The Full Moon takes place on September 21st, 00.55 BST at 28° 13′ Pisces.

The Full Moon takes place in Pisces Decan III, the last decan of the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is symbolised by two fishes swimming away from each other, but that are also connected together. Pisces is the water we emerge from, and return to, and the two fishes reflect the spiritual and the material.

A Full Moon is a moment of fruition, as the results of our endeavours reveal themselves, so here in Pisces the Full Moon suggests it may feel more like a finale. Something has reached a peak, a conclusion in the ebb and flow of life, and we have entered a time of fluid, fertile change. An ending that leads to a new beginning.

The Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, opposite Mars and sextile Pluto.

Neptune can bring a longing for all that is idealised. Understanding of our connection to each other and the cosmos. But also deciphers where we may be feeling separated from others, confused and even fearful about who or what to trust in life.

Mars in Libra, is finding himself in the uncomfortable position of having to consider others. Mars could reveal how our relationships support or undermine us. Could certainly show up in touchy, irritable verbal outbursts by ourselves or directed towards us at any indication of unfair behaviour.

Pluto brings the opportunity for transformation and healing. To become acquainted with our inner power. But, first we may have to untangle what exactly is concealed. What we are not yet fully aware of.

As always, the influences in the sky can be expressed in a dazzling, kaleidoscope of ways. The Full Moon has potential to be both positive and negative, but perhaps most beneficially, is the promise of knowledge or insight that enlightens us. Possibly most eloquently around our relationships.

The fixed star at this lunation is Scheat, in the Constellation Pegasus. A star traditionally seen as negative in expression, but a positive influence that stimulates mental creativity and illuminates the mind is also possible with this star.

Uniting with this influence is that Mercury trine Jupiter is exact at the Full Moon. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, where the Sun is, so both are influential in the manifestation of the Full Moon energy. Mercury is also conjunct the fixed star Spica, which is favourable for knowledge and insights. With Mercury in Libra the sign of partnership and Jupiter in Aquarius the sign of groups and friendships – this suggests relationships could be connected with the unfolding story.

Mercury-Jupiter could bring us realisation of something important. Whether this involves getting in touch with our dreams, what we believe is true, authentic and meaningful in life or deepening our connections with those who are on the same page as us. If we have come up against conflicts or disputes, it may well help us see the bigger picture – both sides of the story – and ease the way to a compromise being sought out.



Significantly, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are currently retrograde. Mercury joins them on September 27th (Mercury is currently in the pre-retrograde shadow zone) to make a total of 7 celestial bodies retrograde. A heavy dose of retrograde energy that aligns with revisiting the past, and signals the likelihood of a difficulty gaining momentum forwards just yet.

A pause while we journey inwards to seek clarity on where we have been and where we are going. A time to retreat and seek inner guidance. This Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune is a potent time to access the spiritual realms through dreams or meditation, and we could well experience enhanced intuition or an emergence of creative ideas.

Mercury retrograde in Libra emphasises (underlines) a focus on our relationships. Additionally, at the Full Moon Mercury as well as being trine Jupiter, is also square Pluto – and due to Mercury retrograde these aspects will repeat three times.

Another highly significant thread pointing out the theme of relationships, is that Venus is in Mars-Pluto ruled Scorpio. Venus rules Libra, and thus influences Mercury and Mars in Libra, but furthermore Mars and Pluto influence Venus in Scorpio. Venus and Mars are in mutual reception, as they are both in signs that the other rules, which means they can help each other out to resolve relationship issues.

All this signifies a deep dive into our relationships. Unresolved tensions that have been kept a secret or have slowly simmered to a boiling point are seeking a release. With Mercury and Mars in Libra, who will be joined by the Sun on September 22nd – at the Autumnal Equinox – overall we are exploring and pursuing how to arrive at balanced and peaceful relationships.

For sure it could well be a struggle. Relationships could end or be initiated – “loss or gain of friends through criticism” is a possibility with Sheat conjunct Moon Robson tells us. Furthermore it is through our affinities and clashes with others – our relationships – that we ultimately discover more about ourselves.

In a mundane way this evokes the divides in society, which filters down to effect friendships and family relationships due to differing opinions of the vaccine and vaccine passports. The global demonstrations against the vaccine passports, lockdowns and the vaccination of children are a passionate appeal for equality and justice (Libra). A desire for consideration and debate of conflicting perspectives on health and healing (Virgo-Pisces axis).

This Pisces Full Moon puts us in touch with the eternal threads that connect us all and that recognition of our differing perceptions can be healing rather than divisive.

The positive aspects at this lunation bring hope and optimism, indicate that areas of confusion and uncertainty will be illuminated. Brings us some clarity, along with potential for spiritual insights and creative inspiration.

Fixed Star ~ Scheat

Scheat in the Pegasus Constellation, is a deep yellow star on the left leg of the Winged Horse, currently at 29° 39 Pisces. According to Ptolemy Scheat is of the nature of Mars and Mercury.

Traditionally all the stars of Pegasus have quite a malefic reputation. The mythology of Pegasus helps us understand to why. Pegasus was born from Medusa’s neck when Perseus cut off her head, a divine horse as his father was Neptune. Whilst Pegasus’ hooves walked on the earth, his wings allowed him to rise above the material and ascend to the spiritual realms.

Pegasus inspires our spirit to rise above material reality to discover inspiration and spiritual wisdom. But to achieve success, there has to simultaneously be awareness and acceptance of our limitations.

The story of Bellerophon who managed to befriend and tame Pegasus, reveals the potential for elevation or downfall in life that is linked with all the Pegasus’ stars. The tale starts with initial success as Bellerophon, riding Pegasus managed to defeat his opponents, the most infamous being the killing of the Chimera. Bellerophon is victorious, a hero!

But the twist comes when Bellerophon who had become slightly arrogant, overestimates his abilities and decides to ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus the home of the gods. Jupiter was greatly annoyed by Bellerophon’s endeavour so sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus, who bucked, causing Bellerophon to fall (painfully) back down to earth.

Pegasus leads the way to inspiration and knowledge, as it was his hoof pawing the ground that opened the fountain of the Muses. The Hippocrene (“Horse’s Fountain”) was a spring on Mount Helicon sacred to the Muses, as the water bestowed inspiration and creativity. The Muses are the inspirational goddesses of art, literature and sciences, who were considered the source of artistic expression, knowledge and wisdom bestowed to humanity.

According to Robson Scheat  “causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.” And with the Moon “Worry, loss and gain of friends through criticism, danger of accidents and by water, bad for gain.”

Elsbeth Ebertin agrees with the potential bad effect of Scheat saying that it “is a fixed star of accentuated Saturnian character. Tied up with malefics, this could lead the native to lose his life in catastrophes, such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents, aeroplane accidents or maybe suicide.”

But also says that “On the other hand, it is possible for a positive influence to emanate from Scheat, but only for some people and having an effect on their mental creativity, if these people are ready to receive such an in-flow.”

Bernadette Brady links this star with a love of intellect and a search for truth, and outlines Scheat with Moon as “Challenging social conventions; free thinking in the arts, cuisine and matters of care  ♦  A time when social or business conventions are broken.”

Moon conjunct Scheat natives

Catherine Zeta Jones, Kim Kardashian, Hermann Hesse, Fall of the Berlin Wall

Fixed star ~ spica

Notably at the time of the Full Moon Mercury is on fixed star Spica. Bernadette Brady says that Spica was considered a symbol of the bounty of the harvest acquired through the gift of human knowledge of cultivation from the goddess. Nowadays, Spica is a symbol of knowledge and insights, without attachment to any particular area of focus.

Spica with Mercury “neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favour of clergy and people in authority, gain through investments, responsible position.” ~ Robson

Tarot ~ 10 of Cups

The Full Moon takes place in the third Decan/Face of Pisces, ruled by Mars in both rulership systems. The corresponding tarot card is the 10 of Cups. Here, we find Mars – the planet of action – pursues everything he wants, including a blissful home and family life. In Pisces Mars is action driven by emotion. Shows us that by putting our heart and soul into dreams, we can turn them into reality.

Book T calls this card “Perfected Success”.

Pisces III

A sad man full of evil thoughts, thinking of deception and treachery, and before him is a woman with a donkey climbing atop her, and in her hand is a bird. This is a face of advancement and lying with women with a great appetite, and of quiet and seeking rest.” ~ PICATRIX

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts an idealised family. A loving couple have their arms around each other. Their cherished children dance merrily before them, whilst overhead shines a rainbow featuring 10 Cups. The 10 of Cups is the card of desires attained and dreams come true. That there truly is no place like home, surrounded by loved ones.

Pisces contributes to the idyllic dreaminess of this card. There is a sense of fantasy, the fairy tale happy ending – but also the potential for spiritual development. The rainbow is symbolic of a bridge between heaven and earth, as personified in mythology by Iris, goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and here in the last decan we reach the end – completion – before a new beginning. Contemplation of what would truly bring a sense of accomplishment at the end of a cycle. The love, peace and harmony depicted suggests that emotional fulfilment – rather than material riches – is the ultimate successful outcome in life.

The 10 of Cups symbolises what much of humanity would like to have: a secure, strongly loving family, material comfort, and the ability to live in harmony with nature and neighbours. A surge of joy comes with shared happiness, and the Ten of Cups celebrates this and also validates “coming home” to friendships and other havens from worldly strife.” ~ Spiritual Tarot by Echols, Mueller and Thomson


Wishing Full Moon Blessings and a Happy Equinox to all.



Top Image ~ Odilon Redon, The Muse on Pegasus from Wikimedia Commons

10 of Cups from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schröter


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