The Full Moon takes place at 22.05pm at 9 degrees 08′ Aries.

The Full Moon brings a reminder of our individual rights and freedoms. How what we freely gave up for the collective good, may not be so easy to retrieve. The pressures of 2020 are weighing heavily on all of us, with no real solution in sight. Fiery Aries puts us in touch with the courage to battle dispiritedness, and perhaps for some, the assertiveness to stand up for what they believe is truly valuable in life.

Just before the Full Moon – on September 29th – the second exact square between Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn occurs. Saturn also stations direct this day. Mars – ruler of Aries and the lunation – is retrograde. Bestowing a serious, sombre vibe, as actions are curbed or thwarted. The lay of the land in 2020, has put in place new rules to be adhered to – including social distancing and the wearing of masks – affecting how we live, work, socialise and relate to others.

In Aries, the sign of the Conqueror – asserting individual will power – emotional and nurturing Luna is not at her best. The influences in the sky show frustration, anger and harshness, what we sorely need – some love, compassion and justice – is scarce or insufficient.

The Sun is in Libra, a sign connected with relationships. Libra seeks to find harmony and unity with others, excels at diplomacy and mediation. Currently, fear and panic at the crazy, confusing scenarios we are collectively facing -not just the virus, but the fact that inequality and poverty are rife, and increasing – has given rise to hostility.

A divide between those in power and the people. Public arguments as people are shouted at for not wearing masks or humiliated on social media for not following the rules. The possibility that our personal point of view clashes with that of family or friends.

Accentuating all this this, the Full Moon is also conjunct Chiron Rx, and fixed star Algenib.

The second exact square between Mars and Pluto takes place on October 9th. An influence that indicates the abuse of power by authority. The suppression of any information not in line with the official message. Here in the UK, huge fines have been introduced for those not following the rules, and the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has said the military could be called upon to support the Police.

But, equally Mars square Pluto brings the courage and integrity to explore the shadows, uncover what lies beneath. The strength to resist, to struggle against power grabs.

Exasperation with the state of affairs is likely to escalate at this Full Moon. Civil unrest and more protests may follow.



The Moon conjunct Chiron brings a return, an echo, of the astrology of the Spring. The New Moon in Aries on March 24th – as Covid-19 was locking down the world – was also conjunct Chiron. Then, Mars was in Capricorn – at 25 degrees, where Saturn is currently stationary direct – conjunct Jupiter and Pluto.

This Full Moon, as it falls closest to the Autumnal Equinox, is also the Harvest Moon. At the harvest we reap what has been sown. In keeping with this, the New Moon in March was the seed, this Full Moon is the harvest.

In March, the atmosphere was compassionate, a unified desire to look after each other, a sense of togetherness as we faced Covid-19. Now, there is discontent, a rebellious atmosphere, as old wounds fester and new wounds are imposed.

In myth, Chiron experienced being both rejected and wounded. But, Chiron’s connection with both nature and the cosmos – he had extensive knowledge of herbs and astrology, hence, he was renowned for his skills as a healer and tutor – generates healing. Ultimately, Chiron sacrificed his immortality to end his pain, and free Prometheus.

Over the last 6 months, what we have learnt about our wounds, our vulnerabilities, what we wish to heal or how we have addressed our pain, is looking to be acknowledged, bought to light. Chiron encourages us to resolve difficulties, to utilise what we have learnt. In the sky, Chiron (most of the time) orbits between Saturn and Uranus – Chiron is the link between the past (Saturn) and the future (Uranus). With that in mind, the actions we take now, are creating the future.

The third exact sextile between Jupiter and Neptune is on October 12th. Jupiter sextile Neptune could help to infuse some compassion, sensitivity, kindness and optimism into tense, inflammed situations. We are all tired and weary, longing for some of the pressure to release, and here, is a chance of some support or a boost to our morale.

Fixed Star ~ Algenib

Algenib is a white star in the Pegasus Constellation, that marks the tip of the Winged Horse’s wing.

Of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives notoriety, dishonour, violence, misfortune, and denotes the naked and poor professional beggar.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E Robson

With Moon ~ “dishonour, loss by scandal, exiled or forced to flee, ill-health, trouble through writings” ~ Robson

The Pegasus Syndrome, as exemplified in the legends of Perseus and Bellerophon, is concerned with the innate ability possessed by some people to negotiate difficulties by rising above them, on the one hand, and the danger of overreaching themselves on the other. …the Pegasus Syndrome is the seeming ability to “fly over any situation” though the reverse may be a lesson in humility, being “taken down a peg” as it were.” ~ Rich’s Pegopedia

Mercury Retrograde

Notably – with Algenib having a Mars-Mercury nature – Mercury is currently in Scorpio, the domicile of Mars.

Mercury is currently in the pre-shadow phase of the retrograde, and will be retrograde from October 14th (11 40′ Scorpio) to November 3rd (25 54′ Libra) – simultaneously – Mars is retrograde in Aries (direct on November 14th).

Simplistically, Mercury is our thoughts, Mars our actions – the need to think deeply, carefully consider our options – before taking action, is essential to navigating the times ahead. In Scorpio, Mercury will be drawn to research, digging deep to investigate information. To discover the source, the truth. Potentially exposing us to knowledge that differs from the official narrative. Alters our perspective.

Intensifying this, Mercury in Scorpio will be opposite Uranus in Taurus three times –

  • October 7th
  • October 20th
  • November 17th

This suggests out of the blue news, or information materialising. Surprising, shocking or even scandalous. As such, it could generate some anxious thoughts, leave us feeling slightly on edge.

The North Node is currently in Gemini, bringing a focus to information. At this stage, what is certain, is that influential facts or findings are on the horizon – some truth and clarity. This may lead to adjustments in our thoughts, as well as reveal strategies to manoeuvre around obstacles – compromises and ways forward. Keep an open mind, and be ready to flow with changes.


The Full Moon takes place in the 1st Decan of Aries, ruled by Mars in both planetary rulership schemes. The corresponding tarot card is the 2 of  Wands.

Aries Decan I – “the image of a black man, with a large and restless body, having red eyes and with an axe in his hand … This is a face of strength, high rank and wealth without shame.” ~ PICATRIX

As Mars also rules the whole sign of Aries the 2 of  Wands is all about the fiery, bold and courageous energy of Mars – Mars likes to kick start action, be in control and master of his realm. Mars will also instantly spring into action to defend and protect himself or others, whenever he thinks it is necessary. In the Tarot Mars is The Tower card and Aries is The Emperor so the 2 of  Wands brings themes from both together.

Book T calls this card “Dominion”

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a well dressed man, holding a globe in his right hand looking out to sea. The Man holds one wand in his left hand, a second wand is upright to the right of him.

This card promotes preparation. The two rods represent two different aspects, or views of the situation, and a suggestion to consider other possibilities before taking action. Like other two’s, it calls our attention to the seeming polarity between the mundane or worldly (the globe) and the spiritual (the wand). We must learn to live with both.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 207


Top Image by KT on Unsplash

2 of Wands from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter


Fixed Star ~

The Complete Picatrix, translated by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock

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