Venus and Mars are conjunct on August 24th, at 4 degrees 07′ Virgo. Venus-Mars conjunctions are not unusual, but equally, they don’t come around everyday.

Venus-Mars Conjunction Dates ~ Past & Ahead

The last one was ~ October 5th 2017  ~ 19 degrees 07′ Virgo

The next one is ~ July 21st 2021 ~ 19 degrees 48′ Leo

Venus-Mars Conjunction in Virgo

This conjunction emphasises that our aims, whatever we are passionate about – Venus and Mars, we are going to be working harder, being extra diligent in our efforts to attain  – Virgo.

Venus and Mars have been travelling through Leo, Mars arrives in Virgo on August 18th, Venus on August 21st. Leo has put the spotlight on fun, play, holidays, relaxation, love, along with our creative potential.

Venus-Mars ~ Influences

Both Venus and Mars have strong impulses, Venus to love, Mars to action and assertiveness.

Love, Action and Assertiveness – combines, blends to bestow, passion – not only romantically, but in all manner of ways. Passion is intense emotions, love, enthusiasm, anger and hate – passion is required to follow and pursue our dreams. Venus and Mars can denote creativity and motivation, peace and war, meaning we can be so intent, love doing something so much, that even if we have to fight for it, overcome difficulties, we are going to do it anyway!!

Leo of course, is also rather a passionate sign! So during Leo season an inner flame may have been ignited, either creatively or romantically. There is also the possibility that we have recently been tempted to overindulge in luxuries, bringing about an increase in our waistline or a diminished bank balance, maybe both!

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in Virgo, shows that now, we need to focus on Virgo’s inclination to be realistic, practical, think things through and put some work in – If the creative genie has  granted you an amazing, inspiring idea, that you are passionate about, how do you put this in motion? bring it to life? Transforming a romantic entanglement into something more serious, takes commitment and dedication – are you prepared to do that?

Virgo also draws our attention to our health and fitness – the body beautiful. Venus likes to look good and Mars is our will-power. We may discover some determination to put a new regime in place, overhaul our diet, join a gym or re-think our look. Venus is also connected with our finances, if our bank balance is looking sparse, due to a little bit of splurging, now is the time we may resolve to get on task, be purposeful about restoring some order.

Virgo season is also harvest time, there is the possibility that something we started around the last Venus/Mars conjunction – October 2017 – is now starting to ripen and reward us in someway. It could simultaneously suggest we will be polishing it up, improving it in one way or another.


Venus is in her fall in Virgo. Overall Venus does not function at her best in Virgo, she gets a bit fixated on perfection, what needs improving. While Venus’s criticism may be constructive, she may overlook what is already flourishing. Remember to balance any criticism, by reminding yourself of what is good, what you or others do effortlessly.

In Virgo, Mars likes putting energy into sorting out the finer points or technicalities, finds it easy to get into a routine. But, may get readily irritated if others neglect or disregard details. Become nagging rather than demanding, verbally sharp and cutting, but without any raised decibels – a bit pedantic. Try to relax about the small stuff – don’t let it become a huge issue.

Venus and Mars square Ceres at 4 degrees Sagittarius. Ceres is about nurture, nourishment but also pain and loss, ups and downs. In Sagittarius, our vision of the future, our dreams, may bring up issues with our self-esteem, make us feel vulnerable, question our abilities or attractiveness (Venus square Ceres). We could also feel a need to defend or protect our endeavours (Mars square Ceres). Seek to keep the emphasis on the positive, strive for inner belief and confidence, along with supporting and encouraging others in their initiatives.

Venus and Mars are quincunx Chiron Rx at 5 degrees Aries. This suggests any perceived inadequacies we have about ourselves, what we feel we lack, may come to the surface, be exaggerated. Venus, what we want, desire most and Mars our will-power, ambitions could, for some, bring or increase a tendency to get hung up, obsessed with perfection. Be kind to yourself and others, focus on where you shine and what’s attainable to achieve.

Venus and Mars are also trine Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus, this suggests a surprising, unexpected insight or encounter could that lead somewhere beneficial. Venus and Mars will go on to trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, indicating the potential that we are or could be working towards – building, achieving something of substance – something sustaining and advantageous for the future.

There will be obstacles, but by paying attention to all the details, working hard and focusing on the future, – Saturn will conjunct Pluto on January 12th 2020 – along with helping others do the same – Virgo loves to be of service, we can possibly avoid many dilemmas and hindrances, and find ourselves, and the world, in a more satisfying, favourable place.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd, Mercury on August 29th. Followed by a new Moon on August 30th, that with a stellium of planets all clustered together – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars – decisively accentuates earth sign Virgo themes, and more than that, is suggestive that it will be personally felt by all of us.



VENUS ~ The Empress
MARS ~ The Tower
Virgo ~ The Hermit


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