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The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 took place on January 12th, and the first confirmed death from Coronavirus was on January 9th 2020. On March 11th 2020 the World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus (Covid-19) a pandemic, when Jupiter (21 Capricorn), Saturn (29 Capricorn) and Pluto (24 Capricorn) were all close together – a triple conjunction – combining their influence. (Dates ~ Wikipedia)

Saturn-Pluto & Jupiter-Pluto ~ Pandemics

Historically Saturn-Pluto aspects have aligned with the discovery and emergence of viruses, but significantly Jupiter conjunct Pluto (occurring 3 times in 2020) interconnected with Saturn-Pluto has links to pandemics.

Richard Tarnas describes Saturn-Pluto alignments as:

An atmosphere of gravity and tension tended to accompany these three-to-four-year periods, as did a widespread sense of epochal closure: ‘the end of an era,’ ‘the end of innocence,’ the destruction of an earlier mode of life that in retrospect may seem to have been marked by widespread indulgence, decadence, naivete, denial, and inflation. Profound transformation was a dominant theme,” ~ Cosmos and Psyche, Intimations Of A New World View, Richard Tarnas

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is at the crux of the outbreak of Covid-19 and the resulting financial fallout, but while undeniably potent is only part of the whole astrological picture. At the exact conjunction on January 12th of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn – they were also joined by the Sun, Mercury and Ceres making a 5 planet stellium. Jupiter having entered Capricorn on December 3rd 2019 and the South Node of the Moon were also in Capricorn.

A massive focus on the sign of Capricorn, a sign associated with both materiality and spirituality, that is enhanced by transits ahead. Jupiter and Pluto meet up three times in Capricorn throughout 2020 – on April 5th, June 30th and November 12th (this final conjunction is at 22 degrees Capricorn, the same degree as the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction).

Mars, Neptune & Pluto ~ Viruses & epidemics

The Rulership Book by Rex E Bills specifies Pluto has rulership of viruses, epidemics – along with Mars, Neptune and the 12th house – and insightfully, given the potential origin of Covid-19 – bats.

At the end of March, Mars was in Capricorn – where he is exalted. Mars, the red, fiery planet was conjunct Jupiter (March 20th), Pluto (March 23rd), then Saturn (March 31st) – inflaming the spread of the virus and triggering lockdowns.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto has links to pandemics – Jupiter, the planet of expansion and globalisation enhancing the worldwide spread of viruses, Pluto.

PANDEMICS in the 20th Century

Before Covid-19, three influenza pandemics occurred in the 20th Century – all in years when Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occurred. The AIDS pandemic was first reported about in 1981, when a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction took place, followed by a Saturn-Pluto conjunction 1982/83. In 2018, 37.9 million people were living with AIDS and 1.7 million new cases were diagnosed.


* Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, November 2nd 1981, 24 53′ Libra ~ Saturn Pluto Conjunction, October 1982 – July 1983

  • The CDC publishes an article in it’s Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report: Pneumocystis Pneumonia – Los Angles – the first official reporting of what will become known as the AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) pandemic, June 5th 1981.
  • The first case of AIDS is diagnosed on December 12th in the UK.
  • Between the time AIDS was identified and 2018, the disease has caused an estimated 32 million deaths.
The Hong Kong Flu

* Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, October 13th 1968, 23 39′ Virgo ~ Saturn Opposition Pluto, April 1965 – February 1966

  • Hong Kong Flu Pandemic, causing about 1 million deaths worldwide, 1968/69
The Asian Flu

* Jupiter Pluto Triple Conjunction, November 2nd 1955, February 8th/ June 16th 1956, 28/27/26 Leo ~ Saturn Pluto Square, December 1955 – October 1956

  • Asian Flu Pandemic, causing about 2 million deaths worldwide, 1956-1958
The Spanish Flu

*Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, August 10th 1918, 6 02′ Cancer ~ Saturn Pluto Triple Conjunction 1914/1915

  • Spanish Flu Pandemic, deaths are estimated to have been anywhere between 50 to 100 million, January 1918 – December 1920. In August 1918 a more virulent strain appeared simultaneously in Brest, France, Freetown in Sierra Leone and in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


Going further back in time the Black Death was the most devastating pandemic in history, causing the death of an estimated 75 – 200 million people, peaking in Europe between 1347 – 1351.

  • Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, March 16th 1347 – 13 degrees Aries
  • Saturn Conjunct Pluto, April 13th 1350 – 17 degrees Aries, both square Jupiter at 12 degrees Cancer

Andre Barbault ~ Pandemic Prediction

With incredible accuracy – in 2011 – the great French astrologer Andre Barbault predicted a pandemic would occur in 2020/2021:

“There may well be serious danger of a new pandemic at the turn of 2020-2021, at the lowest point of the cyclical index of the 21st century, with the five slowest planets assembled within a hundred degrees, a conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto could more particularly, and more specifically lend itself to the ‘fabric’ of this imbalance. The fact remains that this configuration could also transfer its core of dissonance to the field of geophysical disasters, without ultimately sparing international business, Nature and Society being indiscriminately affected.” ~ – Apercu sur les Pandemies



Apercu sur les Pandemies by Andre Barbault ~ Translation by Paul Kiernan

Historical dates & information ~ Wikipedia

Image from Unsplash

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