The New Moon takes place at 4.11am BST on August 1st at 8 degrees 37′ Leo.

Mercury stations direct, just after, at 4.58am at 23 degrees 57 Cancer, opposite Pluto, and triggering the July 16th lunar eclipse degree. This suggests meaningful, revealing news or communications, that instantly sharpens our thoughts, possibly prompting us to alter our course or take action.

The new Moon is conjunct Venus and square Uranus. So, the information could touch on relationships or finances, be sudden, and bring unease or excitability.

The new Moon and Venus are also trine Chiron Rx (Aries/5 degrees 43′), offering us a stepping stone towards soothing or overcoming, an inner fear or insecurity.

New Moon Meaning

The Sun and Moon are conjunct, at the start of a new cycle. A new Moon indicates we could be initiating something brand new or putting in place changes – refreshing, spicing up a habitual routine.

It’s a time to sow seeds – new ideas, goals or approaches in life.


The new Moon takes place in Leo, ruled by the Sun, so it’s going to be coloured by bold, dramatic, theatrical behaviour and goings-on.

The new Moon is conjunct Venus, which is lovely for social gatherings and parties. We may enjoy mingling and repartee with others, perhaps getting all glammed up for a special occasion.

Our own creativity may get a boost, along with a desire for fun and entertainment – for some, it may even encourage a craving to be the centre of attention! We may tend towards treating ourselves, show a lack of financial restraint – both Venus and Leo love pleasure and luxuries!

The new Moon and Venus are square Uranus. This brings a sense of needing to shake things up, to encounter excitement and exhilaration, a need to feel independent and free. Our creative inspiration could be sparked, an idea we just have to set in motion!

Relationships may form that are unanticipated, impulsive, an instant connection, but, equally, established relationships may abruptly end. Finances could be unanticipatedly up or down, a surprise windfall or an unforeseen bill.

With Uranus prominent, we could be either invigorated or agitated by the events that this new Moon sets in motion. The new Moon is also trine Chiron – so no matter what we face, ultimately it’s going to be of assistance, perhaps enhancing and improving our self-confidence and sense of worth.


Tarot ~ 5 of Wands

The New Moon takes place in the first decan or face of Leo, ruled by Saturn. The corresponding tarot card is the 5 of Wands.

Leo is a fire sign, about creativity, fun and play, ruled by the Sun – the centre of our solar system. The corresponding tarot card for Leo is Strength, that symbolises courage, daring and an abundance of self-confidence.

Leo’s can be flamboyant and love the spotlight, allowing traits of self-importance and arrogance to possibly show. Saturn is about self-discipline and the rules, the structure of  -The World – the tarot card that corresponds with Saturn.

The Rider Waite Smith card depicts five young men, each holding a wand, engaging in what at first glance looks like a fight. Their outfits are various colours and styles, indicating their different personalities.

However, the sky is blue and cloudless, they are standing on firm ground, their faces do not look angry and three of them are looking upwards, implying they are possibly, more interested in spiritual ideas, than individual character traits.

The fives in a tarot deck indicate chaos and change, the 5 of wands adds fire, further heating and stimulating situations. Change is maybe necessary, and can be exciting, inducing a sense of adventure and challenge.

The 5 of Wands shows vitality and boisterous energy that needs releasing through healthy competition. By engaging in dispute and debate, the five young men might, through joining forces, learn the value of adjusting to changed plans or goals, and in the process expand their creative resources, increase their skills and acquire new abilities.

The 5 of Wands also alerts us to the fact, that if conflicts can’t be settled, it could lead to nastiness, even violence. The 5 Wands also signify aspects of our personalities, that possibly we are struggling to put into order, impose some self-discipline on.

The 5 of wands – “symbolises the inner, and sometimes outer, battle we all engage in as we strive to reformulate plans and improve our behaviour” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson ~ page 214


5 of Wands from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter


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