Aquarius ~ Johann Bayer

The Full Moon takes place on July 24th, 03.37 BST at 1° 26 Aquarius.

This is the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius. After this, the next lunation – the Leo New Moon on August 8th – will be followed by a Full Moon on August 22nd at 29° 36 Aquarius.

Notably – this Full Moon is very close to the degree of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (0° 29′ Aquarius) that took place on Winter Solstice 2020 – and – the upcoming Venus-Mars conjunction on March 6th 2022 (the last of a triple Venus-Mars conjunction at 0° 02′ Aquarius).

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction launched a new 20 year & 200 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle, denoting that we are at the dawn, the starting point of a new era. Meaning that this lunation is intricately linked with the future, as what is transpiring or unfolding in our lives now presents a stepping stone to the future.

In the present circumstances, life – in one way or another – is off-kilter for all of us. The difficulties and challenges that have materialised in the world due to the pandemic are unsettling, confusing – and divisive. There’s no denying that this landscape is unfamiliar –  and discombobulating – as we are neither in the past or the future, but somewhere in between.

Collectively, we are all experiencing unprecedented times and seeking to make sense of our individual experiences. Numerous and continually fluctuating changes have – & continue to – impact our daily lives, diminishing our confidence and assurance in how the world functions

Aquarius is fixed air, a sign symbolised by the Water Bearer pouring forth fertile waters of wisdom from his urn. This Aquarius Full Moon will help to bring greater awareness and clarity around the future.

Together with how our connections to, and interactions with others are merged with, and contribute to the future. Makes it possible for deeper insight to emerge around what has already changed, and into what is still being reshaped and redefined in our personal lives, as well as in the world around us.



Opposite the Moon, the Sun is in domicile in Leo, expressive of our individual creativity and self-expression. Luna is illuminating and bringing attention to Aquarian energy. Aquarius is concerned with friendships, groups, society and politics. The Leo-Aquarius axis highlights How do I fit into the group and relate to others?

In a mundane way, the Sun in Leo also speaks of authority figures – the powers that be – and the Moon in Aquarius – the people. Correlates with, and reflects, the announcements by various governments to in the near future make vaccination compulsory for certain jobs and entry into certain venues. Generating further divisions in society, as well as possibly between friends and family members, along with questions as to what else this paves the way for.

Looking at the chart shows Luna between Saturn and Pluto. A tough place to be. But one that symbolically resonates with the feeling that this lunation will assist and guide us to navigate from the past – what has been dismantled (Pluto) – towards what to structure and build for the future (Saturn).

The Moon in Aquarius is emotionally independent, and feels at home with being different. Aquarius also cares deeply about humanity, diversity, social causes and justice. The Full Moon may (hopefully) influence a desire to seek greater equality for all, along with support for, and encouragement of, our differences. For sure, this will involve trying to resolve (some possibly heated) conflicts of opinion and viewpoints first.

Essentially, we may recognise something important about where we are now, and how it links to the past, and relates to the future. We may find ourselves compelled to stand up for our own self, others, or walk away from something that goes against our beliefs. Likewise we could determine who is on the same page as us. Who is part of our future, and who we may may need to – wish well, but – let go of.

This Full Moon will help us take on board what has changed or come to end. Give us a helping hand to work out how to align our life and relationships with what is authentic and meaningful to us. Brings us courage and a greater sense of independence to follow the path that calls to us and brings a deeper sense of purpose to life.

Keep in mind that this is just the start of being able to visualise the future, and what action to take more clearly. The second Full Moon in Aquarius will further clarify what has shifted.

Fixed Stars ~ Alberio & Altair

Fixed star Alberio is in the Constellation Cygnus, situated in the beak of The Swan at 1° 37′ Aquarius. Altair is in the Constellation Aquila, a pale yellow star in the neck of The Eagle at 2° 03′ Aquarius.


“Of the nature of Venus and Mercury. It gives a handsome appearance, neatness, a loveable disposition and beneficence in despair.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson

Well aspected people really do soar to great heights on this one and, being well aspected people, of course they behave appropriately when they do get there. If not, however, they have been known to be shot down again!” ~ The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse

Constellation Aquila

Aquila represents the Eagle, thought to be Jupiter himself, that carried Ganymedes to heaven.” ~ Robson


According to Ptolemy, Altair is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter.

Aquila ~ Johann Bayer

It confers a bold, confident, valiant, unyielding, ambitious and liberal nature, great and sudden but ephemeral wealth, and a position of command, makes its natives guilty of bloodshed, and gives danger from reptiles.” ~ Robson

Tied up with benefic stellar bodies, Altair is credited with bestowing hardiness, courage and generosity, especially if on the ascendant. If Mercury and Moon are positioned here, this will make people as bold as brass and foolhardy in order to assert themselves. Near the upper Meridian (MC) and in good aspect, Altair promises rise in life and honours. The native tries with sincere conviction to reach out for his aims with utmost willpower. He will avoid nothing in order to achieve them Altair is good for advancement of lawyers and military men.” ~ Fixed Stars and their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin

Bernadette Brady connects the boldness and action associated with Altair to human relationships and caring. Action not just for its own sake, but also to serve others. About Altair with the Moon Brady says: “To admire bold individuals.” ♦ “Having little regard for personal safety if loved ones are threatened.” ♦ “People emotionally moved by acts of courage.”

Tarot ~ 5 of Swords

The Full Moon takes place in the 1st Decan/Face of Aquarius ruled by Venus (Saturn by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 5 of Swords.

Venus loves peace and harmony, and is generally thought of as bestowing that influence. But, her origins lie in Babylonian mythology as Ishtar a goddess of love and war, beautiful, sensual, but if her temper was ignited, fiery and vengeful.

Aquarius is a sign that loves humanity, but equally will stand up and fight for its vision of righteousness, even if it creates distance and isolation from the group. However, at heart, both Venus and Aquarius wish for everyone to be contented and supported.

Book T calls this card “Defeat”.

Aquarius I

A man whose head is mutilated and he holds a peacock in his hand. This is a face of misery, poverty and slavery.”

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a man holding three swords, relishing victory, as two defeated rivals, their abandoned swords lying on the ground, walk away. A squabble, a skirmish has occurred, but it’s impossible to tell if the battle was fair or justified.

However the stormy clouds and choppy water illustrate that, sometimes, winning leads to further unrest, perhaps the loss of something equally cherished. A consequence that was possibly overlooked or not considered.

In a reading the 5 of Swords is a complex card to read, as it depicts winning and losing. It can be finally standing up to those who have taken advantage of us – or – being taken advantage of. Situations are unsettled, tempestuous, and there could even be a hint of deception involved.

The 5 0f Swords leads to questions about the true cost of victory, was the battle and force used necessary? are the gains worth it? The 5 of Swords also clearly illustrates the potential that being overly competitive or covetous of what others have, can lead to being deserted, left solo.

On one level, this card deals with competition and the feelings of victory or defeat that accompany it. The momentary kick of outdoing someone else can be used as a substitute for developing our potential; however, it often reflects low self esteem. Competitiveness is related to our inner struggle for approval and affection. But neither the need to win nor the fear of defeat promotes inner growth. Thus, the Five of Swords, which looks like some kind of victory, is, in fact, an impasse.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 154

All in All

Saturn square Uranus is the standout aspect of 2021 and both are considered rulers of Aquarius. Saturn is the traditional ruler, Uranus the modern, and so this aspect is eloquently symbolic of much that is presently materialising in the world.

The world is changing and being reshaped. We are all individually trying to process and come to terms with this, and the ways our lives and relationships are altering. The Full Moon could well illuminate deeper realisation about the changes underway in the world.

From my post on Saturn square Uranus:

Collectively, the powers that be, those who define the rules, could handle matters in a humanitarian or a dictatorial manner. Of importance here, and currently up in the air, is if science and technology will be used to liberate or control the people.”

Freedom (Uranus) or coercion (Saturn).

Most importantly, at this moment, the current disarray in the world means that a multitude of possibilities exist. That nothing is set in stone and that the future is malleable. That at this pivotal moment in time, the future being seeded is not only for ourselves, but also the generations to follow.

We are guided to find our tribe, who we have rapport and an affinity with. To focus on relationships that strengthens us and puts us in touch with our vision of the future. To align with what is truly inspiring and meaningful to us.

Above all, we need to try and heal (or find ways to work around) divisions, rather than inflame them.


Wishing Full Moon blessings to all.



Star and Planet Combinations ~ Bernadette Brady

The Complete Picatrix ~ Translated by John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock


Top Image ~ Johann Bayer – Aquarius – from Wikimedia Commons

Johann Bayer – Aquila – from Wikimedia Commons

5 of Swords from the Aquatic Tarot

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