wheel of Fortune

SAGITTARIUS ~ Temperance

PISCES ~ The Hanged Man






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