Jupiter Square Neptune is in aspect throughout much of 2019 flavouring it with big dreams, desire for spiritual wisdom and a touch of mystical fog to blur the details and add a hint of confusion.

Jupiter is in his own abode, Sagittarius, Neptune is in his, Pisces, which of course is also Jupiter’s home from home! This means there is a clarity, purity and potency to their influence.

The dates of the exact square are

January 13th ~ Sagittarius/Pisces ~ 14 degrees

June 16th ~ Sagittarius/Pisces ~ 18 degrees (Jupiter Rx)

September 21st ~ Sagittarius/Pisces ~ 16 degrees (Neptune Rx)

Jupiter is concerned with both the spiritual and the material. Jupiter can appear in the guise of the priest, the philosopher, the wealthy and the elite. Jupiter will cheerfully help us seek meaning, wisdom, accumulate money and influence. If it feels good, expansive or elevating, Jupiter is happy to be of assistance.

Neptune is otherworldly, the magical and mystical. Dreams and fantasies, creative power, spiritual vision and enhancement. Along with of course a susceptibility to a distortion of reality, belief in illusions and delusions.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are indifferent, oblivious to details and practicalities, not an area of expertise for either of them!

Inspiring, enticing possibilities may come to mind or be offered up. Our vision of the imaginable is increased, could spark and ignite dreams and creativity of all kinds. Along with a tantalising encouragement to seek out insight and guidance from the mystical realms. As well as, in some measure, potential for overindulgence and the desire to escape the chaos and madness of the world in whatever way works.

While the square is considered a stressful aspect bestowing difficulties and tension, much can be gained here if we work with it appropriately. Pursuing dreams that enhance and improve our lives, just keep them attainable, aspiring for meaning and understanding of the unseen forces at work in life whilst avoiding delusions and keeping an eye on any addictive impulses.

Saturn is also in aspect with both Jupiter and Neptune during 2019. Saturn brings us the opportunity and scope to materialise our dreams and curb any excess if we pay attention to his responsible and disciplined approach.



JUPITER ~The Wheel of Fortune

NEPTUNE ~The Hanged Man






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