Saturn is sextile Neptune throughout 2019.

Saturn is also semi-sextile Jupiter. Infusing Saturn’s influence, some guiding and shaping, into the scenarios concocted and envisioned by – Jupiter Square Neptune ~ 2019

Saturn sextile Neptune ~ dates

January 31st ~ Capricorn/Pisces ~ 15 degrees

June 18th ~ Capricorn/Pisces ~ 19 degrees

November 9th ~ Capricorn/Pisces ~ 16 degrees

Saturn & Pluto

Saturn is in his home sign of Capricorn, meaning a pure and clear portrayal of his characteristics. Also travelling through Capricorn are Pluto and the south node of the Moon, accentuating his innate serious and authoritative demeanour. In fact there are probably rather momentous discussions and plans being made as Saturn and Pluto build up to their exact conjunction on 12th January 2020.

Pluto will intensify Saturn’s structuring and authoritative influence. Saturn will give substance to Pluto’s intent and purpose of purging and bringing transformation, one way or another.

Saturn ~ lord of time

An essential principle of Saturn is time, he is known as the Lord of Time. Saturn also likes to build, and teach us how to build. It takes time to build something worthwhile and meaningful, whether it is an actual object, a plan coming to fruition or inner wisdom gained through experience.

Saturn’s expertise is in guiding us to use our time wisely, to understand the necessity of planning and organisation, having discipline and commitment and a zest for hard work to attain enduring and satisfying results.

Allowing Saturn to mentor and advise us, sort out what’s viable and realistic, from the magical and seemingly limitless possibilities Jupiter and Neptune are dazzling us with could result in something truly special and valuable.

The collaboration of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node indicates the need for something to be released, let go of. This could perhaps be a relationship, a situation or a habitual thought pattern or attitude. Whatever it is no longer serves a purpose, and to move on we have to liberate ourselves.

2019 sees Jupiter and Neptune providing the dream, the ideal, Saturn offering the tools to make it workable and Pluto clearing the way.



JUPITER ~  The Wheel of Fortune

SATURN ~ The World

NEPTUNE ~The Hanged Man 

PLUTO ~ Death


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