Mercury Cazimi

Traditionally any planet within 8 degrees of the Sun is “Combust” weakened by the heat and brightness of the Sun. But a planet between zero and 17 minutes from the Sun is termed “Cazimi” which means “In the Heart of the Sun.” This moment is advantageous and full of promise, the planet is greatly strengthened by the Sun in all his glory.

 At this time Mercury literally has the ear of the King, the Sun. All Mercurial activities – words, writing, conversations, decisions and intentions – are literally sprinkled with magic during this brief period! Use this moment to focus, and be decisive, about your plans and intentions. If you need to sign a contract, write something important or have a crucial conversation try and time it to coincide with Mercury Cazimi, which is approximately 3 hours either side of the exact conjunction.

The Mercury Cycle & the Superior and Inferior Conjunctions with the Sun

There are two types of Sun-Mercury conjunctions, when Mercury is in direct motion it is a Superior Conjunction, and when Mercury is retrograde it is an Inferior Conjunction. 

Mercury symbolises mind, and the Sun life, the Mercury cycle describes how we create and navigate the twists and turns of life, how we learn and evolve through our experiences. When Mercury conjuncts the Sun, it is an opportunity for us to evaluate the past, the present moment as well as look to the future – what we would like to create and bring to fruition. Each Mercury cycle is about 4 months long, and begins with the Inferior Conjunction when Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun. The Inferior Conjunction is similar in effect to a New Moon, a new start or approach to life emerges.

Inferior Conjunction

At the Inferior Conjunction, Mercury is retrograde and mind is looking backwards to the past as well as inwards. By looking back to the past, how prior scenarios unfolded and our handling of them, new insights and different perspectives can arise. 

Superior Conjunction 

The Superior Conjunction is comparable to a Full Moon – is the peak of the Mercury cycle. The potentials of the Inferior Conjunction begin to be fully revealed, start to materialise. Instigating opportunities to gain clarity as well as the possibility of something important being highlighted to pave the way for further progress.

This means mind [Mercury] is illuminated by life [Sun] and self-expression [Sun] is inspired by wisdom [Mercury]. Information is flowing swiftly, either messages and news from outer sources or thoughts and ideas from inner, subconscious origins, that could bring different ways of looking at the past or creative plans for the future.

Basically mind [Mercury] and self-expression [Sun] align. A turning point is reached, the past and the future begin to part, feel disconnected. After the Superior Conjunction Mercury (mind) travels ahead of the Sun (life), meaning thoughts and messages are influenced by ideas and plans for the future. As Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun, at that point Mercury will once again begin to slow, pause and turn retrograde to meet up with the Sun at the Inferior Conjunction for another chance to review and analyse all that has transpired. 



SUN ~ The Sun

MERCURY ~ The Magician




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