Mercury Cazimi

Traditional astrologers term a planet between zero and 17 minutes from the Sun “Cazimi” which means “In the Heart of the Sun.” At this time the planet is greatly strengthened, Mercury literally has the ear of the King, the Sun. All Mercurial activities are literally sprinkled with magic during this brief period! Use this moment to focus, and be decisive, about your plans and intentions. If you need to sign a contract, write something important or have a crucial conversation try and time it to coincide with Mercury Cazimi, which is approximately 3 hours either side of the exact conjunction.

Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury

On May 21st 2019 the Sun, and Mercury, both enter Gemini virtually simultaneously. Mercury then catches up the Sun for a quick meeting, formally known as their superior conjunction, before surging ahead.

This is an important moment in Mercury’s journey around the Sun, comparable to a Full Moon. Each Mercury cycle is about 4 months long, and begins with the inferior conjunction when Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun, which is similar in effect to a New Moon.

This Mercury cycle began with the inferior conjunction on March 15th 2019 at 24 degrees Pisces. So there could be a connection between then and now, especially if 24 Pisces or 0 Gemini touch a planet or angle in your chart.

Sun enters Gemini ~ 8.59 am BST

Mercury enters Gemini ~ 11.52 am BST

Sun conjunct Mercury 0 degrees Gemini ~ 2.07 pm BST

The Superior conjunction is the peak of the Mercury cycle, the potentials of the Inferior conjunction begin to develop, and be revealed, instigating opportunities to gain clarity and meaning from what has materialised.

This means mind [Mercury] is illuminated by life [Sun] and self-expression [Sun] is inspired by wisdom [Mercury]. Information is flowing swiftly, either messages and news from outer sources or thoughts and ideas from inner, subconcious origins, that could bring different ways of looking at the past or creative plans for the future.

Basically mind [Mercury] and self-expression [Sun] align.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so is powerful, assured and of course incredibly eloquent. All styles of communication are going to be accelerated, at times possibly gathering such momentum that they may seem almost instantaneous!

The conjunction occuring at the beginning of the sign, in the 1st decan or face suggests future orientated progress and enhancement. New impressions and impulses may arise, that offer fresh or alternative, possibilities and choices, evolving or expanding the original focus. Likewise, insight into any obstacles or restrictions may lead to moments of duh, why didn’t I see/think of that before?!!


Tarot correspondences

Sun ~ The Sun

Mercury ~ The Magician

Gemini ~ The Lovers





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