The Sun enters Aries at 03.50am GMT on March 20th, crossing the celestial equator moving from south to north – The Spring Equinox.

Officially bringing the start of Spring to the northern hemisphere and Autumn to the southern hemisphere. Another turn in the wheel of the year known in the pagan calendar as Ostara.

Nature is waking up after hibernating all winter, the energy is fiery, exuberant and ready to spark into life. Illustrating an important message at this daunting moment in time – even though currently everything seems on hold, in limbo – life carries on and ultimately will be fully re-awakened.


The global Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the present moment and time ahead for everyone on Earth. Fear and uncertainty has descended, alongside the resulting boundaries and restrictions. Looking ahead all we can say for sure is that a massive shift has occurred, meaning the future is imprinted with change. In time normalcy will return, but life will never be quite the same as before, we have reached a turning point.

For now, perhaps, take one day at a time – knowing that eventually this will all pass. The Spring Equinox highlights the fact that life is eternal and irrepressible. We need to flow with the changes, endeavour to keep ourselves and others safe from this virus by taking sensible precautions, as well as helping and supporting others however we can . Simultaneously, try and seek the positives and ways to maintain them in future

Priorities in life have been bought into sharp focus. Setting in motion new approaches and structures for the future that embrace a newly discovered awareness of the need for a greater degree of humanitarianism, compassion and innovation as we move forwards – emphasised by Saturn’s move into Aquarius on March 22nd.

Equinox Meaning

The Sun entering into one of the 4 cardinal signs marks the unfolding of a new season. In the northern hemisphere this is Aries – Spring Equinox, Cancer – Summer Solstice, Libra – Autumn Equinox, Capricorn – Winter Solstice. In the southern hemisphere this is reversed.

Equinox – is Latin for “equal” and “night” – the hours of light and darkness are in perfect balance. But this balance is brief, the scales are gradually tipping one way or another. For us in the northern hemisphere the hours of daylight now begin to outnumber those of darkness.

Being aware of and connecting with the cycles of nature – life, death and renewal – appreciating the continual change taking place, accompanying and reflected in the cycles of our own lives is beneficial.


As the Sun moves into Aries, the most significant aspect is Mars conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and is the ruler of Aries – underlining that individually and collectively, where and how we direct our energy, the actions we take are important. Jupiter who in traditional astrology is known as the ‘Greater Benefic’ whilst in fall in Capricorn is still able to bestow hope and optimism.

Mars conjunct Jupiter encourages courage, being responsible and considering how our actions may effect others, along with finding constructive, favourable ways to work within the current restrictions and necessity for self-isolation.

Be strong, stay safe – we are all in this together and depend on each other to come out the other side.

Image by Rod Long on Unsplash


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