Mercury stations retrograde on February 17th at 12 degrees Pisces and will station direct on March 10th at 28 degrees Aquarius.

Pisces is a water sign, emotional, sensitive and intuitive, Aquarius is air, inspired thoughts and communications. Pisces can be disorientating for Mercury who is all about clear-sighted logic, decisive decisions and amusing, sassy conversation – Mercury is far more at home in Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde dates

Pre-Shadow ~ February 1st-17th ~ Mercury journeys from 28 degrees Aquarius to 12 degrees Pisces

Mercury Retrograde ~ February 17th-March 10th ~ Mercury glides backwards from 12 degrees Pisces to 28 degrees Aquarius

Mercury Cazimi ~ Sun Conjunct Mercury ~ February 26th, 01.44am GMT at 6 degrees 55′ Pisces

Post-Shadow ~ March 10th-29th ~ Mercury travels from 28 degrees Aquarius to 12 degrees Pisces

A detailed, in-depth post I wrote exploring the process of Mercury Retrograde is here – Mercury Retrograde ~ Wisdom from The Messenger and Trickster

Mercury Stations Retrograde Chart

As Mercury stations retrograde the Moon in Sagittarius is square Mercury – emphasising that this retrograde is likely to feel emotional, sensitive, dreamy and at times, perhaps, rather bewildering. Thoughts and communications are going to be tinged with delicacy and empathy – being matter-of-fact or impersonal about issues or goings-on could be more perplexing than usual.

If Mercury retrograde touches your chart, especially by conjunction – dreams and intuitive insight could be vivid and potent.

Mercury Cazimi

This moment, around three hours either side of 01.44am GMT on February 26th (if you are not in the UK adjust this for your time zone) when Mercury is “In The Heart of the Sun” looks to be entangled with a fated essence.

The Sun and Mercury are trine the North Node, and sextile Mars in Capricorn conjunct the South Node and Uranus in Taurus. Sun/Mercury, Mars/South Node and Uranus align to form a minor grand trine.

fixed star ~ sadalachbia

Mercury Cazimi at 6 degrees 55′ Pisces is conjunct the fixed star ~ Sadalachbia ~ in the constellation Aquarius.

‘The Lucky Star of  Hidden Things’. In horary it indicates the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost. ….The meaning we find in this star is, as an indicator of the right time for making moves, entering upon new ventures, a likelihood of general success in enterprises if Sadalachbia be well placed and aspected in the horoscope.” ~ The Living Stars, by Dr Eric Morse

Mercury Cazimi is when all Mercurial activities are sprinkled with magic. With fixed star Sadalachbia entwined, along with Mars (action), Uranus (a new adventure) and the Nodes (fate), potentially an idea or something set in motion now will prove to be fruitful and beneficial.

Mercury Direct

Mercury re-enters Aquarius on March 4th, helping to define and sharpen thoughts and communications. Mercury stations direct on March 10th – when the Moon in Virgo is quincunx Mercury. For sure, this retrograde is going to involve emotions, feelings and instincts – we may wish to hide them or fluently and excessively express them – either way, internally we will be dwelling on them, memories may surface and thoughts occur. Dipping into the watery realms, could reveal and infuse a deeper realisation and clarity around our emotional responses and connections to others, and perhaps influence an ability to recognise and/or convey feelings with a balanced, but insightful approach.

all in all

Moon themes could show up and be significant at this Mercury retrograde – family, childhood, home life, living arrangements, anxieties or fears.

Whatever arises internally or externally for you personally at this Mercury retrograde, keep in mind that things are evolving and adjusting, plus the full picture may not emerge or become clear until Mercury leaves the retrograde zone on March 29th. Aim to try and keep calm, go with the flow, rather than (due to the energies available) potentially allowing emotions to become overwhelming.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2020

There are two further Mercury Retrogrades in 2020 –

June 18th – July 12th ~ 14 degrees Cancer to 5 degrees Cancer (Water)

October 14th – November 3rd ~ 11 degrees Scorpio to 25 degrees Libra (Water to Air)


Image by Armando Castillejas


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