The New Moon takes place at 19.26pm BST on September 28th at 5 degrees 20′ Libra. The New Moon is opposite Chiron Rx, quincunx Uranus and conjunct the fixed star – Zaniah. Of note is that Venus ruler of, and currently gliding through home sign Libra, is sextile Jupiter, quincunx and parallel Neptune by declination, and Saturn, lord of karma is conjunct the south node.

New Moon Meaning

The Sun and Moon are conjunct at the start of a new cycle. A New Moon indicates we could be initiating, putting in place changes – commencing something brand new or refreshing, spicing up a habitual routine. It’s a time seeds are sown – new ideas, goals or approaches in life.


It’s been some time since we have had any planets in an air sign, now we have 4 planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, in Libra the sign of justice, strategy, diplomacy and relationships. This New Moon will perhaps entice us to think things through, communicate with others, and find ways to compromise or attain harmony in situations or relationships that have been or become tense and pressured, that we have either recognised for some time or just become aware of (The recent Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune could have unveiled what has been hidden from view – either by our own lack of perception of the truth or the deceit and dishonesty of others).

At the time of the New Moon, Saturn is also conjunct the south node, this is his third and final conjunction to the south node, the other exact conjunctions occurred on April 30th and July 4th. This suggests a karmic crossroads in life that has been brewing all year – or longer, an evaluation and accounting for past actions. A choice needs to be taken or it’s the end of something – a turning point, a release in one way or another. Personal planets Mercury (thoughts/communications) and Venus (relationships/money) have both just squared Saturn and the nodes, Mercury on September 22nd, Venus on September 25th.

On the world stage, the New Moon and Saturn are already in action – Brexit and the Supreme Court ruling that the recent prorogation of Parliament was illegal, the impeachment inquiry launched against Donald Trump by congress, and the mounting questions about Prince Andrew and his entanglement with Jeffery Epstein.

The New Moon is opposite Chiron Rx in Aries, Mercury and Venus have already opposed Chiron on September 16th and 17th respectively. An inner awareness of our vulnerabilities, a sensitivity, even pain. The quincunx to Uranus Rx in Taurus may add anxiety and restlessness, along with a need to actually do something rather than just analyse the situation, but remain indecisive (a Libran trait). Both Chiron and Uranus are urging us to speak up about what’s wrong, tackle and deal with our insecurities – embrace our individual needs as well as incorporating the needs of others. Libra is about equality and fairness for all, but can also be inclined to compromise too far just to keep the peace, even when it results in personal difficulty and deprivation.

Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics are strongly placed in their home signs and sextile each other, bringing an opportunity for justice, a re-balancing of the scales. Venus and Jupiter are generating brightness in the sky – hope, optimism, enthusiasm and luck, along with highlighting the importance of ideals, honour and personal integrity.

Venus is also quincunx and parallel Neptune, a parallel is considered to be similar in effect to a conjunction. Potentially enhancing love and compassion, especially for victims or the underdog. The New Moon opposite Chiron also highlights empathising or identifying with the pain and wounds of others, and Libra emphasises seeking to address any wrongdoing.

Venus aspecting both Jupiter and Neptune, additionally suggests that our big dreams for the future bought into focus by Jupiter square Neptune, that recently we may have considered abandoning, or giving up on – could be given a boost, some assistance to enable progress.

Fixed star ~ Zaniah

The New Moon takes place conjunct the fixed star, Zaniah.

According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mercury and Venus, and, to Alvidas, of Venus and Mercury in sextile. It gives refinement, honour, congeniality, order and a lovable nature”

Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivien E Robson ~ page 218

Overall this New Moon depicts situations coming to a head, reaching a tipping point, something has to change either by our own hand or another’s, but, the path forwards lit up by Venus and Jupiter and the harmonious fixed star Zaniah brings the opportunity for happiness and good fortune.

TAROT  ~ The Two of Swords

The New Moon takes place in the first decan of Libra, ruled by the Moon (Venus by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 2 of Swords. This card merges the intuition and introspection of the Moon with the goddess of Justice, associated with the sign Libra and the scales of balance.

Book T  calls this card “Peace Restored”

The Rider Waite Smith depicts under a crescent Moon, a blindfolded woman sitting on the shoreline, holding a pair of crossed swords before her. Libra is an air sign, and this card indicates that the woman is facing a difficult decision or a choice between two paths, it brings a huge dilemma so she is contemplating and weighing up both options. While Libra is a sign of reason and balanced discernment, the woman is blindfolded so is having to rely on her intuition and instincts – the Moon.

” The Two of Swords can be a card of procrastination, stalemate and indecision, or the deliberate postponement of a decision. It can signal that weighing options over and over is immobilising us or that we need to shut out our rational abilities and trust our feelings. Recognising that we are blind to certain realities is the beginning of mental awareness. Every choice has its price. The cost of denying our inner promptings or our outer vision is living in a self-limited world.”

Spiritual Tarot by Echolls, Mueller and Thomson ~ page 148


2 of Swords from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter



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