Life is perilous, accidents and incidents happen. We and our loved ones walk a tightrope, dance between fate and free will everyday, but until we meet the danger and vulnerability inherent in life face to face, we tend to be aware, but overall ignore it.

I mean you have to, it’s sort of obligatory!! Otherwise life would become filled with fearful anxiety, and not worth living.

Over the years, during dark, desolating periods, astrology and tarot have seen me through, been my wise friends. The reality confronting you doesn’t change, but – you can see when it may change, when a difficult transit may ease.

They also help to alter your perspective and reveal unthought of options – enhancing strength and courage to handle whatever the particular predicament is. An adjusted outlook helps to bring forth change, can transform circumstances and/or our ability to come to terms and cope with them.

I believe any of us, who are dealing with desperate situations or thoughts, could be helped, guided and comforted, by being open to and having faith in astrology and tarot. Ultimately – they could even save lives.

Anyway, far, far worse things happen – but here I thought I would share what just occurred in my little world, what prompted me to write this, to give insight into how astrology and tarot can help and provide support at critical moments.

The last few days have been unexpectedly traumatic (thank-you Uranus! – currently stationary retrograde in exact aspect to my natal Mars), chaos knocked on our door, and everything else faded into the background. My focus was on one thing only, my 6 year old daughter, who suffered an injury that resulted in 3 hospital visits. Most of us deal with these situations calmly and practically, which I did externally, but inside I was in turmoil. Usually I am emotionally resilient, composed, but, if my maternal instincts are provoked, my emotions tend to become rather potent – my Moon is in Scorpio.

August 6th was unfolding to be just like any other day. My delightful, beautiful 6 year old daughter was being her usual cheeky, energetic self. We had just got home, after being out all day, but, of course she still wasn’t tired!!

Upstairs a door slammed, my 6 year old let out an agonising scream. Her elder sister was in her room, playing music, getting ready to go out, with no idea her sister was outside the door. Luckily she did hear her sister scream, and opened her door immediately, to release her trapped finger.

My 6 year old’s finger was bleeding profusely, her nail hanging off on top, and the tip of her finger hanging off below, my heart dropped – her finger was a horrific mess. All prior plans for the evening vanished in an instant, instead, no question about it, we were off to the hospital.

The local hospital could not deal with it, so we were sent to a bigger one. After a long evening, the diagnosis was she had an open fracture, and the cuts and finger nail would need a specialist to deal with. An appointment was made for the morning at a different hospital, even further away, to see a plastic surgeon, the operation would require a general anaesthetic.

The last thing I wanted to do was put my precious baby girl under or through the experience of a general anaesthetic, no parent does. My head was spinning.

I took her to see the Doctor the next morning, my little girl was so brave, didn’t complain and even studied her wound when the bandage was removed. It looked even more appalling, as so much swelling had occurred, I knew, but still asked the question, is a general really necessary? Although the doctor fully understood my concerns, would not put his own children through a general unless he had to, there was no other way to fix her finger. The operation was booked for the next day, I signed the consent form with a shaking hand.

I know the risks are low – but there is still a risk. As I have said my Moon is in Scorpio, so is my ascendant, I live with an intense awareness and acceptance that death and change are part of life. Death, endings, crisis are all entwined in my life story, have shaped who I am. I find it impossible to disregard, push aside the reality that the fire of life is fragile, can be easily snuffed out – and certainly, at some stage will be.

My thoughts spiralled, what if there were complications? How was my happy, healthy little girl suddenly in harm’s way? We all try to avoid confronting the underlying reality of life, but here it was brought into sharp, painful focus.

The worst moment was when she told me she was scared, and then asked me if she would be ok? I had to reassure her, told her she would be fine, she would just have a little sleep while the doctors fixed her finger, that way she wouldn’t feel it. I wondered if this was her last evening, what if she didn’t come home?

Should I take her? Could I do this?

Dramatic – I know!!!

I trusted the doctors, knew that her finger had to be fixed, but I was terrified of something happening to my precious girl, needed to find the courage and optimism to be strong for her.

So of course, I looked at charts and pulled some cards.

As always, in hindsight, the accident itself was clearly visible. My daughter has a natal Mars square Saturn, which can be indicative of accidents. The new Moon of August 1st aligned with the natal square to form a transiting fixed grand cross. I am always aware of that natal square, she is all Mars at the minute, wilful, brave and fearless, and Saturn’s input is provided externally. I have lost count of the times she has been told to slow down, be careful etc, etc!! – guidance that she generally ignores!!

The new Moon was also conjunct Venus and square Uranus – Venus is in her natal 8th house (surgery) and ruler of her 6th house (health/doctors/healing). Transit Saturn (fractured bones) is retrograde on her natal Mercury (finger), Neptune (hospitals/drugs) is retrograde square her natal Moon (ruler of 3rd/accidents) and transit Mars (accidents/surgery/ruler of 12th -hospitals) was moving to be exactly square her nodes.

Long story short, after studying various charts, I couldn’t see anything seriously alarming.

I then pulled 3 tarot cards – 10 of Pentacles, Justice, and The Sun.

The 10 of Pentacles is about family, our family ties and responsibilities, providing support and care, brings up that the injury happened at home and that her sister was involved. Justice is taking a balanced, reasoned decision, and the sword in her hand relates to the need for surgery – and the Sun is a good outcome!

I thanked the cosmos and the tarot.

We were going to the hospital! I was still nervous, anxious – but I could handle it, provide the support and reassurance my daughter needed.

I won’t lie, watching my daughter sink into unconsciousness was distressing, the 1 hour 40 minute wait while she was in surgery, was agonising. The relief when I was reunited with her in the recovery room was tremendous – my daughter was crying, not herself, very upset, but I knew this would pass, the main thing was her finger had been fixed, and the worst was over.

All the Doctors and Nurses involved in treating my daughters finger were amazing, compassionate and understanding, taking time to explain everything to my daughter and reassure her. I am so grateful to them all.

Now I just have to keep my daughter from doing any further damage to her finger until it is healed – it is bandaged and has a splint on, but… it’s a hard task!!!









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