The New Moon takes place on May 11th, 19.59 BST at 21° 17′.

The New Moon is conjunct Lilith, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto.

Not just one, but two Yod’s – or Fingers of God – feature in the New Moon chart. Furthermore, Mars in Cancer is also exactly square Chiron in Aries.

Importantly, whilst New Moon’s are all about beginnings, as the following lunation is a Lunar Eclipse – on May 26th at 5° 25′ Sagittarius – the New Moon may well mark the start of an ending. It is also possible that whatever starts or ends now, does not reach a finale or fully come to fruition until the next lunation in Taurus – a Lunar Eclipse – on November 19th at 27° 14′ Taurus.

The picture depicted by the chart is one of awareness emerging around where we feel hurt, frustrated, angry, not quite good enough or different to others. Which paves the way for the favourable sextile to Neptune, and trine to Pluto, to encourage and guide us towards positive change and transformation.

This New Moon invites us to get in touch with what is truly important in life, of value about ourselves, and supports us to take steps towards manifesting something that cultivates an enhanced sense of peace and security within us.



The New Moon is opening the way for change; heralds the start of eclipse season and unites with the potent energy of Saturn Square Uranus ~ 2021 – in orb throughout 2021 – an influence which underlines that change is in the air, and on the horizon.

Notably, Saturn and Uranus are part of the two Yods influential in the chart. One Yod has Saturn sextile the South Node of the Moon, with both quincunx Mars. The other is in actuality a Boomerang Yod, it has Mars sextile Uranus, with both quincunx the South Node (the Yod) – and additionally, opposite the apex of the Yod (the South Node), is Mercury conjunct the North Node (the Boomerang).

The connection of Saturn, Uranus, Mars and the Nodes suggests a desire to do something, or the courage to take action, being stirred up. A wish to be free of, or let go of, something from the past (South Node), so the future is unencumbered by what is no longer rewarding or appropriate.

Importantly, with Mercury conjunct the North Node (the future), and at the focal point of the Boomerang Yod, taking time to evaluate and analyse our thoughts, ideas and actions, clarify our way forwards before doing anything, is advisable.

This however may not be easy, as both Mercury and Mars are currently Out of Bounds and parallel each other by declination. Perhaps driving a need to speak out or provoke confrontations. Fixed Star Capulus, the closest star to the New Moon, also has a Mars-Mercury nature. Capulus is “in the hilt of the sword” of Perseus who slayed Medusa, and there may be something we wish to – metaphorically – slay.

The New Moon’s sextile to Neptune puts us in touch with our imaginations and intuition, calls attention to both creative and spiritual energy. Reminds us that there is more to life than the material. Favourably enhancing this further, just after the New Moon – on May 13th – Jupiter enters Pisces!

Whilst Neptune is considered the modern ruler of Pisces – Jupiter is the traditional ruler. Jupiter will be in a place of strength for the first time since December 2019 (when he entered Capricorn) and free of the restraints imposed by Saturn.

Jupiter in Pisces is one of the most encouraging transits of 2021. Jupiter in Pisces will bestow a loving, compassionate, comforting influence. An ambience we can lean into, to find hope, vision and support. Help us discover or restore some faith and meaning in life.

Fixed Star ~ Capulus

The closest fixed star is Capulus in the Constellation Perseus at 24° 28 Taurus. Capulus is a star cluster in the sword hand of the hero, Perseus – who slayed Medusa, killed the sea monster Cetus and rescued Andromeda.

Constellation Perseus

The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena. When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others.” ~ Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan 


Ptolemy says that “the nebula, in the hilt of the sword” is like Mars and Mercury. Indicating that for a successful outcome, action (Mars) has to be combined with cleverness, strategy or cunning (Mercury).

It causes blindness or defective eyesight.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian Robson

(All star clusters or nebula are associated with blindness).

Like most star clusters they are traditionally malefic… What seems to have been missed by the old school is that Capulous (and Algol) each have a very positive side to them. That sword did remove a monstrosity from our world, and the monstrosity’s head did in its turn rescue Andromeda – and by the same token, all of us – from yet another monster of great evil.” ~ The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse

Tarot ~ 7 of Pentacles

The New Moon takes place in the 3rd Decan/Face of Taurus ruled by Saturn (in both systems), and without doubt the imprint of Saturn is conspicuous here. The corresponding tarot card is the 7 of Pentacles. The 7 of Pentacles gathers together the influence of both The World which is the tarot card that corresponds with Saturn, and The Hierophant which corresponds with Taurus.

In the 7 of Pentacles whilst success is within reach, hard work does not guarantee it, and there may well be obstacles and adversity to navigate along the way (Saturn!). It may even, at times, feel like things are somehow fated to go wrong. But striving for success can set in motion lessons that contribute to valuable skills   – focus, commitment, foresight, modesty, humility and wisdom.

For successful results, the Saturnine principles of planning, dedication and patience are required. Alongside, The Hierophant  – which means “revealer of sacred things” – calls attention to the link between the spiritual and the worldly. The Hierophant is a spiritual advisor, wise about the order of the cosmos and the inescapable dance between fate and free will. Calling attention to our spiritual and material values. That we are a part of the cosmos, and the cosmos is bound by spiritual laws – that must be followed to attain success.

The choice of what action to take is key, as well as taking care to keep looking ahead, to ensure that any potential trouble spots are avoided or at least moderated.

Book T calls this card “Success Unfulfilled”.

Taurus III ~ a man of reddish complexion with large white teeth exposed outside of his mouth, and a body like an elephant with long legs; and there ascends with him one horse, one dog, and one calf. This is a face of sloth, poverty, misery and dread.” ~ PICATRIX

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a man leaning on his hoe, contemplating his crops. The man has planned ahead, and worked hard, and at this stage it looks as though his crops will yield a good harvest.

But the outcome – whether his harvest will be abundant or a failure – will be determined not only by his own efforts, but also by influences and forces beyond his control. Ahead, the weather could bring too much Sun or too much rain – drought or storms – meaning that timing exactly when to harvest his crops could prove pivotal.

I’m satisfied with what I’ve done so far even though there’s still more to do. I’ve worked hard to build a good foundation, and I’m considering my next step. My task is to model for you the value of hard work, evaluation and planning. When you see the potential in a project and get busy, you put my energy into action.

I counsel you to be patient while seeking integration and wholeness. There is always a next step, so don’t forget to stop and give yourself credit for what you have already accomplished. The patience and determination you develop under my inspiration builds self-confidence for future endeavours.”  ~ Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 126-7

All in All

Due to the pandemic the world has changed, and individually – we have all changed too.

At this New Moon we are being invited to reflect on how we have changed and what change we would like to see now – what would be productive, inspiring and nurturing for the future.

Essentially, we are processing what has already changed, and preparing for further positive, revitalising change ahead.

As we ponder where we would like to make progress in life, the 7 of Pentacles provides helpful guidance. Brings awareness that change has to be committed to – and is unlikely to be instant – but that careful planning and a strong sense of purpose will lead to advantageous results.

Wishing New Moon blessings to you all.


Top Image ~ from Unsplash by Marek Piwnicki

7 of Pentacles from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schröter

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