The Full Moon is at 08.17 UT, on February 27th at 8 57′ Virgo.

The Full Moon is trine Uranus, and opposite an exalted Venus in Pisces.

At a Full Moon the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon. Revealing the seeds planted at the New Moon maturing and becoming ripe – Luna illuminates what is taking shape and materialising. The preceding lunation was the pivotal – 6 planets in Aquarius – New Moon on February 11th that encouraged us to focus on the future – not only our own – but also for future generations. Kick started the planning process.

At that time, Mercury was retrograde, helping us to evaluate the past and be discerning about the future. To reflect on what was dissolving, shifting, changing – within ourselves and externally in the world. Then work out how to adapt to, flow with these adjustments. What – in particular – would our approach to the future take into account and require. Action was curbed, until plans, our perception of the future started to manifest and become clearer.

Now, Mercury is direct – but not only that – Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (exact conjunction is at 17 Aquarius on March 5th). The Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the Sun in Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, with the rulers of both conjunct, it suggests an expansion of futuristic threads, a call to action.

Plans can start to be put in place. Finally… some forward momentum!

With both benefics – Jupiter & Venus – influential at both this Full Moon as well as the preceding Aquarius New Moon, the overall feel is heartening and full of promise. Creative (Venus), optimistic (Jupiter), change (Uranus) is close at hand – underway or about to commence – and we are ready for it, motivated to get to work on establishing something worthwhile and rewarding (Virgo).

Sets the stage for some joy, camaraderie, and a sense of purpose to return to life.



The Sun and Venus in Pisces express our vision of the future. Pisces dreams of what would be ideal, visualises perfection, but can be unrealistic. The Moon in Virgo expresses the requirement to analyse the details, the realities of our vision, to give us the means to get going on actually creating something tangible.

Accentuating this is the yod featuring in the chart, Saturn and Chiron are both quincunx the Moon, with the Moon at the apex of the yod. In the sky, Chiron (most of the time) orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is the link between the past (Saturn) and the future (Uranus). The Moon-Saturn-Chiron yod, conveys that details could bring some discouragement, sensitivity or frustration, but that workable adjustments are realisable. Whilst pandemic restrictions are being gradually eased, a reminder that our desires may need to be balanced with what is practical. That even if we have to slightly refine our dreams to align with what is necessary – viable plans, effective ways forward – will prove healing. Provide support as we explore new experiences and adapt to new circumstances.

Overall, an uplifting lunation, stirring up feelings of liberation as possibilities for the future open up, even so, to make the best use of this influence, to make progress, we need to harness this with a down to earth course of action.

Fixed Star ~ Alioth

Alioth is in the Ursa Major Constellation, on the tail of the Great Bear. It is one of “The Plough” also known as “The Big Dipper” stars. Alioth is currently at 9 13′ Virgo.

The Arabic name, Al Alyat, means the fat tail or rump of a sheep, but here it has been applied to the thickest part of the Bear’s tail. We need not count it as especially important, beyond that nature of help and service to one’s fellows, so characteristic of Virgo generally.” ~ The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse


The Full Moon takes place in the 1st Decan/Face of Virgo ruled by the Sun (Mercury by triplicity.) The Sun here beneficially enhances Virgo’s meticulous dedication to perfection. Mercury is also visible in the craftsman’s skill and dexterity with his hands.

Book T calls this card “Prudence.”

VIRGO I ~ “a young girl covered with an old woolen cloth, and in her hand is a pomegranate. This is a face of sowing, plowing, the germination of plants, the gathering of grapes, and of good living.” ~ PICATRIX

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a craftsman, generally understood to be an apprentice, hard at work. The man is engraving a pentacle – he is literally making money! We can see how industrious he is, as 7 completed pentacles are on display. The city in the background connects him with, and shows his contribution to society.

“The Eight of Pentacles represents the effort involved in mastering skills or harnessing energy and then using them to their best advantage. It takes discipline and often tedious, repetitious practice to hone our abilities and talents, this card reminds us. The artisan symbolises the intrinsic value of working hard and persistently to form a better society for all to enjoy. Contributing to our community promotes inner growth and assures us of our connection with the whole of life.” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson 


Top Image ~ Unsplash

8 of Pentacles from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter


The Complete Picatrix ~ Translated by John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock

The Living Stars ~ Dr Eric Morse

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