The Full Moon takes place at 11 degrees 45′ Aquarius, 16.59 BST.

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius – traditionally it’s Saturn – is square the Full Moon.

This touches on and may inflame feeling uncertain, anxious and unsettled about the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has initiated numerous – continually fluctuating – changes, diminishing our confidence and assurance in how our daily life and the world functions.

Uranus is in Taurus, a sign associated with the desire for material stability, the security of following tried and tested methods, peace and relaxation. The influence of Uranus clashes and conflicts with Taurus – Uranus is seeking to shake things up, disrupt and inspire new, innovative ways of managing our material resources and finances.

Perhaps the best approach is to expect changes and surprises – this Full Moon could certainly reveal some – try to be prepared for them and ready to be flexible. Whilst change can be challenging and chaotic at the time, in the long term it can work out to be of value.

It is also likely that individually we are thinking very differently. In a short period of time – a few months – collectively we have experienced shock, turmoil and extreme changes to the world, instigating us to look at life from a different perspective. Our views and opinions may well have altered, shifted in unforeseen ways, which the Full Moon may assist bringing our attention to.



The New Moon on July 20th was opposite Saturn, this Full Moon sees Mercury opposite Saturn. Enhancing this aspect, fixed star Albali (see below) conjunct the Moon, has a Saturn-Mercury nature.

Mercury opposite Saturn could see us searching for reliable facts and information, trying to make a tough decision or getting to grips with our true thoughts and opinions on something.

Mars is also square Jupiter, exact on August 4th. Which means actions could be motivated by a sense of righteousness, but equally go too far, potentially be rash and explosive.

A positive influence at the Full Moon is Venus, who is conjunct the mean North Node in Gemini.

The North Node has a Jupiter-Venus nature, and possibly some favourable or beneficial news or information could be expected, a way to pleasingly resolve a dilemma or a wonderful idea or plan for the future may come to light.

The Full Moon is about letting go of blocks and restrictions, becoming aware of how what worked in the past is now outdated. It’s time to be open to doing things differently, being creative and thinking outside the box, to seek out promising scenarios and ways forward. Clinging to the past may bring obstacles, and perhaps shocks that jolt us into change, try to flow with rather than against change.

Fixed Star ~ Albali

Albali is currently located at 11 degrees 59′ Aquarius in the Constellation Aquarius, on the left hand of the Water Bearer.

According to Ptolemy Albali has a Saturn-Mercury nature.

This star, Albali, along with Ancha, are indicative of danger and can cause persecution and even death, but are also said to give good fortune.” ~ Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan

The Twenty-third Mansion of the Moon

Albali is the indicator star of the Twenty-third Mansion of the Moon ~ Al Sa’d al Bula, the Good Fortune of the Swallower. 

Influences of Al Sa’d al Bula – Causes divorces, liberty of captives and heals the sick.

The Twenty-third Mansion can indicate conflicts, the necessity to remove or part ways with hindrances or obstacles that are preventing healing and growth.

Sa’d Bula can signify the weakness before recovery in an illness, and thus the painful beginning of the healing process.” ~ The Mansions of the Moon, Christopher Warnock


The Full Moon takes place in the 2nd decan of Aquarius ruled by Mercury.

AQUARIUS DECAN II ~ “There rises in the second face of Aquarius a man who looks like a king, who permits much to himself and abhors what he sees. This is a face of beauty and position, having what is desired, completion, detriment and debility.” ~ PICATRIX

The corresponding tarot card is the 6 of Swords. Mercury as ruler of this decan brings an aptitude for independent, self-determined thinking. Being decisive over what is ideal, what can or cannot be tolerated. This can potentially lead to another Mercury ruled area – journeys – both physically and mentally. A willingness to cast aside anything tiresome or trying, to step into the unknown – regardless of any fear or anxiety – brings the possibility of an altered perspective, enhanced wisdom and success.

Book T calls this card “Earned Success.”

The Rider Waite Smith card depicts a boatman taking a woman and child on a journey from one shore to another. The water on one side of the boat is rough and turbulent, the other still and calm. This card can indicate moving away from, abandoning something in life that was difficult or detrimental, with a wish to discover a happier, more supportive future.

The Six of Swords can also represent hope and perseverance on our life journey. We keep going toward the future (right side of the card), even though we have little awareness of what will happen.” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 156

Full Moon Meaning

The Sun is exactly opposite the Moon – Luna is at her brightest, her energy and force are at maximum power.

A Full Moon shows whatever seeds were planted at the New Moon becoming ripe, being illuminated so that we can clearly see and understand our course of action and its result. The harvest could be abundant, bountiful or be deficient, not quite what we hoped for. With the Moon at her peak the veil between the seen and unseen is also at its thinnest.

From here the Moon begins to diminish, so it is not ideal to start anything new. It is more a time to reflect – and depending on the results of our harvest, either keep and reinforce the beneficial or release and let go of anything that is not working or has become dysfunctional.


Top Image by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

6 of Swords from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter

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