Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus is the stand out aspect of 2021.

Saturn square Uranus will be exact three times, and in orb – noticeably influential – throughout 2021, rising to a peak around the time of each exact square.

Saturn Square Uranus ~Dates

  • February 17th ~ Saturn 7 13′ Aquarius – Uranus 7 13′ Taurus
  • June 14th ~ Saturn 13 06′ Aquarius (Rx) – Uranus 13 06′ Taurus
  • December 24th ~ Saturn 11 05′ Aquarius – Uranus 11 05′ Taurus (Rx)

Saturn, Uranus & Aquarius

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Uranus the modern. Aquarius is a fixed, air sign, symbolised by the Water Bearer pouring forth fertile waters of wisdom from his urn.

Constellation of Aquarius the Water Bearer

Aquarius is inquisitive, intellectual and values knowledge. Accordingly, Aquarius likes to scrutinise and evaluate information with a purposeful clarity of thought, that has a tendency towards idealistic, but emotionally detached thinking. As a fixed air sign, once a decision is made, it can be resolute, rigid, and unswayable.

Saturn supports a strong mind and sense of self, but also describes and conforms to the collective rules and laws. Uranus a free thinker, always looking ahead to the future, likes to make his own rules and will happily turn things upside down so as to revamp them.

As it stands this moment in time is charged -coloured – by Aquarian energy. Jupiter and Saturn met up on December 21st 2020 – known as a “Great Conjunction” – at 0 Aquarius – starting a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle. But not only this, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was also a “Great Mutation” – for nearly 200 years their conjunctions have taken place in earth signs (apart from the first shift into air in 1980-81) – so ahead their conjunctions will be in air signs until 2159. A pivotal indicator of far-reaching change for humanity, that the Saturn-Uranus square unites and correlates with.

Aquarius aligns with awakenings and new awareness. Ideas can be sparked that lead to discoveries and innovation – scientific investigation and technological advances along with political and social change. Collectively, the powers that be, those who define the rules, could handle matters in a humanitarian or a dictatorial manner. Of importance here, and currently up in the air, is if science and technology will be used to liberate or control the people.

Covid-19 Vaccine

One matter in the present circumstances highlighting this is the covid-19 vaccine. In particular, the possibility of vaccine passports, and the prospect of governments barring the un-vaccinated from travelling, holding certain jobs and attending public events. Certainly a controversial subject which embraces Saturn-Uranus themes – social responsibility versus personal freedom – and inevitably likely to be a heated, high profile issue.

circa 1802

Looking back in time shows some interesting correlations with vaccines – including vaccination legislation – and Saturn-Uranus alignments. Furthermore, that historically for almost as long as vaccination has existed, so has criticism and opposition to it, especially if legislation makes vaccination compulsory.

Whilst the history of immunisation does not start with Edward Jenner, he did pioneer the smallpox vaccine – the first vaccine to be developed against a contagious disease – and a new procedure he called vaccination. Edward Jenner tested the vaccine by administering the first vaccination to an 8 year old boy, who was successfully vaccinated against smallpox in 1796 – when Saturn was square Uranus. Additionally, Edward Jenner was himself a Saturn square Uranus native, with the square forming a T-square with his Sun, Mercury and Venus!

Before this, the first method of inoculation against smallpox was called variolation – a primitive and more risky procedure. Gradually, vaccination replaced variolation and in the United Kingdom a series of legislative acts were passed by parliament.

The Vaccination Acts of 1840, 1853, 1867, 1898 and 1907 all correlated with Saturn-Uranus alignments. The Vaccination Act of 1840 provided free vaccinations and made variolation illegal (Saturn-Uranus square 1839/40). The Vaccination Act of 1853 made it compulsory for all infants up to three months old to be vaccinated against smallpox, with failure to do so resulting in a fine (Saturn-Uranus conjunction 1852). The 1853 Act was extended in 1867 (Saturn trine Uranus 1866), when the age requirement for vaccination was increased to 14 and further penalties added for refusal.

L0000113 Vaccination Inquirer: Anti vaccination revolt
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
The Vaccination Inquirer: Anti-vaccination revolt at Leicester
19th Century Vaccination Inquirer.
The Vaccination inquirer and health review.
London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination.
Published: 19th Century
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

The laws making vaccinations compulsory were met with resistance from the people. The Anti-Vaccination League was founded in 1866, growing from earlier smaller organisations, and furthermore anti-vaccine journals were published and anti-vaccine rallies held. The Leicester Demonstration of 1885 was one of the most notorious, taking place when a triple Saturn-Uranus square was influential in the sky – June 1885/November 1885 &  April 1886.

Such demonstrations and general opposition lead to the 1898 Vaccination Act, when a clause was added to allow parents who did not believe the vaccination was efficacious or safe to obtain a certificate of exemption. This clause gave rise to the term “conscientious objector” (Triple Saturn-Uranus conjunction 1897). The 1907 vaccination Act simplified the process of exemption by allowing parents to make a statutory declaration instead of having to satisfy two magistrates of their conscientious objections to obtain a certificate (Saturn-Uranus sextile June/August 1905 & March 1906). The Vaccination Acts were repealed by the National Health Service Act of 1946.

To me, the correspondence of Saturn-Uranus aspects with vaccination legislation is seemingly notable. What will come to pass ahead is hard to say, but what will possibly be bought (even more) sharply into focus is a contentious confrontation between basic human rights and individual liberty, with authoritarian health laws. Currently there are already so many restrictions in place – around travel and the wearing of masks for instance – which are seemingly unlikely to be lifted anytime soon. So ultimately, where are we heading to? what kind of world in every respect? – freedom or oppression?

Andre Barbault ~ 2026

With incredible accuracy, the magnificent French astrologer Andre Barbault – in 2011 – predicted a pandemic would occur. Ahead he gives us hope, as a (relatively) short distance away in 2026 is when he says:

“there is a harmonic Saturn-Neptune conjunction at the central point of an encouraging double sextile to Uranus and Pluto which are trine each other. It will probably be a change for the better when the headlines will be more agreeable and the civilisation of our new mini Great Year at last becomes adult.”

In light of the fact that there is a great deal still unknown about covid-19, including any long term effects of the new covid-19 vaccines, and ongoing discord over the political handling of the pandemic – ahead Saturn moves into Pisces in 2023. Since Saturn entered Capricorn on December 20th 2017, he has been in a strong position, once Saturn enters Pisces (ruled by Jupiter & Neptune) his power is (to an extent) reined in and curtailed, Saturn no longer has the final say.

Following this – Saturn sextile Uranus will be exact April/August 2025 & January 2026. Then in February 2026, is Saturn conjunct Neptune, at 0 Aries – the vernal point – a significant point in the zodiac. This suggests that from 2023 onwards is when some concrete information (Saturn) starts to emerge about the vaccine and the handling of the pandemic (Neptune). Alongside, as to anything that has been dishonourable – Saturn-Neptune bestows the potential for the reversal and dissolving of it. Also exact three times in 2026/7 is Uranus trine Pluto.

About Saturn-Neptune & Uranus trine Pluto, Andre Barbault additionally says:

“It is the most benefic configuration of the century”

“It contains a harmonious relationship between primordial polar opposites; the coming together of the external and the internal, rational and spiritual, mind and soul… human beings surpassing themselves while experiencing life on a higher level.”


More here – Saturn-Uranus Alignments & Vaccination

Now… back to 2021 & Saturn square Uranus!

Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn is in a position of strength in his domicile of Aquarius, and is making an overcoming square to Uranus. In Taurus, Uranus is in fall. Thus, in essence, Saturn has the advantage. The square between Saturn and Uranus will highlight a push-pull energy between the old and the new, the traditional versus the innovative. Materialise as quandaries and controversies around what to consign to the past and what should feature in the future. Essentially, Saturn square Uranus will set in motion breaks with the past, so that change (Uranus) can unfold and evolve, come to be structured (Saturn) and secure (Saturn).

Saturn is inextricably linked with the material world, he grounds matters, brings them to reality. For thousands of years Saturn was the outermost planet, the furthest planet visible with the naked eye. Saturn symbolises the boundaries of the material realms, order and earthly reality. Further on than Saturn was secret and unknown.

Uranus and the dance of the Stars

In Greek creation mythology when Saturn castrated his father Uranus, he bought about the separation of “the starry Sky”, the personification of the heavens (Uranus) and Mother Earth, the personification of the Earth (Gaia, Saturn’s mother). Expressive of the invisibility and mysteriousness of the spiritual realms in the earthly realms. How the material world is often influenced by the perception that the limited realm of matter -physical reality – is all that exists (more on this later!).

A glimpse, awareness of – literally – what lies beyond the limits of Saturn came with the discovery of Uranus in 1781. In keeping with Uranus’ influence of innovation and liberation, this was a point in time when happenings in the world correlated characteristically with Uranus, for instance, the American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution were underway, and the French Revolution on the way. A time when a transformation of perspective that propelled human experience of life past previous limits unfolded, set in motion by creative flashes of insight, and the appearance of an increased sense of individuality and calls for greater equality.

A Saturn-Uranus square provokes a potent desire for change. A square aspect highlights friction, and further exacerbating this, innately the natures of Saturn and Uranus are at odds, and currently both are in fixed signs. Saturn can denote authority and societal institutions, Uranus the individual, and the desire for personal choice and freedom. Saturn is the rule-makers, Uranus those that challenge the rules – shake them up – the rule-breakers. Saturn is structures, Uranus is change, so ahead we can certainly expect some edgy times as the energy gathers force and some substantial restructuring gets under way.

The Saturn-Uranus Cycle

The Saturn-Uranus cycle is 45 years long. The planetary cycles of the slower moving planets, and the phase they are in, determine the nuances and the unfolding story of life. But no planetary cycle exists or operates all alone, they unite and combine, merge, to create the whole picture. This Saturn-Uranus square coincides with the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions of 2020.

A new cycle starts at the conjunction. The most recent Saturn-Uranus conjunctions occurred February -October 1988 in Sagittarius, and the next Saturn-Uranus conjunction is in Gemini, in 2032. Andre Barbault in “Planetary Cycles” describes Saturn-Uranus conjunctions as:

“enlisting ambition, a thirst for conquest, extremist aspirations, ventures that go to the limits, authoritarian power, the longest and most lasting reign.”

Looking back in time is incredibly useful and helps to provide insight. About historical periods when there were dynamic aspects between Saturn and Uranus, Richard Tarnas in ‘Cosmos and Psyche’ says that these periods were marked by:

the exacerbation of tensions between authority and rebellion, order and freedom, structure and change”

 Especially frequent with this cycle were crises and the sudden collapse of structures, crashes and accidents, grim awakenings and sudden breakdowns, whether political, economic or psychological.”

This is the closing square of the current Saturn-Uranus cycle, which began in 1988, with three exact conjunctions in Sagittarius. The conjunction is the seed, the dawn of a new beginning. The start of the new Saturn-Uranus cycle was followed by momentous, historic change in the world.

People atop the Berlin Wall on November 9th 1989

Commencing with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, communist regimes across Eastern Europe collapsed, including the Soviet Union – bringing an end to the Cold War. A new situation emerged, as the United States of America became (was left as) the only world superpower with the dissolving of the Soviet Union. This all converged to result in an expansion of globalisation and capitalism.

The last square aspect (the waxing square) between Saturn and Uranus took place in 1999- 2000.

  • July18th 1999 ~ Saturn 15 37′ Taurus – Uranus 15 37′ Aquarius (Rx) 
  • November 14th 1999 ~ Saturn 13 04′ Taurus (Rx) – Uranus 13 04′ Aquarius
  • May 13th 2000 ~ Saturn 20 45′ Taurus – Uranus 20 45′ Aquarius

At the waxing square friction around how things have developed and grown from the seed emerges. Reveals what obstacles need to be overcome so growth can continue. At this time the negative effects of globalisation and capitalism were discernible.

1999 WTO protests – The Battle of Seattle 30th November-3rd December 1999  – bought world wide attention to the effects of globalization at the World Trade Organisation Conference in Seattle, Washington. The birth of the anti-globalisation movement.

The Dot-com bubble burst in March 2000. The rise of the internet had bought forth an excited frenzy of speculation and investment into new internet-based businesses that had yet to generate any profit. A stock market crash was followed by a decline in economic growth and a recession.

Whilst many companies crashed and shut down, some, for instance Amazon and eBay survived and thrived, going on to dominate their respective fields.

Saturn Square Uranus in 2021

The influence of the Saturn-Uranus square, with Uranus also in earth sign -Taurus – looks to be strongly related to uncertainty and unpredictability around material issues. Encompasses money, financial matters and inequalities, politics – the rules and laws that shape our everyday life (including the already touched upon vaccine passports), as well as our food supply and natural resources, pollution and damage to the environment. In the light of the ongoing pandemic, what we value and what needs to change around how we live our lives.

The Saturn-Uranus square is a volatile cocktail, that could potentially provide clashes of opinion, turmoil and revolutions. An unsettled ambience. But equally, give rise to new outlooks and innovations that ultimately improve the material world. Taurus is connected with finances, the earth and our values – both our inner and outer wealth – encompasses not just our material security but everything we cherish and believe to be precious.

This is the waning square between Saturn and Uranus, as such, we are being asked to question what has been built up in society since the start of their current cycle. What structures and perspectives are no longer of value – need to be let go of – and what could replace them. With that in mind, some meaningful themes arising from this influence are discernible.

A Financial shake-up?

Currently cryptocurrency is big news, with Bitcoin recently reaching record highs. Most paper currencies in use throughout the world are fiat money, issued and controlled by governments, but not backed by a physical commodity.

Whilst cryptocurrency is also not backed by a physical commodity, neither is it controlled by a centralised authority. Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, that can be spent or received anywhere in the world without the need of a government or bank.

That cryptocurrency may become more established and mainstream certainly seems possible. Simultaneously, this will likely lead to some interesting analysis and greater awareness around how governments create and utilise money. Equally, the picture emerging with cryptocurrency does bring more than a hint of the bubble, so perhaps boom and crash with one or two coins going on to dominate?

It is also notable that financial crises show a correspondence with the Saturn-Uranus cycle. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the start of the Great Depression coincided with when Saturn was square Uranus (February 1930 to October 1931). Furthermore, at the time of the Global Financial Crash in 2007-2008 when Banks collapsed and countless people lost jobs and homes Saturn was opposite Uranus (November 2008 -July 2010).

Under the current circumstances, a financial crisis/crash would not surprise anyone at all, but it could also be a catalyst for some type of digital financial reorganisation.

Mother Earth & the Starry Sky

Whilst Uranus denotes the new and innovative, in Taurus, Uranus is also a wake-up call reminding us of the age-old treasures of the earth. Uranus is putting us in touch with an urge to reconnect with land, nature and the cycle of the seasons. To backtrack, return to a simpler, more harmonious relationship with the earth, with the aim of creating ways of living that are geared towards being respectful and sustainable.

Perhaps also encouraging of a deeper appreciation of the soul-stirring splendour of the earth and the cosmos. Ancient civilisations gazed in awe at the wonders of the heavens, the connection between earth and sky was deeply meaningful. Our ancestors discerned correlations, and mindfully sought to align and live in harmony with both. Saturn square Uranus points to being open to materialising an updated outlook, that brings together ancient, time-honoured understanding with original, idealistic, intuitive ideas.

A move towards valuing life over money, what’s ethical over mindless consumerism. In sync and illustrative of this is the rising demand for, and growing choice and availability of plant based products as vegan diets/beliefs continue to become more mainstream. The revival of interest in, and increasing popularity of astrology, tarot, witchcraft and paganism will also continue to escalate. As more and more are seeking solace and insight by exploring what lies beyond visible reality, sparking off awareness of (a reconnection with) ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Saturn-Uranus & your chart

On a personal level, we may have a strong sense that things are up in the air and uncertain. We could feel tense and on tenterhooks. Depending on our natural, instinctive approach to life, some of us will be excited about change, others resistant and anxious. All the same, in essence, this influence means we need to try and avoid clinging to the past, particularly anything that in actuality may be ready to disperse.

We need to anticipate some changes and be prepared to go with the flow.

If a surprising turn of events does occur, we need to look for what could be advantageous about it. Yes, we may well be feeling like we are suddenly stood on thin ice, that an outcome is close at hand but exactly how things will be resolved – we have no idea!

new inner insight

But, what is within reach is new inner insight – knowledge – that could be eye-opening in meaningful ways. By seeking what we can learn from these circumstances – what they inform us about ourselves and life – we can enhance our self-understanding and in doing so our confidence.

We can then catch sight of – in what ways – the chain of events might potentially open the door for more vibrancy and freedom in life. How happenings are in truth, leading us towards a greater sense of independence and realisation of what we are capable of accomplishing.

Fixed Signs

Fixed signs (Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius) are likely to personally experience the struggle between Saturn and Uranus most, especially planetary placements between or near to 7 – 13 degrees.

Scenarios in life could arise unexpectedly that may feature a tussle between themes of liberation and creativity versus fear and limitation. Sudden changes that disrupt the secure, settled, routine of life. Anything from unanticipated responsibilities materialising, that may feel restrictive and/or call for organisation and planning to handle. To on the other hand, a serendipitous meeting with a stranger triggering a new path, perhaps even igniting an ambitious endeavour.

To illustrate this, looking back in my own life to the last Saturn-Uranus squares in 1999/2000, which significantly connected with my chart, I experienced major, significant, upheaval and change. During this time span my mum was undergoing chemotherapy for secondary cancer. The cancer had returned suddenly (Uranus), and devastatingly was more aggressive than the primary tumour. As a result, I literally dropped everything to be with her, provide support and do anything I could to help (Saturn – fear & responsibilities).

My Mum and I were exceptionally close, partly because I was an only child and my dad had died when I was young. Shortly after my mum died, in the midst of my grief, I discovered I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. Effectively, within a year, I lost my Mum, my daughter was born and I moved house, it was sudden, intense, daunting and an emotional rollercoaster – heart-breaking and uplifting – tears of grief and tears of joy.

Most of all, what I am trying to convey here, is that, no-one not me, my Mum or her Doctor could halt the inevitability of the process set in motion by the cancer. For me, the transit of Saturn square Uranus to my chart correlated – exactly with the essence of Saturn-Uranus – with a time when the foundations of my life were shook, shattered, dismantled and re-structured.

a journey of inner and outer change

Essentially, transit Saturn square Uranus brings us face to face with change. The inevitability that one way or another, the past must be released and the future embraced.

Sets in motion precarious circumstances, where events could happen rapidly and demand action. Although we don’t always recognise it, get lulled into a false sense of security by our seemingly unchanging daily routine – life is all about change and everything is continually changing.

If we think of the seasons, how the dark, cold, barren winter gives way to the re-awakening of spring, the increasing light and warmth and the first signs of life returning to the earth as the snowdrops and daffodils emerge; whilst we can’t discern the seasonal changes from day to day, unquestionably they are continually in motion.

Acceptance of the unavoidability of change, along with the anticipation of some accompanying challenges helps us to handle Saturn-Uranus transits. In the midst of change, is when we can discover concealed, unfamiliar traits and resources within ourselves.

As we face up to challenges, it is through finding ways to handle difficulties or battles that we can come across new opportunities, encounter significant insights or hit upon innovative solutions. All of which can combine to reveal the true depths of our will power and inner strength. As well as recognition of our ability to cope with the ebb and flow of life despite our doubts or fears.

In essence, it’s about establishing an inner freedom and resilience regardless of circumstances. A shift that enhances our confidence and independence, and that can undoubtedly open up new paths in life.

Saturn square Uranus ~ Natives

Sean Lennon 0 02′ Discovery of Pluto 0 07′ Steve McQueen 0 22′ George Eliot 0 48′ Vladimir Putin 0 56′ Emily Bronte 1 01′ David Icke 1 06′ Shakira 1 42′ Buzz Aldrin 1 57′ Rudolf Steiner 2 00′ Christopher Reeve 2 08′ Harvey Weinstein 2 40′ Benazir Bhutto 2 58′ Johann von Goethe 3 35′ Karl Marx 3 43′ Edward Jenner 4 54′



Top Image ~ by Vincent Ledvina from Unsplash

Constellation of Aquarius the Water Bearer ~ by Johannes Hevelius – from Wikimedia Commons

Horrible monster vaccination.jpg – from Wikimedia Commons

Uranus and the Dance of the Stars – Karl Friedrich Schinkel – from Wikimedia Commons

Berlin Wall – Brandenburg Gate.jpg – from Wikimedia Commons


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