Venus is love, beauty, along with what we want and desire.

Saturn’s expertise is in guiding us to use our time wisely. To understand the necessity of planning and organisation, discipline and commitment, along with a zest for hard work to enable attainment of enduring and satisfying results.

Venus Trine/Sextile Saturn

Venus and Saturn both have rulership over earth and air signs, Taurus/Libra and Capricorn/Aquarius respectively.

Both can be materially acquisitive, but have differing perspectives. Venus loves beautiful, luxurious possessions and surroundings. Saturn likes to build security and status, and demonstrates this through worldly assets. Venus has a pure delight in the treasure itself, for Saturn, the satisfaction lies in the achievement – the attainment and ownership of treasure.

Relationships are another area that Venus and Saturn share an interest in, but again have different emphases. It’s easy to see why, if we consider that Venus signifies women, whereas Saturn can be our parents, especially the father, our teachers, our boss – in fact, any authority figure in life! Venus, is about love, sex, our friendships, being charming, diplomatic or flirtatious with others, a concern with being loved and liked. Saturn is about the underlying structure of relationships – his main objective is the rules to be followed and any lessons that need to be learnt, to achieve and maintain order and responsibility within them. Of course, Saturn is unperturbed if he is disliked!

This correlation is further made evident by the fact Saturn is exalted in Libra, one of the signs ruled by Venus. Libra is symbolised by the scales, representing equilibrium and justice, and is associated with the law, the task of seeking balanced, fair and just outcomes.

trine is considered a positive aspect, and indicates ease and flow in the relationship between planets, no effort is needed to manifest the energies involved. A sextile is also quite harmonious, it encourages and brings the opportunity to manifest the energies, but they require more work to produce results

Venus trine/sextile Saturn means Venus will help soothe and relax Saturn, and Saturn will shape and provide form to all Venusian endeavours.

With Venus trine or sextile Saturn natives are likely to be loyal, trustworthy and display a fine sense of fairness and compromise. All relationships – social, friendship, family and love, will be valued and approached in a genuine and respectful manner. Love relationships will likely be a priority and taken very seriously. There could be an attraction to older, successful partners (Saturn), and any potential partners will be carefully considered, but once committed to a relationship natives will aim for it to be strong and long-term.

These aspects may bestow an artistic or creative talent (Venus) with an ability to work towards bringing it to life, giving it form (Saturn), along with a desire to keep improving and developing this talent. Personal appearance and style are likely an important consideration, meaning a good deal of effort, attention and care will be taken.

Money and investments should also be fortunate, an inclination to slowly and sensibly work towards obtaining material security, to be self-controlled rather than extravagant with their finances.

Family values and bonds are likely to be strong. In someway family may also be a source of support and assistance, possibly smoothing the path of life by providing inherited talent, status, financial assistance or parents who give loving guidance and encouragement.



Jay Kay 0 01′, Yannick Noah 0 04′, Marine Le Pen 0 10′, Khloe Kardashian 0 12′, John Dee 0 12′, Tina Turner 0 17′, Bette Midler 0 25′, Heinrich Himmler 0 27′, Rod Stewart 0 31′, Joan of Arc 0 39′, Paloma Picasso 0 40′, Halle Berry 0 49′, Dodi Fayed 0 53′, Athina Onassis Roussel 0 59′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1 05′, Zara Tindall 1 33′, John Cena 1 33′, Vivian Leigh 1 47′, Sean Penn 2 02′, Michael Jackson 2 03′, Simon Cowell 2 26′ , Tiger Woods 2 34′, Nicole Kidman 2 53′, Romeo Beckham 3 21′, Diana, Princess of Wales 3 24′


Steve Jobs 0 00′ Monica Lewinsky 0 30′ Salmon Rushdie 0 33′ Paul Newman 0 42′ Manly Palmer Hall 0 43′ Grace Kelly 0 45′ Agatha Christie 0 45′ Dame Judi Dench 0 57′ Gwyneth Paltrow 1 06′ Bruce Springsteen 1 13′ Sigmund Freud 1 21′ Natasha Richardson 1 36′ Paul Cezanne 1 38′


The signs and planets all have rich and varied mythological stories spun around them. Exploring mythology, using the tales as tools, helps enhance understanding and insight into the astrology.

In Greek Mythology Aphrodite (Venus) was born when Kronos (Saturn) castrated his father Ouranos (Uranus). Gaia – Mother Earth, and Uranus – the Starry Sky, were Saturn’s parents, and it was Gaia who persuaded Saturn to castrate Uranus. Gaia was upset, angry, and in pain, due to Uranus imprisoning some of their children within her body – Uranus had become tyrannical and fearful they may take away his power. Gaia had hidden Saturn away from Uranus, waited for him to grow strong, then armed him with a sickle.

The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn: Giorgio Vasari

Saturn lay patiently in wait, and when Uranus came to make love with Gaia, leapt out and severed his testicles. We can certainly see why Saturn is considered dutiful, a careful planner, and ambitious. However, once Saturn had gained power, he also feared losing it – and goes on to repeat his father’s behaviour.

Saturn is time, boundaries, limits – what’s real. Uranus is the sky, limitless possibilities – what’s ideal. Their clash, involving bloodshed and mutilation, produces the living embodiment of love – Venus. When Saturn cuts off Uranus’ testicles, they fall in the ocean, where his creative seed gives birth to Venus; who emerges fully grown from the sea, riding on a seashell – famously depicted by Botticelli in The Birth of Venus.

The Birth of Venus: Sandro Botticelli

When we consider Venus, this tale conveys deep symbolic meaning. Uranus was full of love and desire for Gaia when he met his fate – Venus, birthed at this moment is suffused with love, creativity, and inspiration, and capable of igniting this within all that she touches.


VENUS ~ The Empress
SATURN ~ The World


Top Image ~ Alice Alinari on Unsplash



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