The New Moon takes place at 11.37am BST on August 30th at 6 degrees 47 Virgo.

All the personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, are forming a stellium. Are all clustered together over the span of 2-11 degrees Virgo.

Juno, the signifier of relationships, is also there at 2 degrees 53′ Virgo. The new Moon is conjunct Mars and trine Uranus. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and the new Moon – which combined with the unusual concentration of celestial energy, all in one place, decisively accentuates earth sign Virgo themes.

It suggests we are going to be motivated (Mars), energised to work harder, put precise, practical plans in place. Seek to upgrade and make improvements in all areas (partnerships/communications/finances/health). Uranus is going to add effervescence, amplify the impulse to change things, in unusual and original ways.

New Moon meaning

The Sun and Moon are conjunct, at the start of a new cycle. A new Moon indicates we could be initiating, putting in place changes – commencing something brand new or refreshing, spicing up a habitual routine. Its a time to sow seeds – new ideas, goals or approaches in life.

manifestation magic!

New Moons are used for manifestation magic, ritually setting intentions for something to grow and increase – this one looks especially potent. It’s a fantastic time to plant our dreams and vision of the future, having first done the ground work, making sure they have strong roots and that we are placing them in fertile soil, then continue to faithfully nurture them.


This New Moon emphasises earth energy, all the planets except Jupiter (fire) and Neptune ((water) are in earth signs.

The new Moon is trine Uranus indicating we may find bringing about change easy, exciting and stimulating. Innovation and inspiration may strike, an idea or possibly a chance encounter with someone that leads somewhere beneficial. We are going to be seeking freedom from old ways of doing things – whilst aiming for real, tangible results (Virgo).

Uranus is independent, self-sufficient, but simultaneously cares about the world and equality for all. Virgo likes to care for and protect others. Collectively we could be looking more closely at how we treat each other, the earth and all her inhabitants – not just mankind.

On a personal level, we may strive to – assist others however we can, consider what we purchase and how it was produced (the Amazon rainforest is burning). As well as increase our attentiveness and devotion to our animals. Virgo is associated with small animals, our desire to love and look after them. Uranus symbolises wild animals, and is currently romping through Taurus, the sign of the farmer.

Jupiter square Neptune

The stellium of planets in Virgo will all go on to trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, but a T-square is also formed as they will square Jupiter in Sagittarius, and oppose Neptune in Pisces. 2019 features 3 exact squares between Jupiter and Neptune – the last one is on September 21st at 16 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.

As I have previously said about Jupiter square Neptune:

Inspiring, enticing possibilities may come to mind or be offered up. Our vision of the imaginable is increased, could spark and ignite dreams and creativity of all kinds. Along with a tantalising encouragement to seek out insight and guidance from the mystical realms.”

Jupiter square Neptune is flavouring 2019 with big dreams, our wish to materialise some magic in our lives. The stellium of planets in Virgo, were recently in Leo and one by one, all of them formed a trine with Jupiter – firing up our dreams and creativity. This New Moon, pushes us to act, work towards our dreams. But, the T- square will potentially illustrate, where we may trip up, or run into problems, especially if we have floated too far from reality on our creative cloud. Jupiter could incline us to be a tad lazy, overconfident, meaning we may take a gamble when we shouldn’t. Neptune highlights where we could be deluding ourselves or be a victim of someone’s deceit or dishonesty.

Any potential problems can be alleviated by continuing to work hard, whilst keeping an eye on all the details (trine Saturn/Pluto).

Collectively, the T-square could show information coming to light, that previously has been concealed or disregarded, that instigates strong opinions, judgement, that eventually leads to justice. The Jeffery Epstein scandal comes to mind.

Fixed Star ~ Thuban

The New Moon and Mars are conjunct the fixed star Thuban at 7 degrees 43 Virgo. Lying in constellation Draco – the Dragon, Thuban is also known as the “Dragon’s Tail” (the South Node). Thuban has also been related to Tiamat, the Dragon of Babylonian creation mythology – Tiamat is the mother of all that exists. Thuban was of great significance to the ancients, as it was the pole star between roughly 4,500 – 2000 BCE.

Bernadette Brady relates Thuban to treasure, Dragons guard and protect treasure – both material and spiritual. Thuban can bring a tendency to cling fiercely and tightly to treasure, a difficulty with sharing combined with an underlying concern about treasure being depleted or exhausted.

Treasure appears in multiple guises – material resources, creativity, information. Thuban can also provide encouragement to look beyond the surface glitter. To find spiritual meaning – to make sure the treasure is truly valuable, along with sharing treasure with others.

Tarot ~ 8 of Pentacles

The new Moon takes place in the first decan of Virgo, ruled by the Sun (Mercury by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 8 of Pentacles.

The Sun here beneficially enhances Virgo’s meticulous, dedication to perfection. Mercury is also visible in the craftsman’s skill and dexterity with his hands.

Book T refers to this card as “Prudence.”

The Rider Waite Smith card depicts a craftsman, generally understood to be an apprentice, hard at work. The man is engraving a pentacle – he is literally making money. We can see how industrious he is, as 7 completed pentacles are on display. The city in the background connects him with, and shows his contribution to society.

“The Eight of Pentacles represents the effort involved in mastering skills or harnessing energy and then using them to their best advantage. It takes discipline and often tedious, repetitious practice to hone our abilities and talents, this card reminds us. The artisan symbolises the intrinsic value of working hard and persistently to form a better society for all to enjoy. Contributing to our community promotes inner growth and assures us of our connection with the whole of life.” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 129


Top Image ~ Unsplash

8 of Pentacles from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter




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