The Full Moon takes place on December 30th, 03.28 am GMT at 8 53′ Cancer.

The Moon rules Cancer, denoting that this Full Moon may bring emotions visibly to the surface. The Moon in her home realm of Cancer illuminates our roots, family, memories and nostalgia, how we feel safe, secure and content. With all the uncertainty currently shaking up the world, illustrates how we are all longing for a release from the anxiety. Some inner peace.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn. Reminding us of the coldness, the harshness of material reality.

Memories of the past could be stirred up, but bitter-sweet, as we reminisce about former times. The days when the freedom to socialise, travel, hug our loved ones was taken for granted. When a sense of security around jobs and livelihoods existed. Perhaps leading us to contemplate when some joy and optimism in life will return. Dream about being able to once again indulge in everyday, but oh so essential pleasures.

The Full Moon is sextile Uranus, indicating change. Thoughts and emotions are sparked up, and we may feel restless or unsettled. This could invite inner insight that enables a fresh perspective on life. A different approach to handling predicaments. Equally, there is the possibility for new opportunities or situations to emerge – a helping hand guiding the way towards something potentially exciting or wished for.



Notably, at the Full Moon Venus is conjunct the South Node of the Moon and square Neptune, meaning Neptune is also square the Nodes of the Moon.

Venus is ruler of the 1st Decan of Cancer where the Full Moon occurs and the Full Moon is also conjunct  fixed star Alhena – which is of the nature of Mercury and Venus. Highlighting that matters related to Venus – relationships, material resources, love, creativity and pleasure – are all important at the Full Moon.

Venus with the South Node suggests that something is ready to be released, let go of. Alongside, Neptune square the Nodes means we may be slightly disorientated and unable to see the path ahead clearly. But, Venus square Neptune perhaps puts us in touch with a way forwards – this influence enhances love, compassion and empathy – reminds us of our connection to each other, to seek to replace fear and pain, with love and understanding.

The Full Moon holds the promise of discovering where we are cherished and supported, as well as encouraging us to reassure and nurture others. It may well bestow some light at the end of the tunnel in wonderful ways.

Fixed Star ~ Alhena

Alhena is located in Gemini Constellation, the Twins. Pollux is the immortal brother, whilst Castor is mortal. Alhena is a brilliant white star located on the left foot of Pollux.

According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mercury and Venus.

Artistic skills, especially with the written or spoken word and ability to negotiate a peaceful settlement in disputes.” ~ The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse

Alhena is supposed to have a Venus nature with a Jupiterian influence. This will confer a spiritual orientation on people thus effected and also give an artistic inclination, with interest in the sciences.” ~ Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin


The Full Moon is in Cancer Decan I, ruled by Venus (The Moon by triplicity), the corresponding tarot card is the 2 of Cups.

CANCER DECAN I ~ “a man whose fingers and head are distorted and slanted, and his body is similar to a horses’s body; his feet are white, and he has fid leaves on his body. This is a face of instruction, knowledge, love, subtlety and mastery.” ~ PICATRIX

Book T calls this card “Love.”

The Rider-Waite-Smith card depicts a young man and woman raising their golden cups to each other. Above them is a caduceus, two snakes entwining a winged staff with a lions head. The caduceus symbolises unity, harmony and balance between two halves of a whole – male and female, yin and yang. The caduceus is also carried by and associated with the Greek god Hermes – Mercury – symbolising communication, commerce, diplomacy and peace.

I demonstrate the healing and nourishing power of cooperative and constructive unions. I represent the joining of abilities to produce something greater than one alone could create. I urge you to appreciate rather than compete with others.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 176


Top Image by Leonardo Yip

2 of Cups from the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter


The Complete Picatrix ~ translated by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock

Fixed Stars ~

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