William Blake ~ Jacob’s Ladder
The Solar Eclipse takes place on June 10th, 11.52 BST at 19° 47 Gemini.

The Solar Eclipse is conjunct Mercury, and square Neptune. Of significance, is that Mercury is ruler of Gemini, and thus also ruler of the eclipse and – Mercury is currently retrograde. So whilst this is a North Node Solar Eclipse – guiding us towards a new beginning and the future – with Mercury retrograde, there is a sense of going backwards, before we can move forwards.

The possibility of the return of, or a need to review, a past issue, theme or scenario in life that perhaps brings up feelings of frustration, uncertainty and a sensation of being somehow stuck or obstructed. But, whilst this may initially be challenging, these fated turns of events could help to untangle and decipher something important. Sets the scene for a new chapter that features a fresh take, a creative twist in the unfolding story – presents a turning point.

Emphasising this is that – due to Mercury retrograde – Mercury will square Neptune three time in total. We have already experienced the first two exact squares on May 23rd & June 5th, with the final one occurring on July 6th. This means that potentially happenings around those dates will tie in with our personal eclipse message, and that the whole relevance of this message may not become clearly defined until July 6th.

It’s also essential to keep in mind that Mercury square Neptune can be confusing and disorientating. What we think we know, or are certain of, could be an illusion or a fantasy. It is sensible to be cautious of, and alert to, the potential for people around us, communications and information to be evasive or deceptive.

This influence also means our dreams may be especially vivid. We could also be spending time examining our thoughts and reflecting on things, feel drawn to spend time in our inner realms seeking guidance. Without doubt it is a time that invites us to have faith in our intuition and to trust our instincts. Creative, inspiring ideas could easily arise, but to shift them from our imagination to reality will require action. It is a potent time to write our ideas, intentions, dreams or decisions down and plan out how to bring them to life.

Eclipses come in families known as the Saros cycle. This is a 5 North Eclipse, which significantly & fascinatingly is a family of eclipses that is strongly influenced by Neptune. Eclipse expert Bernadette Brady in The Eagle and the Lark says that this is “A very unusual Saros Series involving sudden flashes of ideas that seem too have a psychic or unconscious flavour to them.” and that these ideas, visions or dreams can be acted upon.

At the Eclipse Mercury is combust, but on June 11th Mercury is Cazimi (exact 02.12am BST) meaning that a flash of realisation or mental clarity around whatever is on our mind is entirely possible.

More here – Mercury Cazimi



Not only is Mercury ruler of the Gemini North Node in domicile, so is Jupiter, ruler of the Sagittarius South Node, who is currently in his other domicile of Pisces, a sign Jupiter traditionally rules.

At the eclipse, an anaretic Mars is quincunx Jupiter. This is an applying aspect, that unites with Mars leaving Cancer to enter Leo on June 11th. It indicates an adjustment around how and where effort is applied. That how things were done in the past are not the best way forwards now. Suggests a courageous impulse to take action – towards attaining dreams, standing up for beliefs or helping others who are in need or struggling.

Also influential is Saturn square Uranus, as the second exact square of 2021 is on June 14th. With Saturn also currently retrograde (from May 23rd), and trine the North Node, this aspect adds to the feel of needing to go backwards, before we can go forwards. It also adds to the idea that results may take time to gather momentum – are unlikely to be instant. That there are lessons (Saturn) we need to learn, before we make sudden changes or decisions (Uranus), and that by doing so we can restructure favourably for the future (North Node).

It is important to be flexible and try to flow with whatever is unfolding. That the whole picture will take time to be revealed, so whilst change and new beginnings have started or are on the horizon, they are a work in progress.

Fixed Stars

The fixed stars influential at the Solar Eclipse are Hoedus II at 19° 44 Gemini in Constellation Auriga – The Charioteer & Bellatrix at 21° 14 Gemini in Constellation Orion – The Hunter.

Constellation Auriga

Auriga represents Erichthonius, son of Vulcan and King of Athens, who was the first to devise a chariot drawn by four horses which he used to conceal his greatly deformed feet. The goat and kids depicted in the constellation commemorate Amalthea, the goat whose milk reared baby Jupiter, and her offspring.

According to Ptolemy, the bright stars are like Mars and Mercury.

The constellation is said to give self-confidence, interest in social and educational problems. Happiness, but great danger of vicissitudes. The native is fond of country life and may be a teacher or have the upbringing of young people.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson

Hoedus II

Hoedus II is one of the two stars that represent the kid goats in Auriga. Their mother Amalthea is identified with the fixed star Capella.

In classical times it had a bad reputation, especially among mariners who dreaded its presaging the storms on the Mediterranean. When rising Hoedus I and its companion Hoedus II, indicates a native who may be petulant and lascivious, one who is said to be involved in depraved and vicious desires. If other factors in the chart confirm these stars the native’s whole appearance to others may be that of a lie, a person who promises one thing but hides another in his heart.” ~ Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan 


Bellatrix is located in the Constellation Orion, on his left shoulder. Bellatrix is known as “the Female Warrior, the Amazon Star” ~ Star Names, Richard Allen

According to Ptolemy Bellatrix is like Mars and Mercury.

It gives great civil or military honour but danger of sudden dishonour, renown, wealth, eminent friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin. If prominent in a woman’s map it makes her loquacious and shrewish, and gives a high-pitched, hard and sharp voice.” ~ Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian Robson

Quick decision making, thoughts and plans being realised with energy, courage, fighting spirit, strategic talents, ability to organise, discrimination. Reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil.” ~ Fixed Stars and their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin 

Both stars are of the nature of Mars and Mercury, which means thoughts and plans can be successfully acted upon, if we use the energy positively – by keeping in mind the need for patience, honesty and integrity.

Tarot ~ 9 of Swords

The Solar Eclipse takes place in the second Decan/Face of Gemini ruled by Mars (Venus by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 9 0f Swords.

In Gemini Mars creates battles and strife using the intellect – mental anguish and ruthless words.

In the tarot Gemini is The Lovers card, which depicts the duality present throughout life, and thus the need to unite two halves of a whole. Yes, this can be two people – but – also conflicting desires and beliefs within ourselves. With Mars ruler of this face by descending order, and Venus by triplicity, this helps to illustrate the fine balance between love and hate, peace and war, that exists within ourselves and in our relationships with others. That to one degree or another continually fluctuates between the two extremes, requiring compromise and negotiation to resolve conflicts and restore harmony.

Book T calls this card “Despair and Cruelty”

Gemini II ~ a man in whose hand is a pipe, and another being bowed down, digging the earth; and they signify infamous and dishonest agility, as that of jesters and jugglers. It also signifies labours and painful searching.” ~ Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Agrippa

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a person sat up in bed, their face in their hands, unable to sleep and obviously in despair.

The persons quilt has red roses covering it, symbolising desires and unfolding wisdom. As well as astrological glyphs, symbolising aspects of the personality and outer forces beyond the persons control.

Carved into, and pictured on the bed frame are two men fighting. One has fallen, leaving the other victorious – a battle has occurred and the person was defeated.

In a tarot reading

The 9 of Swords represents worry, suffering, panic attacks, insomnia, pain emanating from feeling something is lost – whether a close relationship or around a material situation – and perceiving this loss, within the mind as all our own fault.

When you feel as I do, shift your emphasis from what you think is being done to you to deciding what you can do. New beginnings are possible when we change our focus and orientation. Allowing inner turmoil to take over for too long delays healing. It’s time to finish with grief or regrets, to leave our bed of inner imprisonment and reclaim our power.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 161

All in All

The winds of change are swirling, bringing new possibilities and opportunities. Gemini is curious and mentally agile, loves to collect information and learn new things. To open the way for these new opportunities we are being encouraged to face and understand lessons we need to learn from the past, so that we can make favourable, advantageous choices and decisions around the future we wish to create.

Wishing Solar Eclipse blessings to all.


Top Image ~ William Blake: Jacob’s Ladder from Wikimedia Commons

9 of Swords from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schröter

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