The Sun enters Libra, the sign of the scales and balance, on September 23rd at 08.51am BST, crossing the celestial equator, moving from north to south – The Autumnal Equinox.

Officially bringing the start of Autumn to the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring to the Southern Hemisphere. Another turn in the Wheel of the Year, and the second celebration of the harvest – Mabon. It’s harvest time – a time to thank the waning Sun and the Earth for the bountiful harvest bestowed, celebrate the work and results of summer, as well as align with nature and prepare for winter as the light begins to diminish, the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature cools.

Equinox meaning

The Sun entering into one of the Cardinal signs marks the unfolding of a new season. In the northern hemisphere this is Aries – Spring Equinox, Cancer – Summer Solstice, Libra – Autumn Equinox, Capricorn – Winter Solstice. In the Southern Hemisphere this is reversed.

Equinox – is Latin for “equal” and “night” – the hours of light and darkness are in perfect balance. But this balance is brief, the scales are gradually tipping one way or another. For us in the northern hemisphere, the hours of darkness begin to outnumber those of daylight.

Being aware of and connecting with the cycles of nature – life, death and renewal – appreciating the continual change taking place, accompanying and reflected in the cycles of our own lives is beneficial. As the year begins to conclude, it is a good time to pause and reflect on how our own seeds planted this year have manifested, evaluate our achievements or losses. Prepare to let go of, or change whatever is necessary, think about what we need to sustain ourselves through the long winter ahead.

Libra Ingress Chart


Aspects Ahead

On September 25th, Venus will square Saturn and the nodes. Venus in her home sign of Libra will be striving for balance, peace and harmony, especially in the area of relationships. The square to Saturn and the nodes, suggests that rules, restrictions or obligations are going to be an issue or obstacle impeding unison with others.

On September 26th, Mercury will square Pluto, our words and thoughts could be spiked with intensity, we may confront or encounter themes to do with power and control.

This all leads us to the New Moon in Libra on September 28th, which will be opposite Chiron Rx and see Saturn conjunct the south node. It’s a new start, that ends or concludes something from the past (Saturn conjunct south node) that could reveal our vulnerabilities, or even be painful (Chiron).


Top Image from Unsplash by Jeremy Thomas 

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