The New Moon takes place on February 11th, 7.05 pm UT, at 23 16′ Aquarius.

Oh wow! where to start? This New Moon is potent, pivotal, and highly charged with future orientated energy.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all in Aquarius – the New Moon features 6 planets in Aquarius! – an impressive, influential gathering of planets in the sign associated with friendships, groups, society and politics. Setting forth strong themes that prompts us to consider how our individual path fits in with the group – I/Me in comparison with Us/We. Collectively we are uncertain and unsettled about what is ahead. We are all caught up in, and living through these challenging chain of events, and whilst the emphasis is on the group – collective issues – this moment urges us to consider the divides, the different points of view. The essentiality of the freedom to think for ourselves and make our own choices.

The New Moon provides the opportunity for revelation. Launches us into the future with a clearer vision of our personal niche and ideals. Together with how to let our vision flow with those that share our approaches and work around those with differing perspectives.

Just before the New Moon, at 14.59 UT, Jupiter and Venus – the two benefics – meet up for an exact conjunction. Jupiter and Venus are a prominent, powerful, guiding light at the New Moon. Bestow a welcome, much needed, harmonious and uplifting influence. An air of positivity and diplomacy that brings forth the potential for some luck and good fortune (given further emphasis by one of the fixed stars influential at the New Moon – Sadalsuud).

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius – on Winter Solstice 2020 – signalled the seeds of far-reaching change being sown. This lunation kick starts the planning process, encourages us to focus on shaping the future, start to lay our foundations. Without doubt, this is a highly significant New Moon – inspiring and favourable – for acknowledging our dreams, innovating and making a start on new projects or directions, along with bringing forth some unity and community spirit.

Emphasising the planning aspect, the potential for new perspectives to emerge, Mercury is currently retrograde (Direct on February 21st). Mercury retrograde helps us to evaluate the past and be discerning about the future. Messages or insights about the future are in the air. Be open to new ideas or suggestions as they could bring illumination around how to proceed and make progress from here, as well as reveal new ways of thinking – an enhanced perception and tolerance in regard to handling the current disarray and divides.



Aquarius is an air sign – Saturn is the traditional ruler, Uranus the modern. Aquarius is intellectual, analytical, cool and detached. Saturn supports a strong mind and sense of self, but also describes and conforms to the collective rules and laws. Uranus a free thinker, always looking ahead to the future, likes to make his own rules, shake things up.

Collectively, it’s impossible to ignore the divisions. Opinions are divided, causing unrest and conflict. The intense Aquarian energy of the New Moon helps us get in touch with ourselves, and answer important questions – “What do I think” – “Where do I stand?” – “Who am I in tune with?” At this point, we are best to, and can achieve more, by working together with others who share our ideals. Simultaneously, we have to listen to, try to understand and find ways to co-exist with opposing ideals.

The New Moon suggests and supports standing back to analyse the bigger picture. Seeking clarity on our aspirations for the future, along with our ideals, what is authentic, true and non-negotiable for ourselves. Deciding what to work towards, and perhaps, what to walk away from, what goes against our beliefs.

The New Moon makes waves, brings momentum to move forwards somewhere in life. But with Mercury retrograde, this is a process that may take time to ignite. As we look before we leap – take it slowly – reflect on what is dissolving from the past and imagine the future we wish to create and build, before we take action.

Fixed Stars ~ Sadalsuud & Deneb Algedi

Sadalsuud ~  23 40′ Aquarius

Deneb Algedi ~ 23 49′ Aquarius

Sadalsuud is a pale yellow star in the left shoulder of the Water Bearer, whose Arabic name means “The Luckiest of the Lucky.” According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury.

This star Sadalsuud is the “star of mighty destiny.” It’s solar nature presages great honour and riches. Some modern astrologers assert that Sadalsuud indicates trouble and disgrace.” ~ Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George C. Noonan

With Sun ~ “Occult interests, psychic, wealth through opposite sex involving litigation, domestic harmony.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson

With Moon ~ “Reputation through occult matters, respect of friends, favourable for gain, peculiar domestic conditions.” ~ Robson

Deneb Algedi is a star in the Sea Goat’s tail.

Deneb Algedi has a Saturn influence made good by added Jupiter influence. This fixed star makes for integrity and justice and gives a knowledge of man. Therefore we see here a refining Saturn influence. This will be achieved if the radical Saturn is well placed.” ~ Fixed Stars and their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin


The New Moon takes place in the third decan or face of Aquarius, ruled by the Moon (Venus by triplicity.) The corresponding tarot card is the 7 of  Swords. This card shows the dark side of the Moon, mystery and deception, combined with Aquarius’ independence and analytical mind.

Aquarius Decan III ~ “There rises in the third face of Aquarius a man having a mutilated head, and an old woman is with him. This is a face of abundance, accomplishing of will, and of giving offense.” ~ PICATRIX

Book T refers to this card as “Unstable Effort.”

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a man silently and stealthily creeping away from an encampment. The man carries 5 Swords, while 2 Swords remain stuck upright in the ground.

Is the man a thief? Is he the rightful owner of the Swords, sneaking in to reclaim them? Or has he decided it’s time to leave, go it alone, only taking what belongs to him? There is complexity here, disharmony, culminating in risk taking. All we know for certain is that the man is leaving with something of value. Swords represent the element of air – thoughts and ideas – so whilst we can’t be sure what preceded the man’s departure, he has planned his actions and is leaving the past, hoping for a brighter future. Connecting the 5 of Swords to The Fool, a card linked with Aquarius, depicting an adventure into the unknown, exciting, but possibly perilous as the outcome is unclear.

In one sense, the Seven of Swords represents courageous, albeit impulsive, effort, which results in partial or temporary success. Old projects are neglected for the actions of the present moment. This card also warns against using deceit in either business or personal affairs.

Spiritually the card suggests that the figure seeks a change in consciousness. Having selected the spiritual ideas he needs, he now focuses on his goal.” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 158



Top Image by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

7 of Swords from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter


The Complete Picatrix ~ Translated by John Michael Greer & Christopher Warnock

Fixed Stars ~


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