The New Moon takes place on February 23rd at 15.32, 4 degrees 28′ Pisces.

Pisces is immensely spiritual, has an ease connecting with and exploring other realms – a compassionate, soulful, emotional sign, easily moved by and concerned about suffering. In unison with this, Pisces is also imaginative, infused with rainbows and sparkles that encourage dreams.

The New Moon is sextile Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus – forming a Minor Grand Trine as Mars is also trine Uranus. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the energy to power forward, materialise something is readily available, with plenty more in reserve, Mars here is disciplined and persistent.

New Moon Meaning

The Sun and Moon are conjunct at the start of a new cycle. A New Moon indicates we could be initiating, putting in place changes – either by commencing something new or refreshing, spicing up a habitual routine. It’s a time seeds are sown – new ideas, goals or approaches in life.



Whilst this is a New Moon signifying turning over a new leaf in a certain sphere of life (individually this is shown by which natal house, along with any natal planets the New Moon is influencing) – with Mars conjunct the South Node and Mercury retrograde in Pisces – the past could be especially entangled with this New Moon. It could also be a time when life seems slightly confusing or lacking in focus. In addition to being retrograde, Mercury is in detriment in Pisces and there are no planets in Air signs – meaning thoughts and communications are going to be infused with emotion (Pisces) and perhaps puzzling to decipher and put in order.

But, alongside, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces, intuition, attraction to the spiritual or mystical – the hidden and unseen realms, dreams or visions of the future, as well as inspiration to artistically express feelings could potentially be potent.

At this New Moon in Pisces – traditionally ruled by Jupiter – Venus in Aries is exactly square Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter is also sextile Neptune the modern ruler of Pisces, in his home sign. Jupiter sextile Neptune flavours 2020, is part of the ambiance, as this is a repeating aspect exact on February 20th, July 27th and October 12th – infusing compassion, sensitivity, kindness and optimism, along with an attraction to the spiritual realms.

Both Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets, so a square between them does not bring severe conflict. Venus and Jupiter may put the spotlight on acquiring contentment and happiness around relationships, finances or following a vocational calling. Venus and Jupiter may accentuate the emotional focus, they allude to expansive feelings, perhaps excessive expression of emotion or a push to satisfy or indulge desires.

There is a sense here that happenings in life are going to inspire enhanced compassion and vision, that potentially brings about unexpected, but insightful (Uranus in Taurus) practical, determined steps being taken (Mars in Capricorn) towards a more empathic, sensitive, kinder, imaginative way forward (New Moon in Pisces).

The New Moon puts a focus on emotion, any sensitivities or vulnerabilities, along with wishes for the future – healing and creativity.

Mars trine Uranus suggests that any emotional stress and tension is going to be energetically released, need to be liberated. With Mercury retrograde, and our reasoning possibly slightly submerged and hard to swiftly grasp, aiming to keep all our actions, and responses to others, positive and supportive is for the best. Alongside it denotes energy and vibrance, taking the initiative – to align with our hopes and aspirations.


Formalhaut is located in the mouth of the Southern Fish, Constellation Piscis Australis. Formalhaut comes from the Arabic – Fum al Hut – the Fish’s Mouth.

Constellation Piscis Australis ~ “This Constellation is said to commemorate the transformation of Venus into the shape of a fish on one occasion when bathing” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, page 57

This small constellation lies close to the constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. The water from the urn of Aquarius flows into the Fish’s mouth – the Fish drinks the water poured out by Aquarius. The water of Aquarius is celestial water, it holds and contains spiritual secrets.

Formalhaut encourages seeking out the hidden realms, the mystical and magical, awareness of the spiritual and the need to express it. It illustrates spiritual transformation, like Venus who transformed into a fish.

In Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady describes Formalhaut as bestowing “high ideals or lofty visions” and “beauty or perfect harmony,” but alongside the path to success is far from straightforward, it requires careful navigation to avoid becoming entangled with enticements that can lead to a “fall from grace.” Furthermore, if motives or dreams are “corrupt in any way, then the downfall is total.”

Formalhaut ~ “It was one of the four Royal Stars of Persia in 3000BC, when as the watcher of the South it marked the winter solstice.”

It is said to very fortunate and powerful and yet cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to spiritual form of expression.” Robson, page 165-166

With Sun ~ “Dissipated, easily influenced by low companions, gain through inheritance but unproductive of good, may suffer for some crime committed, danger of bites from venomous creatures.” ~ Robson, page 166

Formalhaut Conjunct Sun ~ Drew Barrymore, Christine Keeler, Steve Irwin

With Moon ~ “Secret business causing much trouble and enmity, but eventual gain after many difficulties.” ~ Robson, page 166

Formalhaut Conjunct Moon ~ Elvis Presley, Edward VIII


The New Moon takes place in the 1st decan of Pisces ruled by Saturn (Jupiter by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 8 of Cups.

Pisces Decan I ~ “In the first face of Pisces ascendeth a man carrying burdens on his shoulder, and well clothed; it hath his signification in journeys, change of place, and in carefulness of getting wealth and cloths” ~ Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Agrippa

Saturn as ruler of this decan, shows the discipline and work required to build something substantial out of dreams – but equally the ability to sacrifice, walk away from material success and previously highly cherished aims, if they are no longer rewarding or fulfilling. Here, insight manifests into an altered perspective. An impression is deepening that reality extends beyond the visible, earthly realms, feasibly the source and true reality shaping everything. A new path beckons, leading to an evolvement, or increase of, a spiritual, more self-aware approach to life.

Book T calls this card “Abandoned Success.”

The Rider Waite Smith card depicts a man walking away from eight carefully arranged, full cups. The Full Moon in the sky, partially eclipsing the Sun suggests that intuition, inner awareness has been unveiled, causing the man to no longer see the cups as the ultimate goal. The mountains in the distance indicate seeking out a higher vision, a deeper, more meaningful way to go about, and handle life.

Saturn is The World card, Pisces is The Moon card in the tarot. The 8 of Cups is about being deflected, altering or changing direction, as perceptions and understanding of reality shift. Becoming familiar with a feeling that the boundaries of reality are not actually clearly defined and extend into other, previously unknown realms. Creating an adjusted outlook on the world alongside an inner revision of motives and inspirations.

We’ll find greater fulfilment if we break with things that have lost their relevance for us, this card implies. It urges us to turn inwards for evaluation, healing, meditation, and any other work we must do to restore our inner equilibrium. Continue exploring what is real for you, the Eight of Cups advises.” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 190


This is a peaceful, insightful and inspiring New Moon, encouraging all of us to be kind and more aware of our true hopes, wishes and desires in life.


Top Image from Unsplash

8 of Cups from The Aquatic Tarot

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