The Full Moon takes place at 22.07 BST on October 13th at 20 degrees 13′ Aries.

The Full Moon is square Pluto in Capricorn and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is also conjunct Ceres.

Full Moon Meaning

The Sun is exactly opposite the Moon – Luna is at her brightest, her energy and force are at maximum power.

A Full Moon shows whatever seeds were planted at the New Moon maturing and becoming ripe, being illuminated, so that we can clearly see and understand, our course of action and it’s result. The harvest could be abundant, bountiful or be deficient, and not quite what we hoped for. With the Moon at her peak, our emotions and instincts can be increased, the veil between the seen and unseen realms is also thinnest at this time.

From here the Moon begins to wane, diminish, so it is not an ideal time to start anything now. It is more a time to reflect – and depending on the results of our harvest, either keep and reinforce the beneficial or release and let go of anything that is not working or has become dysfunctional.




The Aries/Libra axis, the 1st and the 7th house relates to me and you, our relationships and interactions with others. The Full Moon itself, when the Sun (individuality) is exactly opposite the Moon (emotions), can also highlight conflicts in relationships between men (Sun) and women (Moon), parents (Sun) and children (Moon), along with in society – authority (Sun) and public opinion (Moon). Relationships, of all kinds, will be in the spotlight at this Full Moon.

The Moon is ruled by Mars in Libra, the Sun by Venus in Scorpio – Venus and Mars are in mutual reception and semi-sextile. Both are in aspect to Uranus – Venus by opposition, Mars by quincunx. A restless, anxious, unsettling vibe, hard to grasp but present beneath the surface – an inkling of something. Unanticipated, surprising curveballs may be tossed our way. Restrained, constructive action could be instigated (Mars/Libra) to reveal or discover the absolute truth, the underlying reality of a scenario or dilemma (Venus/Scorpio).

The Full Moon is exactly square Pluto, forming a T-square. It suggests that something, whatever has been slowly simmering, has reached boiling point – setting the scene for a time of transformation, no chance of returning to prior set-ups. It could feel like a catastrophe, the end, the destruction of something, but, there is also hope and optimism on the horizon.

The Moon is also exactly trine Jupiter. In his home domain of Sagittarius, Jupiter is especially benefic. So the possibility of a silver lining, an advantageous flipside or opportunity is highly likely. Ceres at 18 degrees Sagittarius is conjunct Jupiter. Ceres represents Mother Nature, the seasons, and the cycle of life, death and renewal. In Greek Mythology, her daughter Persephone was abducted by Pluto and taken to the underworld. Ceres was tormented, distraught. Eventually, Jupiter intervened and a deal was struck that meant Persephone spent half the year with Pluto, the other half with Ceres. So possibly negotiations and deals could be emphasised or prominent.

Here in the UK, obviously Brexit comes to mind – crisis then resolution? But, of note is that Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on October 31st, and enters the pre-shadow phase on October 11th at 11 degrees Scorpio – so any deal may not be final, a review could prove necessary.

The Extinction Rebellion protests also show in the astrology, especially the Jupiter/Ceres conjunction. Ceres represents Mother Nature, the earth and the environment, along with being associated with nurture and protection. Jupiter and Sagittarius place a focus on broadcasting, raising awareness of a global issue, sharing information and knowledge, a need to confront and tackle the climate emergency. A focus on defending the future.

TAROT ~ 4 of Wands

The Full Moon takes place in the last Decan/Face of Aries ruled by Venus (Jupiter by triplicity). The corresponding tarot card is the 4 of Wands. Venus is in her detriment in Aries, being opposite one of her home signs – Libra, however she is ruler of this face.

Venus is a benefic planet, who bestows harmony and beauty wherever she goes – even if, at times, it is a difficult task! Venus highlights cooperation and sharing, to bring grace and charm to the bold, fiery, warrior energy of Aries. In the Major Arcana Venus is the Empress and a natural match for the Emperor who corresponds to the sign Aries.

Book T calls this card “Perfected Work.”

The Rider-Waite-Smith depicts two young ladies, carrying bouquets of flowers and wearing garlands in their hair approaching 4 upright wands. A garland of flowers and vines connects two of the wands, forming an arch. A celebration – maybe a wedding.

The 4 of Wands denotes happiness, peace, success and celebration – in matters surrounding romance, work/career and the domestic sphere.

“I offer you a place to rest, a time of contentment. I represent your progress and the harvest reaped from your ideas. For just a while, you can leave the seriousness of your daily life behind and be playful and carefree.” ~ Spiritual Tarot, by Echols, Mueller and Thomson, page 211


Top Image from Unsplash

4 of Wands from The Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter


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