The New Moon takes place on April 12th, 03.30 am BST, at 22 24′ Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, correlates with spring, and the awakening of an invigorating force that generates momentum. Energy that initiates and pushes forwards new life – a fresh beginning. Aries is characterised by pioneers and conquerors – associated with asserting individual will through bold, daring action.

There are quite a few powerful energies in gear at this New Moon – lets start with Venus, who is conjunct the New Moon. Venus, whilst in her detriment in Aries is in a position of strength here, as Venus is ruler of this decan of Aries. In Babylonian Mythology, Venus was not only the goddess of love, but also of war. In ancient times Venus was not all hearts & flowers, she could also be feisty, courageous and formidable. At this lunation, Venus and the Moon in Aries certainly bring forth strong feminine energy – themes of the warrior queen & the heroine.

In tune with this, a piece of news caught my eye earlier that perfectly captures this influence. The Grand National, one of the toughest horse races in the world took place yesterday; which resulted in a fairy tale win for Rachael Blackmore aboard Minella Times – who is the first woman to win the Grand National in its 182 year history!

This is a positive, emboldening, full of get up and go, New Moon!




Mars, ruler of the lunation is in Gemini, and in mutual reception with Mercury in Aries. Planets in mutual reception are in signs ruled by the other – thus revealing here, a supportive connection between thought (Mercury) and action (Mars). The power to make decisive decisions and speak our truth. The New Moon will help us to get clear on our direction in life – what is truly important to us and gives us a sense of purpose. It may well be that we encounter sudden awareness – insight – into any blockages or insecurities in life, or within ourselves, and how to make a start on conquering them.

Significantly – Mars is currently out of bounds – enhancing the surge of energy and desire for action put in motion by this New Moon. It’s best to try and find ways to burn off any restlessness or anger that this may induce, by putting the energy to use productively.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, and additionally the New Moon is sextile Mars & Jupiter in Aquarius, forming a Minor Grand Trine. The whole configuration unites to show plans and new initiatives being confidently acted upon, whilst looking ahead with an eye to the future. Aiming – striving for – growth and success. Along with perhaps also seeking something more meaningful or ideal in life (Jupiter).

Whilst there is an outside chance here for fiery confrontations, as views clash or honest, passionate feelings are verbalised, there is also strong encouragement to utilise some Venusian charm to restore harmony – pour oil on any troubled waters in life – assisted by some insight and generosity bestowed by Jupiter.

New Moons are always a magical time to focus on our wishes and intentions, this one is especially potent – particularly if we are eager to achieve a goal or turn over a new leaf somewhere in life.

In a mundane way, it is notable that this New Moon is exactly square both last year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th and the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12th, both in Capricorn. It could see some related occurrences emerge. What comes instantly to mind, is that here in the U.K the New Moon aligns with a further easing of the latest lockdown restrictions, as from April 12th shops, hairdresser, pubs and restaurants (outdoors only) can all re-open.

Fixed Star ~ Baten Kaitos

Fixed star Baten Kaitos currently at 22 14′ Aries – & the closest star to the New Moon – is in the Constellation Cetus. Baten Kaitos is a topaz yellow star in the Belly of the Whale or Sea Monster.

Constellation Cetus

Cetus represents the Sea Monster or Whale sent by Neptune to devour Andromeda. On the other hand it is also the Biblical Whale which swallowed Jonah, thus saving him to go on and become a prophet. According to Ptolemy this constellation is like Saturn.

As the last portion of the Fishes (Pisces) rises, appears the constellation of the Whale, pursuing Andromeda in heaven as on sea.” ~ Manilius, Astrononmica

Baten Kaitos

The “Whale” really means “monster”. The Saturnine properties, such as inhibition, reserve, caution, solitude and simplicity are often forced onto such people, either by a mundane power or a higher power. Sometimes ideas are propagated which make life for the native trying or troublesome. To such persons, fate is usually one of change. People influenced thus, tend to depression or dwell on the thought of death. Life often is full of humiliation, renunciation and obstacles. But the position of the complete chart is always important.

In the natal chart of William Booth, the founder of the “Salvation Army”, the Sun is in conjunction with Batan Kaitos. Booth was successful in spite of many humiliations and difficulties.” ~ Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin

it often does mark where someone becomes stuck with a situation for some little while, perhaps from their folly, but, aspects all being well, should emerge with some benefit to count for the experience, even honour from it if all is very well in the matter of aspects.” ~ The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse

Whilst Baten Kaitos is not the easiest of stars, both Ebertin and Morse bring attention to the potential to successfully overcome obstacles or unfavourable circumstances.

Tarot ~ 4 of Wands

The New Moon takes place in the last Decan/Face of Aries, ruled by Venus (Jupiter by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 4 of Wands. Venus is in her detriment in Aries, being opposite one of her home signs – Libra – however she is ruler of this face.

Venus is a benefic planet, who bestows harmony and beauty wherever she goes – even if, at times, it is a difficult task! Venus highlights co-operation and sharing, to bring grace and charm to the bold, fiery, warrior energy of Aries. In the Major Arcana Venus is the Empress and a natural match for the Emperor who corresponds to the sign Aries.

Book T calls this card “Perfected Work”.

ARIES III ~ “a restless man, holding in his hands a gold bracelet, wearing red clothing, who wishes to do good, but is not able to do it. This is a face of subtlety and subtle mastery and new things and instruments and similar things.” ~ PICATRIX 

The Rider-Waite-Smith depicts two young ladies, carrying bouquets of flowers and wearing garlands in their hair approaching 4 upright wands. A garland of flowers and vines connects two of the wands, forming an arch. A celebration – perhaps a wedding.

The 4 of Wands denotes happiness, peace, success, desired outcomes and celebration – in matters surrounding romance, career and the domestic sphere.

I offer you a place to rest, a time of contentment. I represent your progress and the harvest reaped from your ideas. For just a while, you can leave the seriousness of your daily life behind and be playful and carefree.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 211



Top Image ~ Tales of the Round Table 1908 ~ Wikimedia Commons

4 of Wands from The Aquatic Tarot


The Complete Picatrix ~ Translated by John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock

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