The key aspects and lunations in August.


August 1st – The Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury – 9 Leo

The Sun is in domicile in Leo – encouraging us to show off our talents and seek out fun and pleasure. Leo loves to create, lead and conquer. The Sun in Leo helps to boost our self-confidence and desire to take the initiative on the stage of life.

When the Sun and Mercury meet up, essentially mind (Mercury) and self-expression (Sun) align. In Leo, Mercury’s power of thought and communication is enhanced by the optimism, zest for life and leadership of the Sun.

This instigates opportunities to understand something essential or formulate plans that help pave the way for progress. Conversations (in person or on line) could be illuminating. Others may bring our attention to a different perspective. Or something important we had overlooked.

The exact conjunction is at 15.07 BST (adjust this for your time zone). At this moment and approximately 3 hours either side Mercury is Cazimi! Traditionally this moment is advantageous, and full of promise, as Mercury is embraced and greatly strengthened by the Sun in all his glory.

August 2nd – Sun/Mercury opposite Saturn – 10 Leo/Aquarius

With the Sun in his home realm of Leo & Saturn the traditional ruler of Aquarius, this is a powerful opposition. It could highlight obstacles and challenges (Saturn Rx), but equally the determination to overcome them.

Sun-Mercury in Leo means our heartfelt desires will be fired up, encouraging us to pursue our goals and find ways to work around difficulties.

August 3rd – Venus trine Uranus – 14 Virgo/Taurus

This could bring excitement & pleasant surprises around our relationships or finances. Socialising and meeting new people could prove inspiring and stimulating. Creative ideas with an original twist.

August 3rd – Mercury square Uranus – 14 Leo/Taurus

Mental tension. New or unusual information is stimulating. Someone close to us may behave differently – more detached or lively than usual. A surge of energy arising from excitement or anxiety. Change could make us feel exhilarated or overwhelmed.

August 6th – Sun square Uranus – 14 Leo/Taurus

We could encounter more change or unexpected obstacles. Our plans could experience some disruption. We could find ourselves in unusual or crazy situations. Meet new, refreshing & thought-proving people. An inventive approach to problems – seeking solutions – could bring admiration and increase our self-confidence.

August 8th – New Moon – 16 Leo

The New Moon highlights the T-Square of Sun-Mercury opposite Saturn Rx all square Uranus in the sky.

This is a fixed T-Square – stubborn and uncompromising – so it may seem like there is no way around what or who is presenting us with difficulties.

Could illuminate either our enthusiasm for (Sun) or fears about (Saturn Rx) changes (Uranus) in life. But may well reveal something important we can learn from the past (Saturn Rx) that gives us fresh insight (Uranus) into what we wish to create and pursue in life (New Moon in Leo). Together with the courage to try a new approach, that brings potential for more freedom and independence.

Keep seeking solutions – as things will improve – the Full Moon at the end of August is far more harmonious!

August 10th – Venus opposite Neptune – 22 Virgo/Pisces

Fantasy versus reality. We could be easily confused, misread people or information. Someone close may let us down or disappoint us. Escape troubles by getting lost in – deeply appreciating – music, art or spirituality. Creative inspiration and expression.

August 11th – Mercury opposite Jupiter – 28 Leo/Aquarius

Details versus the big picture. Optimistic expectations are tempered by facts. Thinking up plans for the future that would bring more freedom and meaning to life.

August 11th – Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury rules Virgo. Communication and information becomes more organised and efficient.

August 11th – Venus trine Pluto – 24 Virgo/Capricorn

The power of love. A passionate desire to obtain a turning point or healing, in our relationships or finances. Values are transformed by recent experiences. Emotional courage. Encountering intense emotional or romantic feelings. Fearless creative expression.

August 16th – Venus enters Libra

Venus rules Libra. Relationships become more peaceful & harmonious.

August 19th – Mercury conjunct Mars – 12 Virgo

Putting plans into action. Practical problem solving.

August 20th – Uranus retrograde

Uranus will be retrograde until January 18th 2022.

When Uranus is retrograde we get to review, and reflect on, all that has recently changed. Gives us (in the main) a break from sudden external change that causes upheaval, as Uranus directs his influence inwards.

As we engage with and process all that has changed, we awaken changes in our inner selves, that we can then outwardly express. Essentially, we are learning how to express ourselves more freely and authentically.

August 20th – Sun opposite Jupiter – 27 Leo/Aquarius

Evaluating ourselves – what have we achieved? what progress have we made? Finding faith in ourselves and our goals. Contemplating how can we improve ourselves and our plans. A temptation to be overly generous or self-indulgent. Our trust in someone or something may turn out to have been misplaced.

August 20th – Mercury trine Uranus – 14 Virgo/Taurus

Insight and ideas. Surprises. A ta-dah moment when something suddenly comes together or makes sense.

August 22nd – Full Moon in Aquarius – 29 Aquarius

The Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter. Both the traditional & modern rulers of Aquarius make encouraging & positive trines. Venus is trine Saturn & Mars is trine Uranus.

Whatever was tricky or frustrating at the start of the month is fading away. Bringing a sense of release, and making way for progress forwards.

A favourable, healing and inspiring lunation.

August 22nd – Sun enters Virgo

The Sun in Virgo equates with the end of summer holidays and the imminent start of a new school year. Signals a shift in focus from fun & pleasure to work & responsibilities. Getting organised and writing to do lists. Motivates us to get into a routine and be productive.

August 22nd – Mars trine Uranus – 14 Virgo/Taurus

Feeling independent and in need of freedom & adventure. Unrestrained energy. Enthusiasm to try something daring or take risks. Meeting stimulating, high-spirited people.

August 23rd – Venus trine Saturn – 8 Libra/Aquarius

Relationships bring support and assistance. Responsibilities – and any problems – are handled with poise, gracefulness and efficiency. Disputes are resolved with diplomacy and compromise. Creative endeavours are pleasurable, and could – if we are so inclined – lead to material success and reward. Financial matters could improve, become more stable and secure.

August 24th – Mercury opposite Neptune – 22 Virgo/Pisces

It may be a struggle to discern what is true from what is fake, fact from fantasy. Thoughts and conversations could be muddled, or imaginative and seductive. Discovery of a mystery or secret. Our perception and understanding of the unseen realms could be enhanced. Intuitive ideas could be brilliant.

August 26th – Mercury trine Pluto – 24 Virgo/Capricorn

The power of thoughts and words. Carefully scrutinising information. Articulate, effective communications. Ability to persuade others into our way of thinking.

August 30th – Mercury enters Libra

A balanced, calm and collected way of thinking. Charming and diplomatic words.



Johannes Hevelius – Leo ~ Via Wikimedia Commons

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