On July 16th a Lunar Eclipse takes place at 24 degrees 04” Capricorn 22.38 BST.

There is no getting away from the fact that this eclipse is hard core, intense, it’s conjunct Pluto, Lord of the Underworld for a start! The themes raised by this eclipse, like Pluto are going to have staying power and lead to change, individually and collectively.

Traditionally the visibility of an eclipse is believed to enhance its effect. The lunar eclipse is visible here in the UK, along with Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and most of South America.

The Meaning of a Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse happens on what would ordinarily be a full Moon. However, the presence of the Moon’s nodes means that the Sun, Moon and Earth are all aligned, with the Earth between the Sun and Moon. Thus the Earth blocks the light of the Sun from reaching the Moon.

Normally a full Moon shows whatever seeds we planted at the new Moon maturing and becoming ripe, being illuminated so that we can clearly see and understand our course of action and its results. At a lunar eclipse the illumination is interrupted and blocked.

This can be disorientating, things are obscured and we can’t fully discern what’s ahead. Our inner world, our emotions and fears that are normally hidden and suppressed can rise to the surface. It’s a good time to pause, reflect on and assess our life over the last 6 months since the previous eclipse season. It’s also possible for emotions to erupt and overflow, sometimes this release is necessary to aid purging, cleansing and healing from something buried and painful.

Lunar Saros Series

This eclipse is from Lunar Saros series 139, the last eclipse from this series was on July 5th 2001 at 13 degrees 34′ Capricorn. The Metonic cycle brings eclipses to the same degree every 19 years, the last eclipse at this degree was on July 16th 2000 at 24 degrees Capricorn. On a personal level, themes associated or sharing an affinity with what was happening in our lives during 2000-2001 could be relevant.

Anyone with natal planets or points on or very near 24 degrees Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra will likely experience the impact of this eclipse strikingly, but I think we will all, in time, notice unmistakably the influence of this eclipse.

Looking back to the past, the last lunar eclipse from saros series 139, was on July 5th 2001, which, joined with the last solar eclipse of saros series 3 North on June 21st 2001 at 0 degrees Cancer – on Summer Solstice and an Aries Point, preceded – were the prenatal eclipses of the horrific events of 9/11, which altered the world indelibly. My oldest daughter was born in June 2001, so whilst I have been contemplating the current eclipses it has been easy for my mind to slide back in time (no doubt aided by Mercury retrograde)  and also connect with the astrology – My daughter’s natal chart is a snapshot from that period.

I am not suggesting anything similar will occur, the eclipses of June/July 2001 for instance had Mars in Sagittarius, retrograde (May 11th – July 19th 2001) and considerably out of bounds by declination. By September Mars had moved into Capricorn to conjunct the south node and trigger the June solar eclipse degree of 0 Cancer.

In hindsight, along with the rest of the astrological picture, showing plans being reviewed followed by an extreme, volcanic eruption of violence. But there are indications that convey this eclipse is the prelude to a collective transformation, the structures of life are shifting, being rearranged. It’s heavy and karmic, and we may not recognise the full narrative until 2020.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto ~ 2020

Saturn and Pluto will meet up at 22 degrees 46′ Capricorn on January 12th 2020, with the Sun, Mercury and Ceres tightly conjunct – triggering the degree of this eclipse, with Jupiter on the south node. Preceding this is a lunar eclipse on January 10th 2020 at 20 degrees Capricorn. The themes of this eclipse, on July 16th 2019, are ongoing over the next 6 months and will see further developments unfolding.

Jupiter and Pluto also link up to form three exact conjunctions during 2020, on April 4th, June 30th and November 12th. Finally at the end of the year Jupiter and Saturn connect at 0 degrees Aquarius on December 21st 2020.

The planetary cycles of the slower moving planets, and the phase they are in, determine the nuances of life, the unfolding story, this insight helps reveal the possible themes and events that may arise.

“In a sense we could say that each pair of planets, each cycle of the heavens, is responsible for spinning one thread of the tapestry of unfolding creation. But before we look at these separate threads we need first to see whether there is some way in which we can have a global view of all the planets together. For ultimately all the planets are one ‘multi-unity’ hymning one unitive symphony which only appears fragmented to our limited vision” – Mundane Astrology by Baigent, Campion and Harvey – page 167

The current Saturn-Pluto (approx 33-38 years), Jupiter-Saturn (approx 20 years) and Jupiter-Pluto (approx 12 years) cycles are all in the process of ending, 2020 discerns change as new cycles begin.

Of huge significance is the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, an air sign – for nearly 200 years their conjunctions have all taken place in earth signs – apart from the first shift into air with the triple conjunctions of 1980-81 in Libra. The last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction returned to earth, taking place on May 31st 2000 in Taurus. Conspicuously, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 2020 also takes place on the Winter Solstice!

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto ~ Parallel

I will write more about the astrology of 2020 in a future post, for now what is influential is that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already tightly parallel and have been throughout 2019. Saturn and Pluto are exactly parallel on July 16th, the same day as the lunar eclipse, but more than that the Moon’s maximum declination also coincides with the recent solar eclipse and this lunar eclipse, meaning both eclipses are parallel or contra-parallel Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

Possibly we need to find meaning in, and trust (Jupiter) that as we follow a seemingly relentless, hard path, requiring responsibility and stamina, necessity and our goals guiding the way (Saturn) eventually we will meet with transformation and empowerment (Pluto).

Eclipse aspects

The eclipse chart highlights the Cancer/Capricorn axis, the Moon, Saturn, Pluto and the south node are in Capricorn opposite the Sun, Venus and the north node in Cancer.

A clash between our private and family life with our public status and career, our inner wisdom versus external expectations and control structures, security issues – how do we feel safe and defend ourselves and our family? Are we content following the directions of authority figures or feel constrained, having to do what is necessary to survive, fearful of the consequences of any failure to follow the rules, even if we don’t agree with them.

On a collective level this could increase friction between governments, the judiciary, financial institutions – whose authority and control is designed to be invincible, and the masses whose basic, essential requirements for well-being, are often disregarded, or far worse.

The eclipse has no planets in air, and Mercury is retrograde, our thoughts maybe difficult to clarify, our ability to relate to others and communicate effectively could be limited. Of note, is that Mercury stations direct on August 1st 4.58am at 23 degrees 57′ Cancer – triggering the eclipse degree, just after a Leo new Moon at 4.11am and opposite Pluto.

This suggests meaningful, revealing news or information, that instantly sharpens our thoughts, possibly prompting us to alter our course or take action. The new Moon is conjunct Venus and square Uranus, the information could touch on relationships or finances, be sudden, and bring unease or excitability.

The Moon is traditionally in her detriment in Capricorn, she is also conjunct Pluto – family, relationship and financial issues are accentuated, the role and outcome of power and control in our lives is possibly exposed.

Possession of power and control does not guarantee wisdom and integrity – in our families, personal relationships or the external world.

In countless, diverse ways we will all have experienced the constriction or consequences inflicted by someone in charge, starting with our parents in childhood, or it could be a relationship where one partner holds all the financial power, our livelihood – doing something that we find ethically unpleasant to keep our job and feed our children. Extending into scenarios of an increasingly harsh and remorseless nature, power struggles and coercion, coming into contact with the rigid procedures and domination of the state and authorities.

The Moon and Pluto depict deep, dark, extreme emotions, and possibly secrets – things concealed and hidden in the past coming to light. We have to know, have to face the truth, any fear is swept aside. Immense emotional pressure, but perhaps simultaneously an inclination to try and remain outwardly composed and dignified due to the influence of Saturn and Capricorn. We need to accept what is lost, or possibly was never real, and make mature choices about our future actions.

The Moon, Saturn, Pluto and the south node combine in a highly karmic alignment that could reveal, bring into the open, past conduct and activities. Perpetrators, those who have caused oppression or pain could be presented with undeniable facts, confirming their wrongdoing. Victims may find that an opportunity for a healing process is brought to light, a way to try to come to terms with their wounds.

Venus is conjunct the north node, opposite Saturn and quincunx Jupiter, Venus will also form a precise opposition to Pluto on July 21st at 09.32 GMT. Additionally, Venus is parallel the north node and contra-parallel Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, accentuating these aspects.

Venus conjunct the north node indicates the best route forward. Venus in Cancer emphasises women, children and our family life, our personal relationships, how we, and others are valued and treated, fairness and justice, finances – our earning and spending capacity.

There is a strong sense that financial resources their use and distribution in the world, the judicial system and how laws are implemented and enforced are significant themes of this eclipse. It would certainly be no surprise if another financial crisis occurred.

In the world we may no longer be able to avoid, the generally glossed over, ugly reality that lies beneath. It’s always been there. The cycles of time indicate change is possible – we should utilise this opportunity with wisdom.

Venus directs us towards harmony and equality, to appreciate and cherish others, respect their contributions, regardless of whether it is financially rewarded or not, to protect the weak and vulnerable. Additionally, the recent solar eclipse on July 2nd was parallel Venus, which likewise, drew attention to the significance of Venus and Cancer, as defining the beneficial approach and manner to proceed with.

Saturn and Pluto state that old structures must change, but equally they will not submit without a fight. Look towards the future, January 2020 – plan your moves responsibly and with integrity, take steps to build a future that’s worthy of your time, energy and creativity. Along the way expect to meet personally or in the collective, discontent, delay, restriction, fear, power struggles, conflict, turmoil, abuse of power and crisis.

Tarot ~ 4 of Pentacles

The Moon is in the third decan or face of Capricorn, ruled by the Sun. The corresponding tarot card is the 4 of Pentacles.

This card combines the illumination and creativity of the Sun with the sign of Capricorn – the pursuit of materialism, a craving for, and the attainment of money, power and influence.

Book T refers to this card as “Earthly Power.”

The Rider Waite Smith card depicts a man in expensive clothing, possibly royal as he has a crown on his head, he is seated, perhaps on a throne, with a big city in the background. A pentacle is balanced on top of his crown, he clutches another to his chest, and under his feet are two more pentacles.

The two pentacles beneath his feet depict his material stability and wealth. The pentacle at his heart shows he is cut off from his relationships with others – money and power come before love. The pentacle on his head blocks his connection with the divine and any spiritual development.

The 4 of Pentacles needs order and control in his world, his obsession with acquiring material resources and power can be at the expense of everything else.

But there is, “the possibility that instead of being closed off, the figure has succeeded in laying a foundation of material security (pentacles at hands and feet) that will facilitate spiritual development via the pentacles at the heart and crown chakras. From this viewpoint, the houses in the background represent the material and worldly success the figure has already achieved, and the grey in the foreground says his future task is to balance and organise the material with the Divine.” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 121



Top Image ~ Unsplash

4 of Pentacles from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter



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